Toni Storm Set To Work May STARDOM Shows

Apr 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

STARDOM made several big announcements today.

– Toni Storm, who is currently NXT U.K. Women’s Champion, will return to the company in May. She will be on the 5/3/19-5/6/19 shows at Shinkiba 1st Ring and the 5/16/19 show at Korakuen Hall.

Storm made a big name for herself while in STARDOM. She is a former World of STARDOM Champion and SWA World Champion. She won the Cinderella Tournament 2017 and the 5 Star Grand Prix Tournament 2017.

– Mayu Iwatani will take time off after the 4/14/19 show due to knee issues.

– They added another stipulation to the draft 5-Way match for the 4/14/19 show with Mayu Iwatani vs. Kagetsu vs. Mono Watanabe vs. Jungle Kyona vs. Hana Kimura. Whichever team comes in last place has to disband their entire unit. The first person to get a win in the match gets the first pick, etc.

– Cinderella Tournament opening round matches were announced for the 4/29 show at Korakuen Hall:

AZM vs. Rebel Kel

Starlight Kid vs. Natsu Sumire

Hazuki vs. Bea Priestley

Tam Nakano vs. Kagetsu

Andras Miyagi vs. Hana Kimura

Jungle Kyona vs. Natsuko Tora

Momo Watanabe vs. Konami

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