WWE Seeking Someone to Supervise Script Continuity

Apr 11, 2019 - by James Walsh

WWE is looking for someone to oversee script continuity for the company’s shows. The company posted a job opening looking for a Continuity/Script Supervisor, who would be responsible for:

* Maintain and Oversee the weekly Continuity documents for RAW and SmackDown Live.
* In charge of proofreading all drafts of RAW, SmackDown Live and PPV Scripts each week.
* Will assure all major stories, graphics and transitions are being brought forward for all shows and nothing is being overlooked.
* Create, set and communicate weekly checklists for all shows to keep Lead Writers on track and making sure they are bringing all stories forward.
* Responsible for watching all shows and up to date on all creative and all WWE related events. (Digital, Social, Publix Relations, Community Relations, etc.)
* Serve as a liaison between RAW and SmackDown Live to ensure continuity between the creative of both shows.
* Works closely with Head of Department, VPs and Lead Writers throughout the creative process to ensure the entire Creative Writing Team is on the same page.

The job requires “at least five years professional editing with oversight of multiple scripts” and a “strong understanding of structure and narrative story telling,” among other things. The posting is at the link above.

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