Monday Night Raw Results for April 15, 2019 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Superstar Shakeup Night 1

Apr 15, 2019 - by staff

With WrestleMania in our rear view mirror, it’s time for this year’s Superstar Shakeup! I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, and welcome to the Raw Zone!


The show kicks off with Stephanie McMahon headed to the ring. Stephanie looks lovely as always. She grabs a microphone to welcome us to Raw. She asks for a standing ovation as only Montreal can for Shane. Shane hugs Stephanie as he’s handed a microphone. Shane asks the ring announcer to properly introduce him. Shane introduces himself in French. A dig at Angle and a dig at Montreal. The Superstar Shakeup has begun! The journey to next year’s WrestleMania (about 90 minutes from me in Tampa) has begun. Shane starts running down the Mizanin family. Miz crashes the party before the first superstar can be announced. It’s Miz coming over to Monday nights!

Superstar Shakeup: The Miz moves to Raw.

Later tonight it’s Becky Lynch VS Ruby Riott for the Women’s Championship.

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Ricochet’s music hits for in ring action. It looks like he’s RAW.


Eight man tag team match

Black Ricochet (Thanks Matt Hardy), Hawkins & Ryder VS The Revival & WAR RAIDERS (now known as Ivor & Erik, The Viking Experience)

Looks like The Viking Experience is on RAW now. Dawson & Hawkins start out, and Hawkins takes fairly quick control. Ryder tags in , now Ricochet tags in. Black tags in and is taken to the opposite corner. Wilder tags in , hits a punch, tags in Ivor  (Rowe) and then Erik (Hanson) is tagged in. Wilder tags in and Ricochet next. Takedown/basement dropkick combo leads to a two. Erik & Ivor try a double team, but Ricochet does a double dropkick. The ring erupts and we go to break.


Back from the break and Dawson is in control. The Viking Experience double team leads to a two. Another double team leads to a two. Erik is in control and blasts Ryder with a clothesline, tags Ivor, tags Wilder, double team leads to a two. Dawson is in and attacks, tags Wilder in and Wilder has a chin lock on Hawkins. Dawson tags in and so does Ryder. Dropkick and single leg flapjack leads to the ring being cleared. Erik is in and a two count leads to absolute mayhem. Ivar hits a clothesline on Hawkins. A knee to Ryder leads to the Fallout, which gets the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: The Viking Experience & The Revival


Video package on Cedric Alexander


Cedric Alexander is now on Raw.


Finn Bálor is heading to the ring for action, and the action continues.


Finn’s opposition is making their Raw debut. The opposition is Andrade!

Zelina Vega has come to Raw as well.

Vega introduces them and then cuts a promo on Bálor.

Andrade and Zelina do a promo starting in French and then switching to Spanish.


the bell rings and Bálor starts with a takedown, only to see Andrade take control and get a two count. Andrade gets the hammerlock DDT blocked and gets dropkicked by Finn. Andrade rolls out, gets dropkicked, Bálor distracted by Vega and Andrade trips Finn, sending him face first on the apron.


Back from the break and Andrade is in control. Bálor moves and hits the basement dropkick on Andrade. Andrade regains control after Finn tweaks his knee, but an elbow regains control and gets a two. Slingblade by Bálor. Andrade hits a handspring backflip kick to get a two count. Andrade tries a moonsault, but a shotgun dropkick nearly leads to the finish. Andrade in the drop zone. A small package leads to a two for Finn. Andrade rolls out, Zelina interferes, hits El Idolo for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Andrade w/ Zelina Vega


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Raw Recap: Undertaker interrupts and destroys Elias


Elias is next

Back from the break and Elias is in the ring to play. He starts with Undertaker’s theme. He says his music is so powerful, Legends interrupt him. He continues his promo. Elias takes a shot at the Montreal Canadiens NHL team. He’s got a special song for tonight and if anyone interrupts him, they will never be able to show their face again. Rey Mysterio interrupts, coming to Raw. Rey is beating Elias Down. Front dropkick and a tiger feint ends the segment, but Lars Sullivan comes out for Mysterio. Front dropkick knocks Lars down. Rey has Lars reeling. Lars finally hits the Freak Accident. Sitout gutwrench powerbomb lays out Rey and Sullivan is gloating at his mayhem. Welcome to Raw, Mysterio!


Back from the break and Roode & Gable are in the ring for action. Before the match they speak. Roode says when they are on their game, they can beat any team. Gable says they are on their game and throws out a challenge answered by The Uso’s!

The bell rings and Gable starts with Jimmy. Gable takes down Jimmy and has Jimmy grounded. They get standing again and an enziguiri leads to Jey tagging in. Roode attacks from behind and then tags in. Jey is being dismantled outside and gets rolled in for a two. Gable tags in and attempts a submission. Roode tags in. Headlock has Jey grounded. Rewind kick has an opportunity to tag. Both teams tag, clotheslines and a Samoan drop get a two count.  Uppercut by Gable leads to the hanging armbar. Roode tags in and hits a blockbuster for two. Gable tags in, blind tag and the Uso Kick Party leads to Uso Crazy for the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Jimmy & Jey Uso


WrestleMania Recap: Reigns VS McIntyre


Alexa Bliss comes out, and it’s time for Moment of Bliss with Sami Zayn.


Alexa says this may be her last night on Raw. She introduces Sami Zayn and the crowd actually cheers the hometown guy at first. They hit Sami’s music a second time. Huge “Sami” chants and his music hits a third time! Sami says something in French and the crowd explodes. Sami starts the “Olé” chant and the crowd chants even more. Alexa says it’s fantastic to see Zayn back on RAW. Sami has been in Montreal all week and starts talking about his week. Sami loves Montreal, but can’t stand the people. Boos start. The worst part of his week is right now. He didn’t want to do the show, and now the cheers make Zayn a bit sick. Sami starts running down the crowd and says they should all be ashamed of themselves. He says they aren’t fans. Sami calls the fans disgusting. Alexa says the problem with WWE is that Sami believes he’s so perfect. Sami says he moved to Orlando, FL. He chose to leave Montreal before, and he’s choosing to leave now. He finishes the segment by telling the fans “See you in Hell.”


Back from the break and The Iiconics are in the ring. They show a pretape where Bayley unsuccessfully tries to reach Sasha Banks. A challenge is laid out.

The Iiconics VS Bayley & Naomi!

the bell rings and starting out is Bayley & Billie Kay. Bayley attacks and then tags in Naomi, who gets taken control of by Peyton Royce. Elbows to the midsection and Royce blasts Bayley to the floor. Kay tags in, double team leads to the split legged moonsault and the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Bayley & Naomi


WrestleMania main event recap


EC3’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring for action next.


The creepy vignettes with the withered creature continue.


EC3’s opposition is Braun Strowman!


Braun runs into EC3, throws him and just decimated him before the bell even rings. They fight up the ramp and the LED set gets EC3. Braun chokeslams EC3 through the stage, poses and his music hits. Becky Lynch’s music hits, and she heads to the ring. Coming up next, Lynch takes on Ruby Riott!


Just announced that Eric Young is now on RAW


Becky Lynch VS Ruby Riott w/Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan

the bell rings and we’re underway! Forearm by Ruby, Lynch takedown. Becky is stomping Riott and throws her down. Flying forearm off the apron to Riott. Back inside, Riott gets a Slam off and a two count. Riott chokes out Lynch on the ropes and starts throwing strikes. Riott snapmare and a cravate. Becky kicks Riott in the midsection and hits the Bexploder. Top rope countered and hits a senton off the top for a two count. Ruby heads up top and rolls through. After pulling Ruby outside, the Squad gets flattened and Ruby taps out.

Winner via submission: Becky Lynch

postmatch, The Squad tries to beat Lynch down and gets cleared out.


Charly Caruso interviews Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre. They don’t care who the mystery partner is, they are gonna run Rollins & Reigns off of Raw.


Natalya’s music hits. What’s she doing out there? We find out next!


Back from the break and Nattie has a microphone. She congratulates Becky on her recent wins. She says how proud she is of the Mania main event, the defeat of Rousey & the title unification. Nattie challenges Lynch for only the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch says she has spent years with women like Nattie. They were gonna hunt her down.Nattie & Becky traveled the world as teenagers wrestling. Look where they are now. Lynch puts Nattie over and is just about to accept the challenge when Lacey Evans interrupts. Evans calls Nattie a classless has-been. Lacey announces she is on Raw, and she wants that title. She has a #1 contender match with Nattie next!


#1 Contenders Match for the Women’s Championship

Lacey Evans VS Natalya

we’re underway, and Lacey is getting schooled right away. Lacey is dumped outside as we go to break.


Back from the break and Lacey is in control until Nattie tries the sharpshooter and dropkicks her outside. Nattie controlling until Lacey pulls Nattie into the middle turnbuckle. A headlock grounds Nattie. Lacey hits a pair of knees to the side. Natalya gets a surprise roll up for two. Lacey has a modified cobra clutch on Nattie, followed by a throw. Nattie hits Nattie by Nature and puts the sharpshooter on Evans. Lacey powers her way to a rope break. Nattie throwing bombs at Lacey, but a Woman’s Right and a springboard switch moonsault leads to the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Lacey Evans


Charly Caruso tries to interview Reigns & Rollins. Reigns won’t let Seth reveal the mystery partner. Seth says life is good for them, not so good for their opponents.


McIntyre’s music hits, and it’s time for the main event six man tag!


A really creepy vignette with a laughing doll airs.


Six Man Tag Team Match

Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush VS Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns & A Mystery Partner

The Partner is AJ STYLES!

Styles is clean shaven.


Back from the break and the match is underway. Rollins & Lashley start. Lashley hammers Seth, but Seth counters and tags Reigns. AJ tags in and Lashley retakes control before tagging Corbin to get chopped and dropkicked by Styles. Drew tags in. Drew demands Roman and gets him. Right hands being traded before Reigns hits several corner lariat. A throw and a Glasgow Kiss gets a two. Another shot gets a two count. Corbin tags and whips Reigns into the barricade twice. Roman rolled back in and he starts  the right hands. A choke slam into a backbreaker leads to a two count, and we go to break.


Back from the break and Rollins is in control of Corbin. Arvada Kedavra hits and Rollins tries for the Blackout Stomp. Corbin hits a big punch off a suicide dive, retaking control of the match. Corbin goes for a superplex, but it’s blocked and Seth hits a blockbuster. Styles gets the tag, same with Lashley. Lashley gets a boot in the face. AJ hits two Pele kicks, but Drew hits the Claymore Kick. Superkick by Seth, Superman punch lays out Drew, Lashley gets stomped at 2, Roman hits the spear and a Phenomenal Forearm puts Lashley down for the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & AJ Styles


postmatch, the announcers plug tomorrow night as the show goes off the air.















My Thoughts: Awesome show, the switches were done right, and the next challenge for Lynch has been determined. For Steve Gerweck and the rest of the site, I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. When life hands you crap, make lemonade and leave people wondering how you did it. Goodnight everyone, I’ll see you for SmackDown Live tomorrow night!

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