Monday Night Raw Results 4/8/19

Apr 8, 2019 - by Alicia Fleming

We are Live at the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 35 in Brooklyn. We Start off with the NEW Raw WWE Champion, Seth Rollins.

We get a quick preview of Seth Rollins victory over Brock Lesnar last night. Seth says that “we deserve it” and he feels horrible today. Fans begin to chant “Burn it Down” Seth says last night that he heard that Brock and Heyman was going to Vegas for some meetings. He says that he can stay in Vegas, because he is no longer the Reigning, Defending Universal Champion..I Am! I am the reigning, defending, FIGHTING Undisputed Universal Champion.

Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods come out to join Seth who is led by the New WWE Champion. They say they are on Raw because last night was cause for celebration. They just could not wait to celebrate for Smackdown Live, oh no. Kofi says that he was hanging out in the locker room with his two sons, he was watching the Main Event of Wrestlemania and thought that a winner takes all match sounds fun. So he wants to know if maybe he and Seth can have a winner take all match tonight. No Shield, No New Day, Just you and Me, One on One, Title for Title. Seth looks on at Kofi Kingston and accepts his Challenge.

The Man Becky Lynch will be on Raw tonight Live.

Up-Next: Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs The Revival for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

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Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championship

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs Dash & Dawson

Ryder starts off with Dawson, Dash quickly tags himself in. Dash has a side headlock on Ryder and gets him on his knees in the middle of the ring. Dash runs the ropes and gets a clothesline for his efforts. Hawkins gets tagged in and he receives a right hand. Dawson is back in and hits a uppercut on Hawkins. Dawson gets him set up in the corner and gives him a couple of chops, right into a quick suplex. Dash gets back in and gets a quick pinfall but only a 2 count.

Commerical Break

We come back with Hawkins and Dawson trying to make respective tags. Ryder slams Dawson face first into the match and he flips Dash right after hitting a broski booth, Hawkins tags in and hits a elbow on Dash for a 2 count. Hawkins rolls up Dash for a 2 count and tags Ryder back in. Dash rolls up Ryder but puts his legs on the rope but only gets a 2 count. Dawson goes to the top rope and hits a knee to the face from the top rope but Ryder kicks out at a 2 count. Ryder gets rolled up and Hawkins tags himself in and rolls up Dawson for a quick 3 count.

Winner and STILL Tag Team Champion, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

Up Next: Baron Corbin celebrates his Victory against Kurt Angle

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Baron Corbin comes out to the fans booing him. He tells the fans that he showed Kurt Angle that HE doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as him. Even with his long list of accomplishments, he is used to people doubting him. He also enjoys proving them wrong, and he proved he better than a Olympic Gold Medalist, he thinks he deserves a Gold Medal of his own.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and comes down to the ring. The fans start off with “Thank You Kurt” and he responds with, No Thank you! He says listen Baron, last night you was the better man. Last night, his career is officially over but tonight, your’s is just getting started. Angle hits a angle slam on Corbin and then puts him in the Ankle Lock.

As Angle celebrates in the ring, Lars Sullivan’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Lars is staring at Angle as he gets in the ring. Angle steps up to him, Lars picks him up and planting Angle in the middle of the ring. Lars goes to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt and leaves Angle in the middle of the ring.

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Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring. She issued a Challenge earlier on Social Media.

Match 2: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

Bliss begins the match with mocking Bayley and Bayley hits her quickly with a right hand. Bliss changes the upper hand quickly with a elbow to the face. Bliss gets her grounded in the middle of the ring. Every time bayley attempts to get the upper hand back, Bliss stops her. Bliss gets rolled up by Bayley was holding the ropes. Bayley hits a rolling sunset flip to a powerbomb into the corner and gets a pin but Bliss was close to the ropes and got the rope break. Bliss hits a DDT on bayley in the middle of the ring and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Alexa Bliss

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Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. She starts off with saying she worked at Bar not far from there. “You Deserve it” chants as she says Thank You. At Wrestlemania, when all was said and done, This woman walked in and left with everything! She says she knows she is not the fastest or the strongest (The fans begin to sing her song) Leaving home at 15 years old, traveling the world taught me how to survive. I will always find a way to win in the end. “Your the Man” chants as Becky Smiles. You hear that Rondy, you little weirdo? When you want more, the Man will be here waiting to slap your head off your shoulders. As for right here and right now, she knows she is a Marked Woman and just be ready to get your head slapped off your shoulders.

Lacey Evans’s music hits and she comes down the ramp. She comes and stands in front of Lynch, as she starts to walk away, she punches his right in the face. Lynch attacks Evans and Lacey attempts to drive Lynch’s head into the screen but Lynch gets the disarmer but is able to get away.

Tonight: Dean Ambrose’s last match in WWE against Bobby Lashley

Still Tonight: Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston – Winner takes all

We see Seth Rollins backstage and he says he accepted Kofi’s challenge because this is what he loves. However, he feels insulted. This isn’t Smackdown and he better bring his A game because B+ isnt going to be enough to get the job done.

Ricochet & Aleister Black makes their way to the ring.

Commerical Break

Back from the Break and Chad Gable & Bobby Roode makes their way to the ring.

Match 3: Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Gable and Black start off the match. Gable gets a waste lock but black reverses and gets a arm lock. They keep reversing each other unRtil Gable gets a couple quick pins and then suplex’s Black. Roode gets tags in and slams Black’s head into the corner. Bobby gets distracted by Ricochet and black punches him in the gut a few times. Ricochet gets tagged in and hits a moonsault on Roode on the outside while Black hits a flying knee on Gable. Ricochet gets Bobby back in the ring and gets a 2 count.

Commerical Break

Raw is back with a Gable pin on Ricochet but he kicks out. Gable throws him towards his corner and tags in Bobby. He hits Ricochet with a big knee to the face and then a clothesline with it ending on a 1 count pin. Ricochet is able to get a upper hand and get out of the corner after Gable tags back in, Ricochet is able to finally tag out and Black is a man on a mission. With strikes and kicks, He hits a huge moonsault on Roode for a 2 count. Black twists his ankle completely as Roode goes to roll him up. Black reverses with a bunch of kicks. Black kicks Roode right in the face as Ricochet gets a pin, Gable breaks it up but takes Black to the outside. Ricochet goes up to the top rope but Roode follows him. Gable throws Richochet off the top and Roode hits a Standing Spinebuster with a quick pin, 1-2 kick out by Ricochet. Gable hits a moonsault on to Ricochet for a 2 count. Gable goes for a German Suplex but Ricochet doubles over and lands on his feet and gets a pin on Gable 1-2-3!

Winner: Aleister Black & Ricochet

Roode gets mad and hits Ricochet in the back. They leave while Black and Ricochet celebrate in the ring.

Elias is backstage picking his guitar. Elias says that tonight he will perform tonight since he was interrupted by John Cena. He says that if anyone interrupts him tonight, there will be hell to pay.

Dean’s Last Match in WWE is Up Next.

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Match 4: Dean Ambrose vs Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush

Bobby says, Don’t worry Dean, when your gone, ill make sure to take care of your wife for you. Before the match can even get started, Dean attacks Lashley after that, Dean throws a steel chair at Lashley in the face. He throws Bobby into the ring post. Rush runs towards Dean but Dean moves and Rush lands right into the barricade. Ambrose takes Bobby up the ramp and slams his head into the screen. He then hits Dirty Deeds on the stage. Rush makes it back up the ramp and distracts Ambrose long enough for Lashley to hit a Spear. Lashley slams Ambrose through the announce table. The fans begin to chant “Thank You Ambrose” as they attend to Ambrose after Lashley leaves.

Sami Zayn is backstage and we will see him in the ring next.

Next Week, we have the Superstar Shake Up

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We see MoJo backstage talking to himself in the mirror.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring and gets a very warm welcome. He says that he has been gone for a little while but in case you forgot, his name is Sami Zayn! He lays a Open Challenge for tonight.

Finn Balor answers his Challenge.

Match 5: Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor for the IC Championship

Commerical Break

Sami and Balor lock up and Sami taps Balor’s chest as he backs up. Sami grounds Balor, its a back and forth start. Balor hits a quick arm drag and sends sami outside the ring. Sami gets back in and throws Balor out of the ring. Sami teases Balor but flips back in the ring. Balor gets back in the ring as they tie back up. Sami gets a side headlock on Balor, Balor throws Sami off of him and hits a beautiful drop kick on the side of Sami’s Jaw. Balor gets him in a shoulder lock but Sami goes to get up but Balor doesn’t allow him to, He slams him back to the mat.

Sami gets up and backs Balor into the ropes and chops him hard. Sami hits a few more chops on Balor, and Balor sunset flips into a dropkick and then double stomps Sami in the middle of the ring. Finn chops Sami a few times and whips him into another corner. Sami runs the ropes but he gets caught, they punch each other a few times until Balor hits a kick to the face.

Commerical Break

Balor goes for Coup De Grace but he misses and Sami goes for a roll up but gets a 2 count. Sami goes for a Helluva kick but misses, Balor drop kicks Sami and goes up and hits Coup De Grace and a 1-2-3!

Winner: STILL IC Champion, Finn Balor

Sami is in the ring while Balor celebrates and leaves. Sami gets the mic and says he really thought coming out here tonight would cure me but it genuinely seems like you missed me. He says he can say from the bottom of his heart, he did not miss any of the fans. He says WWE is very toxic and it isnt the McMahons or the Superstars, its the fans and their ugliness. He says the fans judge everyone and everything except yourselves. None of the fans have the balls to look within themselves. Sami Zayn is about one thing and his entire life, that is doing what is right. The right thing to do isnt to come back and save WWE, its his job to hold everyone accountable, and he will see you in hell.

Walk with Elias Next

Commerical Break

Dana Brooke is backstage to say Congrats to Becky Lynch but there is a Line and she will seize her opportunities.

Elias is in the ring. Last night, John Cena ruined his Wrestlemania for the 2nd year in a row. He promises the fans that 1 year from now, it will be a different story. He is going to rap for us tonight. His last line of the rap is, the next one to interrupt me is a deadman. As Elias finishes it up, The Gong hits and The Undertaker’s music hits.

Undertaker makes his way to the ring. Elias and Taker slowly walk towards each other, Elias goes to turn away but runs towards Taker as he gives him the big boot. Taker Choke Slams Elias in the middle of the ring, He then sets up and hits the Tombstone Piledriver and gives the Pin Signal.

Commerical Break

Match 6: Winner Take All Match

Seth Rollins vs Kofi Kingston

Seth and Kofi lock up, Kofi goes for a SOS and a quick Trouble in Paradise but to no avail, Seth goes for the curb stomp but misses.

Commerical Break

We come back to Seth chopping Kofi in the corner. Kofi hits a few chops in return. Rollins hits a step up enziguri on Kofi for a 2 count. Kofi and Rollins are on the top rope and Kofi shoves Rollins off the top. Kofi is about to jump off but The Bar runs in and attacks Kofi Kingston. Rollins runs in and gets beat down as well. Sheamus and Cesaro run up the ramp but Rollins says that i dont know what is wrong with you two to interupt a match like that, but we will finish that some other time. Right Now, i got a bone to pick with the Bar, you two vs Seth and Kofi RIGHT NOW.

Match 7: The Bar vs Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston

Seth dives to the outside to Cesaro and Cesaro catches him and slams him on the ring.

Commerical Break

Sheamus keeps Rollins from tagging out and Cesaro hits a huge uppercut. Cesaro goes for a quick pin but he kicks out at 2 1/2, Cesaro tags out to Sheamus, Sheamus takes his time because of the crowd which gives Rollins a chance to fight back. Sheamus runs right into the ring post as Kofi tags in. Kofi hits a double leg drop on Sheamus. He is getting pumped up, and goes for Trouble in Paradise but misses, he does his SOS on Sheamus but Cesaro saves the match. Cesaro and Sheamus are on the outside Kofi dives on to them but they catch him. Rollins Dives over the top rope to knock them all down. Kofi and Sheamus get back in the ring, Cesaro and Sheamus hit a double team move but before they can get a pin attempt, Rollins attacks. Sheamus takes Rollins to the outside and Rollins hits a superkick on Sheamus and rans his head into the ringpost. Cesaro and Kofi are left in the ring and Cesaro gets caught and Kofi rolls him up 1-2- kickout by Cesaro. Kofi tags Rollins in, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise as Rollins runs in and hits the Curb Stomp. 1-2-3!

Winner: Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston pose together in the ring with their respective Championships as Raw goes off the Air.

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