Smackdown Live Results 4/2/19

Apr 2, 2019 - by Alicia Fleming

We kick off Smackdown live with Kevin Owens hosting the Kevin Owens Show. WE are just 5 days away from Wrestlemania and at Wrestlemania, each of his guests tonight will try and continue their legacy. His First Guest is The Viper, Randy Orton and His next guest is AJ Styles. AJ says that yes while he was wrestling in front of a dozen people, Randy Orton was in the WWE, getting suspended for drug tests. Randy tells him that his legacy is and that since John Cena left to go Hollywood, AJ Styles took over the position of Corporate bitch. Kevin Owens leaves the ring at that, and Randy and AJ begin fighting it out in the ring. Orton throws AJ out of the ring but AJ dives to give a Flying Forearm but Orton hits a RKO out of nowhere.

Kofi Kingston is backstage holding a WWE Championship Contract at Wrestlemania. Woods and Big E come over to him as we go back to the ring to see Aleister Black make his way to the ring. He will be in tag team action, next.

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Match 1: Aleister Black, Ricochet & Uso’s vs The Bar, Rusev & Nakamura

Ricochet and Cesaro starts things off, they go back and forth with some fun sequences before Cesaro puts a stop to that with a huge uppercut. He tags in Sheamus and he isnt able to keep ahold of him before Black gets tagged in. Black kicks Sheamus in the head and gets a quick 1 count. Rusev gets in there with Jey Uso and he slams him into the stairs and the barricade. He gets him back in the ring to get a quick 1 count, Rusev tags in Nakamura. Nakamura slows the match down a bit and knees Jey in the stomach. Jey tries to desprately tag out but Nakamura tags in Sheamus and stop it. Jey uso rolls out of the ring and Cesaro attacks.

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Tag Team action is back with Rusev and Jey Uso in the ring. Rusev tags in Nakamura and he attacks Jey’s leg. He puts Jey up on the top rope and knees him in the stomach. Nakamura goes for a pin and Jey kicks out at 2. Jey finally tags out to Ricochet. It doesn’t matter though because hell breaks loose and we see everyone fighting. Jey Uso tags back in and then the Uso’s hit a double superkick to Rusev. 1-2-3!Winner: Ricochet, Uso’s & Aleister Black

Alexa Bliss’s music hits and she comes out and talks about how she is the host for Wrestlemania. Bliss talks about how they gave up their match against to help the New Day win, that now, the Uso’s will face off against all the Teams they just shared a match with tonight at Wresltemania in a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match.

They show a video from Last night with the Women getting arrested. It was announced that they were released and will be able to headline Wrestlemania in 5 days.

The Iconic’s are on their way to the ring. They have a message to deliver, next.

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Peyton and Billie talk about they are apart of the Tag Team Women’s Championship match. They said its a no brainer, they will win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and they will make Wrestlemania Iconic!

Miz comes down to the ring and he will face Sanity next in a 1 on 3 Handicap match.

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Miz gets on the mic and talks about how with Kofi this sunday, its about breaking through. This sunday for him, its about retribution. This is for his wife, daughter and family.

Match 2: 1 on 3 Handicap Match: Sanity vs Miz

Out comes Shane McMahon, and he wants a front row view of this match.

Miz & Eric Young start of the match. Young hits a neck breaker quick on Miz when Miz tries to take out Wolfe and Dain to get a one on one chance. We see Young begin kicking Miz on the mat as we go to another break.

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Wolfe threw Dain into Miz but he got a elbow up. Young is back in via tag but Miz gets Young with a body drop. Miz knees Dain in the face and runs and gets a double knee to young. While Miz begins to get the upper hand, Shane stops the match. He announces that this match is also a Falls Count Anywhere match. All 3 of Sanity is attacking Miz at one time while Shane tells him he will see him Sunday. Miz ties to get a upper hand again but side stepping most of Sanity. He throws them over the barricade and he is just punching Young in the face. Miz is thriving even though its a 3 on 1 match. He takes Young to the back by isolating him backstage. They get to the outside of the arena and its raining and Miz is just pounding on Eric Young. He hits him with a running knee to the face. Miz goes to get a rolling cart and rams it into Young’s face. Miz pins Young 1-2-3!

Winner: The Miz

We hear a cop car and it pulls up and Becky Lynch gets out of the car. She is walking inside the arena.

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They show a highlight video leading up to the Main Event of Wrestlemania between Becky Lynch, Charlotte & Ronda Rousey.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, She goes and stands on the announce table to talk to the Crowd. First thing she says is its good to be out and free in Baltimore. She talks about how different last year looked at this time and how she was determined to be in the Main event of this year and look at them now. For the First time ever, women will be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania. The Baddest Woman on the planet vs the Queen vs The Man! She said the next time you all see her, she will be the Champion!

Tonight we will see Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston sign the contract.

Up Next; 18 person mixed tag team match

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Match 3: Naomi, Asuka, Nikki Cross & Carmella, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Otis and Tucker, R-Truth vs Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Lana &   , Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Andrade, Shelton Benjamin & EC3

Its a bit of a slow start but we end with Otis hitting a Caterpillar  on EC3 as we head off to the break.

Commerical Break

Naomi and Mandy are in the ring but both tag out quick. R-Truth is now against Andrade, Truth hits a flying heel kick. Truth and Carmella are in the middle of the match but manage to do a “Dance Break” and Anderson attacked them. The match is now over as the ref has no choice but to call for the bell because all hell breaks loose and everyone is in the ring. Asuka knocks Lana off the apron, Everyone is trying to “eliminate” each other. Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on EC3 and Asuka hits a kick the face as Hardy throws EC3 over the top. Jeff hugs Asuka but Asuka throws Hardy over and Asuka is the last woman standing in the ring going into Wrestlemania. She is apart of the Women’s Battle Royal this Sunday.

We have a Video hyping Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Tonight he will face off against Ali

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Joe stalks Ali to start the match. He hits some unrelenting punches on Ali in the corner. He nails some hard chops on Ali. Ali catches Joe off guard and hits a dive to the outside on Joe, Joe tries to catch Ali as he goes to the top rope but Ali hits a diving DDT on Joe and gets a quick 2 count. Joe hits a knife edged chop but Ali hits a kick the face. Ali nails Joe again and Ali runs to the top rope, he goes to hit the 450 but Joe moves, Joe locks in Coquina Clutch and Ali passes out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the New Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring for the Contract signing with Kofi Kingston, which takes place next.

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Kofi Kingston w/ Big E & Woods is sitting at the table along side with Daniel Bryan who has Rowan with him. Bryan begins off by saying that he knows he is going to sign that contract and he isn’t even going to stop him from signing it. He is here to educated the masses. The fans begin to chant “Kofi Mania” and Bryan tells them to shut up because he is trying to educate them. He wants to teach us all a very important life lesson. The life lesson is to not be complacent. Do not think that being good is good for 11 years. To not be COMPLACENT. Bryan says he has another life lesson, Don’t be a by stander in your own lives, the way Kofi Kingston has been in his own life. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for other people to push you to the top. He says before he hands over the contract, Don’t mistake a Fad for reality Kofi. You see, i have been in exactly in your same spot and in your shoes. The way they chanted Yes for me, is the same way they are chanting Kofi for you. I know how you feel, This love and adoration makes you feel stronger. This is the reality, you dont feed off of them, they feed off of you. They are parasites! See, they need you to fulfill whatever fantasy they have in their life, once they have sucked it all out of you, they will discard you. Here is the truth Kofi, i want you to suck all this in, for you, this is the best that it is ever going to be. Kofi stands up and tells Bryan that its time he educates him! You claim to be what i am, to claim to know what i am feeling. You don’t know a damn thing about me, you become World Heavyweight Champion and I watched that, understood it. It took you 2 years to become Champion in WWE. Daniel Bryan, Here is the thing, you dont know me, you havn’t been through anything i have been through. It took 11 years to get one WWE Championship one on one Match. You know that I am ready, (The Fans begin to chant, You Deserve it) and the one thing we have in common is that you know what all of this feels like, and your scared as hell. You should be! Because you know what comes next, what comes next is at Wrestlemania, I beat you! I will become the WWE Champion. Kofi Kingston signs the contract!

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