Museum home of a viking experience addresses recent WWE tag team name change!

Apr 17, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

The War Raiders, now known by the name of The Viking Experience, were the talk on social media this week following their Raw debut during the Superstar Shake-up episode.

There happens to be a real Viking Experience in York in the United Kingdom as part of the JORVIK Viking Centre. On Tuesday, the Twitter account of the museum, also addressed WWE’s recent name change thanks to their “full social media inbox!”

In a tweet, the JORVIK Viking Centre wrote, “We arrived to a full social media inbox this morning… Seems like there are some mixed opinions out there but we can promise @WWENXT fans that you will always get an authentic #VikingExperience here!”

They also joked that next time, WWE should give them a heads up before they change another name so they can be ready!

Meanwhile, one half of the tag team, Erik, replied to the tweet saying, “We will be happy to share the #vikingexperience next time we visit Jorvik! We loved our last tour of your incredible museum!”

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