WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Ceremony

Apr 6, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Ceremony
Barclay’s Center, New York
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We see a video package about the history of the WWE Hall of Fame modernised with D-Generation X.

Our hosts Corey Graves and Renee Young are introduced.

Renee said we changed it this year and added a ring. Renee says we are about to celebrate superstars who are cemented into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Corey says no stage as it may still be in New Orleans with Hillbilly Jim doing his acceptance speech.

First Inductee: Honky Tonk Man.

We see a video package about his WWE Career including holding WWE Intercontinental Championship for 454 days.

Corey introduces Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart who will induct Honky Tonk Man. Jimmy talks about his career and says I was managing superstars till got a call saying someone else needs a manager and want you to go to Memphis, TN and meet Honky Tonk Man. Jimmy mentions songs recorded by Honky Tonk Man, wins WWE Intercontinental Championship and went on from there, Jimmy introduces Honky Tonk Man.

The Honky Tonk Man arrives in arena in a pink Cadillac car by the ramp and walks through the crowd to the ring.

The Honky Tonk Man thanks Jimmy for being part of his career, induction, wouldn’t be here without him, thank you WWE for inducting me into 2019 Class and be inducted with such a great class, all dreams have come true, I didn’t expect it to happen. (You deserve it chant) We have a saying never say never in WWE because you never know what is going to happen. watching the VT package sent me back in time and share with you – not me and my career but how my character developed, want to thank a few people on this journey, wouldn’t change a thing and do it all again. This character is a good story and not many people know how it came about, my son and daughter may not know either, I was at a point in my career, needed something different and get the wheels rolling, vision of this character in my mind, dark hair, sideburns, greaseball that may catch on somewhere, needed a name for this character, song came on the radio from 60s and Honky Tonk Man came on the radio and described this character trying to create, asked a promoter and he said can you play a guitar and I said no and he said that will make it better.

If you hit someone with that guitar and run it develops and character was running. In Calgary developed this character, how to stand and where to stand what to say studying videos, at that time WWE was selling out arenas- huge event and turned people away and I got on that show, someone headlined says this character will fit in WWE. I want to be part of it,and after interview WWE hired me on the spot, if recommendation then I may not have been in WWE,d don’t know how to thank him enough but say Thank you very much brother. WWE took this character polished it up and put finishing touches and gave character life, gave me LIFE, just opportunity sending character to every major arena, made it a household name, because of WWE this character will never die, will live forever, that is power of WWE. I will always be forever grateful, truly a honour to be part of an incredible, thank you all and thank you WWE.

Jimmy Hart says you can’t leave till you play your record. Honky Tonk Man asks for music and says let us make this a 2019 song and sings his song, he goes through crowd and stops with superstars.

Commercial break

We see Seth Rollins in the crowd.

We go to Corey Graves and Renee Young who go down memory lane of best moments of D-Generation X. Moment 1: March 2, 1998 when Mike Tyson joins DX, June 26, 2006 DX mock McMahon family. July 23, 2012 other members of DX appear on Raw 1000.

Renee Young talks about inductee #2: Torrie Wilson

Second Inductee: Torrie Wilson

We see a video package about career of Torrie Wilson. Superstars past and present talk about Torrie Wilson.

Corey Graves introduces Stacey Keibler who will induct Torrie Wilson

Stacey says I really miss you guys, Just want to say how grateful am to be here and no greater fans than WWE, 2019 being a women in WWE, thank you to all you created the Womens Revolution, and watch women main event WrestleMania in a Winner Takes All Match. It is about standing up and being fearless, vulnerable, strength of heart and that is Torrie Wilson. I was a huge wrestling fan in college, entered a competition to become a Nitro Girl. I walked into the locker room and met by Torrie Wilson, she was warm, kind and passionate, took me under her wing, still strong 20 years later. Been partners in crime and room mates for years and had fun doing it all. As a fitness competitor, model and evolving and inspire us to have confidence. Her social media let us follow her on this journey. She is sexy, kind, fierce and powerful and proud to be inducting my friend Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson comes out.

Torrie says it has been a rough week, back at school in 4th Grade and see 3 choices on a book – Yes, No or Maybe, I hid in the bathroom till lunch is over, for two weeks I eat all that my grandma has in her fridge, here comes next to me and says what is up fatso? he chases me calling me fatso, walk home from school was mortifying, crying all day long, I felt like a loser and I wanted him to eat his words.

Fast forward to my first day in WWE and see Stone Cold and The Rock, I am scared to walk past them and walk past Bubba Ray Dudley, I am shy not confident and doesn’t feel natural to me, needed to think and what if I was confident and it feels natural to me, fear is something you choose to overcome and to be on a stage, fear has one enemy a confident persona, In my 10 year wrestling career and face my fears repeatedly by playing role of something I could be, confident persona and not when I just stepped in the ring and you don’t need to be a superstar and want to take this moment what WWE has taught me is invaluable and too scared to say something 1) realise permission is for pansies, we don’t need permission to be who we want to be, people booing me saying I suck, my intention is to show up for the fans and who I wished I could be outside the ring, unafraid of failing and being sexy and being a bad ass at the same time. 2) if you need the confident person forget the failure, I am sure wasn’t hired on wrestling skills, I had none, botched moves, dancing in front of a crowd was cringe worthy, summon your Swagger within your persona and Swagger is first thing a person sees, close eyes and summon the bad ass persona in you. Judgement Day PPV 2003 wasn’t a wrestling match against a confident women Sable owning the joint, I remember praying and strike me a dead, give me a rhythm and got neither, summoned my swagger and come a hell of a long way since then.

Remember not everything is the same, permission is for pansies and use your Swagger to help, so happy with everyone I have worked with and have to thank Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan – they met this nobody and handed her an opportunity scared out of my mind and wouldn’t be here without them. Fit Finlay I am sorry for all times I cried when i couldn’t get stuff right and wanted to see women crushing it. Fit Finlay is a reason we see women main event WrestleMania. (Thank you Finlay) Billy Kidman aka my ex Husband – there were times you wanted to bang head with steel chair and taught me how to function, appreciate and love you. Stacey and I were two like clueless blondes, no-one understands my journey and thank you. Michelle McCool been my road wife before Undertaker got his hands on him, Victoria is a crazy, funny and been friends before wrestling, wants people to shine and makes you look a million bucks. Candice Michelle is ballsy and outspoken and wished I could be like her in real life, became Women’s champion and be like you, can’t forget my family and make me never forget who I am and my dad who passed away two days ago and had a crazy experience and made an ass of himself in the ring, had a 10 year awesome career and WWE Universe isn’t easy to win over, your hardcore, be a small part of it. (Thank you Torrie), my 4th Grade boyfriend Terry gave me confidence to be and tick the yes box and it may change your life forever. Thank you.

Commercial break

We go to crowd and see Miz and then Shane McMahon and crowd cheer The Miz and Boo Shane McMahon.

Corey Graves and Renee Young go through Legacy Wing Inductees.

They are Bruiser Brody, Jim Barnett, Hisashi Shinma, Luna Vachon, “Playboy” Buddy Rose, Primo Carnera and Professor Teru Tanaka, “Special Delivery” Jones, Wahoo McDaniel and Joe Cohen.

Corey Graves and Renee Young mention Joe Cohen about his work in WWE.

Inductee 3: The Hart Foundation – Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “Anvil” Neidhart.

We see a video package about The Hart Foundation and their career.

Accepting the award is Bret “Hitman” Hart and Natalya – several superstars wearing pink glasses like Anvil did.

Natalya says Wow in accepting this induction on behalf of my dad, want to thank my mom, had my dad’s back every step and Bret Hart, helped my dad believe the potential he had, thank all of WWE Universe and showing unconditional love since 1985, all of you made this happen, favorite team to face was British Bulldogs and they along with Owen, Jim and Stu have the best seat, Hart Foundation inspired superstars across three decades, include Revival, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Singh Brothers, Beth Phoenix, Tyson Kidd, Sheamus, Cesaro were all inspired by Hart Foundation, last year my dad was approached about writing a book about your career, did so much cool stuff apart from WWE and his last text was saying best thing was being a dad and being WWE and being a wrestler which I love the most.

Bret Hart says what a great honour to be here, incredibly proud of the Hart Foundation Pink and Black Attack, painful losing him last year, he was best friend, great cell mate, life as a wrestler tough, he made me laugh, was an adventure, fills my heart with memories, first WrestleMania was about to happen and I was told they were gonna do something with me, as Cowboy Bret Hart with a horse in each arena, wearing chaps and a cowboy hat, I filled The Anvil with my news and by the time we got back to the hotel and they changed my mind, I said I don’t want to be a cowboy and he said you are kidding me, I said I am not a cowboy, after a long night of TV we will come up with something else, we knew Anvil was managed by Jimmy Hart so team me with him, turn me heel and call us Hart Foundation, I did hang in there and made up my mind and George said we can do what you say teaming  you with Neidhart, (Someone comes on stage and attacks Bret Hart – cut to the crowd during this, superstars and legends enter the ring and check on Natalya and Bret Hart as security walk people out (crowd are chanting asshole) Drake gets on microphone and says ignore them and let’s carry on.  Crowd cheer for Bret, Natalya says let us carry on our speech.

Bret says the point I didn’t talk to Jim about any of this and he actually liked the idea, being a heel tag team in 1985 was a bit like what just happened, wild and fun times in my life and want to thank all the teams of those days, thrown together and want to thank Killer Bees, Demolition, Rougeau’s, Strike Force, to name a few, happy memories never leave me, It was 17, Feb 1976 Hart Foundation Vs Killer Bees at Madison Square Garden, favourite memories of my career, such dirty bastards during the match, telling my mom to shut up, and said to my dad if you have something to say spit it out, I walked to the back with Jimmy Hart and Jim, we got many standing ovations, great match and when Vince remembered us, King Kong Bundy laid out Hulk Hogan in a match on Main Event, When we are all done and Bundy and Anvil and saw fans who hesitated and we need some form of security so follow me, I pushed through the doors and walked to the parking garage with kisses from fans whilst Bundy and Anvil got splatted and Anvil and Bundy said you want us to get killed. I apologise saying being a heel in WWE in America, when we came out of garage we pulled behind mob and they saw the butt of King Kong Bundy, they rocked my rental car, and tried to flip it over but Bundy was in the car and NYPD said get out of here now and Anvil reading a map upside down, I drove in a complete circle and landed where we started and I hadn’t driven in New York before, Remember Bundy saying you stupid dumb-ass and him cursing at me and we were so much fun, thank you King Kong Bundy. Want to thank Jimmy Hart, so great and so fun and part of our success and been there with us. thank ex referee Danny Davis, being so young dumb and full of life and being a heel was best moment in my life, want to thank Brain Busters, Powers of Pain, Rockers, Legion of Doom, Nasty Boys – truly fantastic teams, never did same match with same team, we stand side by side facing the world. Jim was indeed a one-of-a-kind character and speaking to my dad and relationship blossomed with my sister with Ellie, Ellie had the patience being with Jim – Natalya agrees – Bret thanks Natalya for her hard work and dedication and I loved Jim as a brother and he made me smile, all that lunacy is half the beauty and we escaped, broke lots of rules and doesn’t loose his child heart and lost too many dear friends these past few years, wrestling is where trust and loyalty mean everything, tag teams spend time chained together and easy understand and lose their friendship, we were 2 x tag team champions, we will always be proud of our friendship. I hope to have a meeting when I crossover it leads me straight to The Anvil, Hart Foundation had rules, should die young late life as possible, fun stuff happens after midnight, key to moderation is moderation, recklessness makes man come alive and lastly 99% of people don’t live their dreams but WWE has fulfilled all of ours, trust WWE with my blood and now we are in WWE Hall of Fame and we are The Best there was, The Best there is and The Best there ever will be. We see a video of Anvil laughing to end it.

Commercial break

Corey Graves and Renee Young look back again at career of DX – invading WCW in 1998.

Renee Young talks about next inductee.

Inductee: Brutus Barber Beefcake

We see video package on his career.

Corey Graves introduces Hulk Hogan who will be inducting Brutus Barber Beefcake, out comes Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan says we are all wrestling fans, see Dusty Rhodes drop a elbow in Tampa, Florida, I had a match and then 7 months later I quit, setup a gym and needed help. I called Brutus to help me and kept it going, you can either go back home and didn’t know what to do so called Superstar Billy Graham and we left Coco Beach and went to Panama City and worked out with Brutus in the ring, made it town after town. We separated and went separate directions and we came to New York and Brutus Beefcake was born and we had some great matches, like the Road Warriors and he was selling seats, made comeback easier, got good as a single performer, felt building rumble and he has always had wrestling in your blood, was with him when parents died, family was ill and made him larger life and loves this business and it is good he is in the WWE Hall of Fame and one question what you gonna do when someone has a haircut for you.

Out comes Brutus “Barber” Beefcake with his shears. There is a barber pole in the corner, Hogan and Beefcake hug.

Brutus said it is great being back, travelling with WWE and best fans on planet earth, was pretty crazy saying I am here, my life has been super crazy, want to thank WWE for taking chance on me, this in an incredible award and honoured to receive it, 41 years in this industry and Hulk Hogan becoming my best friend, thanks for the good times and good times to come, rest is history and I am your friend to the end in the end.

Came to New York to meet with WWE and they wanted a butler character and didn’t want to be called Baron the Butler, no offence Baron Corbin, name came up Brutus and ran back to Tampa to sort out gimmick, and went back to New York and how can this not make money is all I heard, After WrestleMania 3 Pat Patterson signed me the barber gimmick, everything is going great, Hogan shows up and says put them to sleep and then give them a trim and I thought that may work, Thanks Pat Patterson you made my life, thanks to my wife for rescuing me, special hello to my grand son Gino, Greg Valentine thank you and I miss you, thanks to DDP, Marty Janetty, people ask my favourite match and it was SummerSlam 89 partnering with Hogan against Savage and Zeus, facing Hogan back in 85, Gave Roddy Piper help during his hair match and cut Adrian’s hair and nothing happened, asked for scissors and got the stuff working, amazing, sound of crowd was amazing.

A match at WrestleMania 6 with Mr Perfect I broke his perfect streak, turned my attention to The Genius and had to chase him down and he had no idea his hair was on the line, Macho Man was ready to fight and he understood, doing what we needed to do, it was electrifying and feeling same way tonight, wanna thank God for sparing my life after the boat accident, gave me a opportunity to be standing here tonight. I am here to announce I renewed my barbers licence and want to give a shout out to Shawn Michaels for putting Janetty through shop window, and giving a haircut and hair should go back soon, I am strutting into WWE Hall of Fame.


Renee Young talks about Warrior Ward Inductee Sue Atchison

We see a video of the career of WWE Employee Sue Aitchison

Corey Graves introduces Dana Warrior.

Warrior Award Inductee: Sue Aitchison

Dana says award was thought of because of an epic man and his colourful regalia and mantra in his spirit to always believe. This year’s recipient from her tireless work and service to WWE and one of the unsung heroes and she is one of those, Everyone has a story about her work and she is a firecracker in the WWE and Sue has a colourful personality to match and truth be told has been worked including legends and kicking some apples.

For this monument we pass it over to another to come on stage and to introduce her is a Warrior of Wishes John Cena.

Music of John Cena hits. (Crowd chant take on Angle). I have learnt a tremendous amount from Sue and most important thing is life in WWE as two simple approaches, how can this place help me, met her early in my career (Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks chant begins) There is a new found energy in the building. I met Sue early operates about How can I help, she is amazing, reason why WWE has relationship and I have with Make a Wish, I owe it to all her and 4 words How Can I Help? Please welcome an amazing women and human being Sue Aitchison. Sue comes out to applause.

Rey Mysterio helps her on the ramp and John Cena helps her into the ring. Sue says while I was being inducted and had to organise other stuff, when I was told and recovered from the shock, thanks to the McMahon family giving me this job I love, energy and motivation from these special children lets me continue my job. I created my first wish for a young lad with Hulk Hogan, it made me cry, soon I helped Connor meet Daniel Bryan, he was invited to an event, Connor’s dad spoke to me and believe that children have bigger impact than you know.

Sue says while Connor left this world and has made an impact, creating Connor’s Cure, Pittsburgh Hospital has raised nearly $3million dollars, this is just a few examples, know in my 32 year helped grant over 6,000 wishes, says takes a team to grant a wish, merchandise, photographer, team who support me here and all around the world. More importantly recognise the WWE Superstars and bring smiles to children who walk in to the ring, DX, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Women of Wrestling, The Undertaker, and those not with us Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior, so many wonderful talents and wishes they never forget, WWE leads path in number of wishes granted, Hulk, Rock, Jesse and John Cena have all been given greatest number of wishes awarded and John is currently at 619 wishes, no-one has claimed it and Justin Beiber thinks he did it but hasn’t and I asked Make a Wish and this honour belongs to John Cena. Finally finish with a word – inspiration – many who recover have happy and successful lives, one of my top motivators who is here tonight since meeting Dwayne Johnson 15 years ago now a dad of two and his family call me grandma – Jody Phillips – he is given a standing ovation and brought to the ring, how blessed I have job to bring smiles to faces and wishes do come true so keep on wishing.

We see Daniel Bryan who gets booed and Kofi Kingston who gets cheered.

Corey Graves and Renee Young talk about DX and more highlights are shown.

Corey Graves introduces next inductees Harlem Heat – Stevie Ray and Booker T

Inductees: Harlem Heat – Stevie Ray and Booker T

We see video package about their career

Booker says we did it, What an awesome night would be made better would be our mom seeing her boys enter the hall of fame, I grew up wanting to be my brother, always watching my back, whatever he wanted to do I wanted to do it, you can forget that, I remember when it used to rain and water entering sewage and we let it drain and as long as I remember he had my back, we lost our parents when we are young. I got caught slipping and went to prison and behind those walls he still had my back, we would talk about wrestling and what people are doing and when I was freed he had my back, I had to get a job, told me I would help you and do it the best of your ability, represent me and I can do that and been doing it to best of my ability, I truly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my brother and we wanted to this since day 1 and we had weight belts made and to this day still want to be like my big brother. Passing my torch to Stevie and I need to wake up.

Stevie Ray say people don’t realise we didn’t have inclination of being a tag team, we went to a overbooked school owned by HOF Ivan Clusky, trained by Scott Casey and we thought we could do this, the organisation closed down and said it was over before it started, We got a call from other organisations to work for them, I got discovered in Global in Dallas Texas, we both went together and met Eddie Gilbert and dresses pretty nice and Booker walked behind us and Eddie asked us if we work together and said come back to Dallas Texas next week and we talk to you about a Baby-face tag team even though never tagged before and an everyday experience and we came back following week and Gilbert is gone and Booker said its over before it started. We go out and we don’t sell it and we looked better in the ring. Organisation ask us to come back and we became a tag team. Booker says we headed to Atlanta Georgia and our career began with Sherri Martell started the Womens Revolution (shown on screen) Sid Vicious came down to see how we are and his partner was not a wrestler a friend, then went to WCW and had out first match, they asked if we can make money sitting in Ole Anderson and they wanted to send us back to Texas. At that time I see something in both of you all and change your gimmick and go back out there. Working at WCW was a challenge people don’t know and it taught us a lot, before Sherri got with us and evaluate talent, we are the best tag team out there and that was Hulk Hogan, Sherri got with us 10 tag team titles later travelled the world and main evented everywhere we went and became what we became, want to shoutout someone who shook my hand and said I will help you and that man is Arn Anderson, respect for business and piers in the wrestling business.

Booker T starts talking and Stevie Ray want to say this don’t get slapjacked and you got to know. Booker T says young talent like the Usos, Revival, NXT Teams, The New Day and not leaving without saying Kofi-Mania. Daniel Bryan is gonna get an ass whooping tonight. Booker wants to thank his family – wife and kids and all my family and if not for my brother we wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame and now I am a 2 x Hall of Famer can you dig that sucka.

Commercial break

Corey Graves and Renee Young say there is one more induction left and we see more highlights but we have a question ARE YOU READY.

Video Package of DX Career Highlights.

Final Inductees: D-Generation X – Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X Pac, Billy Gunn, Jesse James and Posthumously – Chyna

Music of D-Generation X hits and they come out on a army truck – they are tossing glowing green X’s into the audience and celebrating with Superstars

They all grab microphones, Road Dogg asks if they are one. Triple H says things have changed, you make rules we break them, I am now an executive and I am Executive Vice President and it makes me sound important and here are some rules to being inducted, you don’t mention Vince McMahon and they keep saying it, Triple H said Vince McMahon says you can’t say it. Road Dogg asks what if the crowd say Vince McMahon. Triple H says don’t say thank you Vince, and he will tell me to give you jobs and then fire you. Shawn says he will not thank Vince McMahon. Billy says he can’t fire me and Triple H says he will buy that company just to fire you.

Shawn says it is important to recognise someone who isn’t here anymore in D-Generation X – Thank you Chyna crowd chants – photo shown on screen. Trailblazer gets thrown around and D-Generation X with out the contribution of Chyna – She deserves it –  won’t get an argument from any one of us. Road Dogg is given a stack of paper for his speech and they put on glasses and Triple H has cross eyed funny glasses.

Road Dogg says the relationships we have areal, thank God first and foremost, without my sobriety I have nothing and now inducted into same Hall of Fame as my dad Bullet Bob Armstrong. I want to thank my wife Tracey James, put her through hell and she stood behind me through it all. Road Dogg asks for a VT to be shown showing DX friendship.

Billy Gunn says this is the part where I can talk, Triple H says don’t make me regret this, without Ron and Don Harris wouldn’t know about this business, my mom, sister and kids are my world, (getting emotional) and without my wife I wouldn’t be standing here, now I know we have done stuff together and this was coolest stuff together and pulls out a water pistol which doesn’t fire properly but just a dribble. Shawn says as normal Billy Gunn over promised and under delivered.

Triple H says X Pac is next and hope you don’t regret letting you speak.

X Pac says I can’t promise, I was part of DX, nWo, The Kliq and so grateful to be here, My family are here who I love so much and grateful and have a relationship and work hard and am so nervous, I have loads of notes, (123 kid chant, you deserve it chant) I just want to thank a bunch of people and you can see moments on WWE network which is 9.99. Want to thank Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, was 10 years old and went to first event and this is what I was gonna do for the rest of my life. thank you Flair and thank you Dusty, want to thank The Malenko family, want to thank Jerry Lynn for ECW champion, want to thank Razor Ramon, a true friend and also want to thank the rest of The Kliq without The Kliq no DX, thankyou Kevin Nash, Bret Hart thank you gave me best singles match in my career, I want to thank Eric Bischoff for getting me to join ECW fire me to let me join DX to win the Monday Night Wars, want to thank DX members for being my friends and want to thank Maria Menounos for giving me a show, last but not least 9th Wonder of the World Chyna – magic ingredient in DX recipe, Women’s Battle Royal should be called the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal (Crowd chant yes in agreement) Triple H says can we say boobs in the truck. We see a censored pic on the titantron and others with saggy boobs censored with DX logo. Triple H says your time is done.

Shawn Michaels wants to thank my loving family but they didn’t come, I am here all alone and they are embarrassed by you.

NXT Chant Triple H says I want to thank Killer Kowalski who made a dream came through, talent in this room, anyone stepped in this ring and nothing with out person who looks across the ring at you. The Kliq was DX before DX and nWo before DX. Triple H mocks crowd chant, want thank DX for best time of my life in this ring and we were trying to make ourselves laugh. Thank you everyone. Let me bring up Chyna and wouldn’t be without her in my career, women headline WrestleMania first time in history and the night before the most impactful women is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, her sister is here in the audience and she loved the fans, to my family I have one thing to say I love you and you love me and to Vince McMahon thank you and to Steph forever, extended family and my mom and dad and I love you all. DX has done crazy stuff and said stuff that should have not been aired and body parts shouldn’t be seen, very immature and genitalia jokes, juvenile humour, my mom wrote most of those jokes, she is the master of the penis joke, you need to blame her, Shawn says you don’t understand we corrupted a whole generation and Triple H says who got in trouble because of us. Shawn says we have nobody to blame but ourselves, we owe you a heartfelt apology.

A smaller podium with DX logo and multiple microphones is put in the ring stage, Shawn wants X Pac to start and he says your ass is grass and we can smoke it. Road Dogg is next to try and he does his DX New Age Outlaws introduction, Road Dogg apologises. They all line up behind Triple H. Triple H says before I apologise sincerely I need to know something ARE YOU READY, NO I SAID ARE YOU READY, (TRIPLE H SAYS LINE UP) THEN FOR THE 1000S IN ATTENDANCE, MILLIONS WATCHING AROUND THE WORLD AND BECAUSE DX IS IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME, LET’S GET READY TO SUCK IIIIIIIIIIIIT.

Billy Gunn removes jacket and says if you are not down with DX being in WWE Hall of Fame we got two words for you SUCK IT.

X Pac, Shawn, Triple H, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn pull out water pistols and spray it into the crowd. They then spray pistols into the crowd on other superstars and legends


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