Weather forecast for WrestleMania 35

Apr 5, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Having a WrestleMania in an outdoor location is always a gamble. Having a WrestleMania in an outdoor location in New Jersey is an even bigger gamble! So far, WWE were lucky that mother nature always cooperated when the biggest show of them all was held outside, apart from a few rain drops here and there.

According to weather forecasts, the weather will hold up on Sunday but there’s a slight chance of rain late in the evening. And if that is the case, considering WrestleMania will run past 11PM, then somebody’s gonna get wet!

During the day it will be partly cloudy with the sun shining and the temperature will be of 65°F/18°C with a real feel of 68°F/20°C. As day turns into night, temperature will drop to 51°F/11°C with a real feel of 44°F/7°C.

It won’t snow and it won’t be freezing, but folks not from the area might feel colder so we suggest you pack a jacket and some comfy clothes just in case things get messier later in the evening.

The Superstars will be cozy enough thanks to the ring and ring posts blowing hot air although there will not be any running down the ramp if it’s raining!

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