SmackDown Live! Results for April 9, 2019 from Brooklyn, NY

Apr 9, 2019 - by staff

After one hell of a WrestleMania, what is in store for SmackDown Live tonight in Brooklyn?! It’s “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse back for another edition of SmackDown Live!

We hear Big E’s voice, and New Day come out to start the show. A WrestleMania recap leads to the promo. “Kofi” and “You deserve it” chants from the crowd. Big E starts and puts Kofi over as an A+ player with extra credit. Woods does his schtick and takes a turn at the mic. Big E does a split and Woods pops for it. E starts talking about last night, then mentions Becky Lynch. E says tonight isn’t about the nonsense, but about celebrating the career of Kofi Kingston. Woods starts talking about watching Kofi debut and subsequently meeting him later. Big E says New Day got together to reshape culture and change history. Woods says on behalf of everyone, we love you and congratulations!

Kofi is speechless, because this wasn’t supposed to happen. He gives a shoutout to his family. They inspire Kofi to be the best.

The Bar’s music hits and they come out. Cesaro says Kofi owes the Bar a huge favor for them saving his championship for him. Cesaro challenges New Day to a six-man tag later. New Day will face The Bar & Drew McIntyre.


Aleister Black’s music hits, and it’s time for in ring action to begin. Black’s lift works tonight. Another six man is next!





Black Magic & Ali VS Andrade, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana

The bell rings and it’s on. Nakamura & Ricochet starting out. Nakamura is mostly getting the offense until a surprise two by Ricochet. Rusev tags in and proceeds to stomp a mud hole in Ricochet. Andrade rags in and a two count by Andrade. Rusev tags in then Nakamura tags in and Ricochet is being shut down. Ricochet tried to fight back, but Rusev tags in and continues until a neckbreaker by Ricochet. Ali tags in, hits a splash, tags in Black, tags in Ricochet & tags Black in. All three do Black’s sitout taunt to go to break.


Back from the break and Ali is in a Rusev bearhug. Rusev dropped Black & Ricochet and continues the beating until Ali hits a big DDT and tags Black in as Andrade also tags in. The match breaks down after a two. Outside, Ricochet does a moonsault off the barricade. Ali tags in , hits the rewind rana on Andrade, hits the 450 and gets the pin. Orton hits an RKO literally out of nowhere on Ali. Kevin Owens then comes out and tackles Orton. Lana is outside screaming at Rusev & Nakamura.


Kayla Braxton interviews The Uso’s. They congratulate Kofi and say they need to win. It’s about proving who the best brother tag team in WWE History is.


R-Truth & Carmella are out. They do the cheap pop with Kofi, Becky Lynch & Andre the Giant. Carmella says the last year couldn’t have happened without Truth. Samoa Joe marches out and R-Truth fights Joe until the Cocquina Clutch is locked in and takes Truth out. Joe grabs a mic and warns the superstars about his victory at Mania in 55 seconds. Braun Strowman beelines  to the ring and Joe tries to choke Braun our unsuccessfully. Joe bails. Strowman is standing in the ring.Strowman leaves as Graves talks about next week. The Iiconics come out and attempt to shake Strowman’s hand. They head to the ring to defend the Women’s Tag Team Championship next.


The Iiconics y’all before the match and break people’s eardrums. They drop the phrase ” fighting champions.”


Women’s Tag Team Championship

Iiconics VS The Brooklyn Belles (Carissa & Kristen)

The match starts and the Iiconics are dominating. Billie Kay tags in off a boot choke. Kristen tags in and the Iiconics hit their finisher for the squash win.

Winners – The IiconicsKayla Braxton goes to interview the champs, but Lars Anderson comes to the ring.


Kayla Braxton interviews Paige. Paige wanted to see Iiconics. Next week, Paige is bringing an impressive tag team next week.


Shane McMahon comes out to talk, next.

A WrestleMania recap leads into Shane’s promo.

Shane talks about the show and this week so far. He wants to reflect on Mania. Cheap pops with Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston. Why did people worldwide tune in Sunday? They wanted to see Shane defeat the Miz. Says Miz isn’t here tonight. “Mr Miz” chants as Shane runs down George Mizanin. Shane shows off a black eye from a punch by George. Shane says he had no other choice but to defend himself and the Mizanins got exactly what they deserved. Calls Greg Hamilton out as the crowd chants for CM Punk. Several fans apparently threatened Hamilton if he called Shane the best in the world. Shane demands Hamilton reintroduce him with conviction and pride. Shane wants the WrestleMania introduction. Shane says Hamilton is choking. Shane is dragging Greg by his tie and threatening him. Greg does it Shane’s way and Shane leaves.


RAW REWIND: Undertaker interrupts Elias.


The Hardy Boyz music hits and after the break will be the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship match.


back from the break and a third WrestleMania recap video leads us to the match.



The Hardy Boys VS The Uso’s

The Hardy’s are in their classic gear. Matt starts with an Uso, tags in Jeff and Jey tags in. Jeff gets an arm wringer, tags Matt in and Matt keeps control. Saxton mentions Matt & Jeff have been in wrestling almost 25 years. The Uso’s take Matt outside and drive him into the barricade. Jimmy tags in and whips Matt into the corner. Key tags in and comes off the top. The Uso’s are trying to isolate Matt and Jimmy tags in. Double team puts Matt in the corner again. Matt is close to a tag, yet The Uso’s are keeping control. Jeff finally gets the hot tag and cleans house for a two. Rewind enziguiri hits and a tag for The Uso’s. Top rope misses and Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind, a two, Poetry in Motion, Side Effect and a two. Twist of Fate as a blind tag to Jeff leads to a pair of superkicks and a splash for a two. Double Uce misses and Matt tags Jeff leading to the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb gets the pinfall.

Winners and NEW Champions – The Hardy Boyz

Kayla Braxton goes to interview the new champs, but Lars Anderson comes out and decimates the Hardyz.


Back from the break and Becky Lynch’s music hits as she makes her way to the ring to talk.

The fourth WrestleMania Recap video airs, leading us to the promo.

Lynch says the fans have the voice of angels. She talks about Sunday and repeats the “Becky Two Belts” nickname and the crowd chants it. RAW Recap is shown of Lacey Evans sucker punching Becky and the ensuing beating. Lynch said as long as she’s holding both belts she’ll pull double duty. Bring every last woman on as challengers. Becky says they’ll meet a red-headed devil if they want to take them, because she walked through Hell to get them. Lacey Evans suckerpunches Lynch again. Lacey’s music hits as Lynch glares at Evans.


Six man tag team action in the main event is next!


Sami Zayn’s music hits, and he comes out to run his mouth. Sami simply says the fans aren’t worth it, and leaves.


The bell rings, Woods & Sheamus start, but Kingston quickly tags in . McIntyre hits the inverted Alabama Slam on the announcers table to Xavier as we go to break.


Back from the break and Big E tags in to take Cesaro to Pancake Place! Splash sets up an attempt at the outside spear. Cesaro tried a crossbody and reversed for a two. Sheamus tags in and hits a double White Noise and the Irish Curse. Big E counters, tags in Kofi for a splash to the back. Kofi takes out Cesaro and hits Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall – The New Day

Kofi brings his family into the ring to celebrate. The show goes off the air with New Day & Kofi’s family celebrating in the ring.


My Thoughts: Awesome show. The debuts and returns were well planned, my friends Matt & Jeff are the Tag champs, and we have a couple of rivalries set up. For Steve & the rest of’s personnel, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. When life hands you crap, make lemonade and leave people wondering how you did it. Goodnight!

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