SmackDown Live Results for April 16, 2019 from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Superstar Shakeup Night 2

Apr 16, 2019 - by staff

Night 1 of the Superstar Shakeup was insane, but tonight promises to be crazier. Who will move to the blue brand? We’ll find out! This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Let’s go to the show!


Raw Recap and we go to the arena. Kevin Owens’ music hits and it’s a humongous ovation for the KO Show!

Owens welcomes the crowd in French. He cuts a promo in French before talking about last night. He puts over Vince being there. Says he’s the biggest superstar on SDL. “Kevin Owens ” chant by the crowd.

Tonight’s guest is Kofi Kingston.

Xavier Woods comes out with Kofi. The announcers mention Big E’s injury, as E is not there. “Kofi” chant from the crowd. KO welcome Kofi. The crowd does the “olé” chant. KO says on behalf of him and Montreal, congratulations. Kofi starts talking about WrestleMania. It’s because of the fans. Kofi says something in French and the crowd cheers. Owens mentions E. Woods talks about the Shakeup. 80% up the UpUpDownDown roster are now on Raw. Owens offers to backup New Day tonight, being called Big O. Owens dances like New Day. Montreal is asked if they want to see that. Big O is given a New Day top and a unicorn horn. New Day dances to end that. Cesaro offers to backup Rusev & Nakamura. He’s accepted.


Finn Bálor’s music hits, as Bálor and the IC title is now Team Blue!


Back from the break and Finn is awaiting his challenger. He faces Ali.

Finn Bálor VS Ali

Lockup starts and Finn pushes Ali. Headlock, Irish whip, dropkick and headlock/headscissors trading leads to a 1 1/2. Bálor gets a 2 off an elbow twice. Arm drag and an armbar has Ali grounded. Ali fights up and is chopped. Irish whip blocked, kick and a tope has Bálor reeling.


Irish whip reversed into a low front dropkick. Finn has regained momentum. Ali rolls outside, pendulum dropkick by Finn has Ali reeling. Finn whips Ali in the corner and armbar Ali down. Abdominal stretch and Ali has been halted. Finn hammers Ali’s ribs and whips him corner to corner repeatedly with chops, but Ali gets a kick and the rolling face buster. Ali now does the chops, but Bálor cuts him off with the Final Cut and a Slingblade. Ali hits a superkick for a two count. Bálor is fuzzy, but manages the shoulder rams and the mushroom stomp after countering the satellite DDT. Coup De Grace blocked and Ali gets a two off the top rope standing hurricanrana. Ali looks hurt. Finn hits the Shotgun Dropkick and the Coup De Grace for the pinfall.

Winner via pinfall: Finn Bálor

postmatch show of respect.


Backstage and New Day and he is challenged to eat a huge plate of pancakes in less than 5:38.


R-Truth & Carmella to the ring. Up next is Carmella VS Charlotte Flair.


The creepy laughing puppet airs as we come back from break.


The WrestleMania battle royal trophy is ringside as Owens passes his initiation.


It’s Women’s Division action time!

Carmella w/R-Truth VS Charlotte Flair

Charlotte with a kick to start Carmella pushes Charlotte. Big boot and a two count. Clothesline ducked , forearm, Carmella rammed into the barricade. Charlotte gets the barricade, rolls inside and a two count. Charlotte eats the middle turnbuckle and Carmella hits the Moonwalk Bronco Buster. Charlotte hits a big boot to knock Carmella to ringside as we go to break.


Back from the break and Charlotte kips up. Charlotte is mocking Carmella, but gets knocked down. Carmella gets two kicks in, but gets her leg caught in the ropes. Dragon screw leg whip to Carmella and Carmella hits the barricade. Carmella ducks Flair and hits another superkick. Flair with a chopblock, leading to the Figure Eight and the tapout.

Winner via submission: Charlotte Flair

postmatch R-Truth is looking after Carmella and Lars Sullivan’s music hits. Lars is marching to the ring. R-Truth confronts him and tries to fight back. Sullivan catches Truth on a rebound and hits the Freak Accident, then glares at Carmella. Ref Charles Robinson gets to Carmella while the crowd gives Lars the “asshole” chants. Sullivan hits the running Liger Bomb on Truth before his music hits. Agents are now in the ring with Truth.


After the break, Becky Lynch has an announcement.

Back from the break and Lynch’s music hits as “Becky 2 Belts” comes to the ring. The edited WrestleMania main event Recap is shown. She mentions Mania as the crowd chants “Becky 2 Belts.” She says nothing wakes you up like the Superstar Shakeup. Job #1 is run through Lacey Evans. Job 2 is beat everyone. Lynch is interrupted by the Shenom, Ember Moon! Ember says you better get used to her being around. Becky warns her not to interrupt. Ember is out here to make a name for herself, but Bayley interrupts. Bayley says she got all her hugs out on Raw. She talks about Sasha, talks about being a singles wrestler again. The Iiconics just came out too. They were already on the blue brand anyway. They insult all 3. Cue Paige and it’s most likely time for her mystery team to be revealed. Paige goes to introduce her team, but Fire & Desire interrupt and say WWE has waited long enough for the Absolution reunion. It’s not them. The mystery team is Asuka & Kairi Sane! A four team brawl ensues, with Asuka, Bayley, Kairi & Ember left standing.


Eight Woman Tag Team Match

Ember Moon, Bayley, Asuka & Kairi Sane w/ Paige VS The Iiconics and Fire & Desire

Ember Moon is dominating the match until Bayley tagged in for a two count. Sonya Deville tags in and throws a few strikes. Back elbow gets a two count for Bayley. Asuka tags in. A kick hits, but Deville gets across the ring to tag Rose and Mandy eats a hip attack. Sane tags in for a double team. Bayley takes out Fire & Desire. Ember dives and takes everyone at ringside out.


Back from the break and Rose gets a two after a Deville sliding kick. Royce tags in. Boot choke to Bayley, spinkick misses, Asuka tags in and Deville eats a hip attack. Royce eats a hip attack, a release German and a kick for a two. Finisher sequence and Royce eats a backfist and an inverted DDT. Kairi tags in and hits the InSane Elbow for the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Ember, Bayley, Asuka & Sane


Superstar Shakeup Recap


Raw Recap: Lars Sullivan attacks Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio.


SmackDown Recap: Lars Sullivan attacks the Hardy Boyz


Hardy Boyz video promo


At gorilla, Kevin Owens is attempting to to do the New Day intro. It’s time for six man tag team action!


Buddy Murphy vignette – he’s team blue!


Six Man Tag Team Match

New Day & “Big O” Kevin Owens VS Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/Lana

Woods gets a headlock on  Cesaro before Rusev tags in. A charge is blocked and Woods hits the Honor Roll. Kofi tags in for a two count. Nakamura tags in. And attempts a charge, but Kofi hits a Meteora. Woods tags in and the Unicorn Stampede is rocking. A cannonball to Nakamura in the corner for a two. Knee by Nakamura and Cesaro tags in. Backdrop blocked and Cesaro chopped. Nakamura tags in and throws Woods outside.


Back from the break and Woods trying to keep momentum, but Rusev tags in and hits a sliding German. Woods gets choked on the ropes and Lana slaps Woods. The official misses the tag to Nakamura, but allows it. Nakamura superplex  is blocked and Woods hits a missile dropkick. Kofi tags in, Cesaro tags in. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Kick and Kofi hits the SOS for 2 1/2. Cesaro Swing and the sharpshooter, but KO hits the superkick. Total cluster, Rusev tags in, KO tags in. Rusev tossed outside, Kofi flies, Matchka Kick blocked, Stunner for the pinfall.

winners via pinfall: The New Day & Kevin Owens


Vince is shown backstage.


The creepy doll vignette airs again


Back from the break and “No Chance in Hell” hits as Vince McMahon powerwalks down to the ring to announce the “biggest acquisition in WWE history, one which will change WWE forever.” The future of the WWE is this man. He’s tough, talented and exudes charisma. The acquisition is Elias. Elias has to say that Vince has his finger on the pulse of what the audience wants. Elias runs down Montreal and says SmackDown will be the Temple of Elias. Elias is interrupted by the final member of SmackDown Live this year, ROMAN REIGNS! Reigns attacks Elias and hits the Superman Punch. Vince is pissed, but Reigns Superman Punches Vince! Roman says SmackDown Live is his yard now! Reigns runs back to the ring as Elias checks on Vince and Spears Elias out of his boots. Show goes off the air with Reigns smiling from the stage.


Superstar Shakeup Night 2 Recap:










My Thoughts:  Wow! Just when I think they can’t top last night, they do. For Steve Gerweck and the rest of the site, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. When life hands you crap, make lemonade and leave people wondering how you did it. Good night!

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