Monday Night Raw Results for April 1, 2019 from Washington, DC

Apr 1, 2019 - by staff

With WrestleMania now just a short 6 days away from us, what is gonna happen? I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!


Raw kicks off with Stephanie McMahon coming out. The commentators hype Steph having a breaking announcement about the WM main event. She starts with an April Fools joke that she’s entering the main event. The announcement is that all the Women’s Championships are on the line! This Sunday is winner takes all!


Announcers hype the main event as Lesnar’s music hits. Brock & Heyman make their way to the ring for one final promo about the match this Sunday against Seth Rollins.


Heyman finds Stephanie McMahon using the phrase “winner take all” ironic. Lesnar is going to take everything Seth has, He’s gonna take his best shot, and take everything Seth has in his life. Lesnar takes everything from his opponents at WrestleMania. WM35 WILL be the last match of Rollins’ career, Heyman guarantees. Lesnar will violate Rollins and desecrate the good name of WrestleMania. He is interrupted by Rollins’ music. Rollins heads to the ring.


Rollins calls this Sunday the biggest match of both careers, but Brock doesn’t understand that. Brock doesn’t understand the WWE Universe doesn’t want Brock in WWE. Defeating Brock at Mania May be improbable, but it’s not impossible. Seth says he’s taking Lesnar’s title, and there is not a damn thing Brockcan do. Seth catches Lesnar by surprise and beats up Lesnar, eventually hitting the Blackout Stomp on Brock.


coming up next, eight woman tag team action, as Beth Phoenix comes out of retirement.


Charly Caruso interviews Seth



The Iiconics & The Samoan Slaughterhouse VS Boss & Hug Connection & The Divas of Doom

This is the RAW debut (according to Corey Graves) for the Iiconics. The bell rings and action is on.

Sasha & Peyton start out. Peyton is mocking Sasha, but Banks is arm dragging Royce. Bayley in for a double team and a two count. Sasha is tagged in for another double team. Billie Kay tags in. Natalya tags in for a suplex and a two. Beth tags in, and she is dominating Billie Kay!Peyton comes in and the match breaks down.


Back from the break and Bayley is in control until a malfunction at the junction. Two count on Bayley leads to a pair of double teams and a two. More double team moves and Peyton is legal. Iiconics try to tag out and the Samoans bail. Beth tags in Phoenix and it’s on like Donkey Kong! Slam and Tamina pulls Beth out of the ring. Phoenix drives Tamina through the barricade! The match is at a stalemate as the crowd chants. Peyton Royce tries to take advantage, but a Glam Slam gets the pinfall.


Winners via pinfall: Boss & Hug Connection and the Divas of Doom


An Escalade pulls up and Batista gets out. He’s on next!


Batista’s music hits, and he’s out to talk our ears off about Sunday. Hometown crowd is cheering him. House lights go down and a spotlight is on Batista. Video package on Batista’s victories in the past over HHH. Batista simply says, “Hunter, kiss my ass.” Batista’s music hits and he leaves.


Elias promo from NYC. There will be no interruptions. He sings a parody of Seven Nation Army. No one will be talking about anyone but Elias.



Jinder Mahal VS Apollo Crews

Mahal takes control quickly. Headlock has Crews grounded, but he fights up. Apollo counters and hits a pump kick. Top rope and a frog splash gets the squash win.

Winner via pinfall: Apollo Crews


All competitors out at ringside get in a preview brawl. Last man standing in the ring is Apollo Crews. Corey Graves keeps insisting that Michael Che is going to win the battle royal and eliminate Braun Strowman on Sunday.


Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio are shown talking in a locker room. Tonight is Kurt’s final Raw appearance.


The Queen of Contemporary Gospel, Yolanda Adams, will be singing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania.


Kurt Angle comes out to massive YOU SUCK chants for his final in-ring appearance on Raw. He said the fans are making this really hard. He wants to say thank you. Huge Thank You Kurt chant, and a video package on Angle’s career. Kurt breaks down in the ring as the crowd chants until Baron Corbin’s music hits and he comes out for a promo. He calls Kurt’s career is ancient history. Corbin keeps running Angle down and says he is the best today. Corbin blasts the fans about social media. He says the last image they will see of Kurt is Kurt laying flat on his back. Kurt challenges Corbin to an exhibition match tonight. Corbin declines like a coward as the crowd boos him. Mysterio comes out and tells Corbin someone needs to teach him a lesson in respect and challenges Corbin. Corbin cheap shots Rey, only to get humbled by Angle and Mysterio.


Charly Caruso interviews Charlotte Flair. Caruso asks if Flair is worried about putting her title on the line. Flair says she’s gonna win on Sunday. Charlotte is asked about tonight, and says she’s a professional.


Ricochet’s music hits, and it’s time for the RAW Tag Team Championship match.



Black Magic VS The Revival


Back from the break and we get the introductions from Greg Hamilton.

Black & Dash start out. Black fakes out Dash in the corner. Match is back and forth. Revival take control and Dawson tags in. Black quickly takes over. Ricochet tags in and keeps control for a bit. Wilder tags in and puts the boots to Ricochet. Ricochet gets choked on the ropes as Dawson tags in. Double team countered into the first time I’ve seen a double hurricanrana. Black Magic double team takes us to break.


Sorry that a bunch of stuff is missing. My computer messed up and I lost part of the recap.


Charly Caruso interviews Becky Lynch at gorilla and says she will win and has no choice but to make history at WrestleMania.



The Riott Squad VS Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey

Match  begins with Rousey talking crap to her teammates. Charlotte and Ruby Riott start. Charlotte is in control to begin the match and Lynch tags in hard. Ruby tries to pin Lynch, but she kicks out.

Back from the break and Sarah Logan is in control of Becky Lynch. Shoulder block to Logan leads to Riott tagging in and tagging Logan in. Logan has a half crab on Lynch’s bad knee. Liv tags in and is getting dominated. Pinfall leads to a two count. Morgan rollup leads to a two. Charlotte and then Rousey tag in and Rousey taps out Liv Morgan. All out brawl leads to security. Michael Cole calls the competitors three men. Cops are now in the mix. Nothing is keeping these competitors away. Rousey hit a cop, so she’s cuffed. Lynch stomps Ronda, so she’s cuffed too. Charlotte now strikes Rousey. All 3 women are handcuffed and being led away by cops. The announcers are ripping the wrestlers for their actions. Rousey and Flair are still trying to fight the cops.


Winners via submission: Rousey/Flair/Lynch


Backstage Flair is still fighting the cops and Rousey & Lynch are placed in the same cop car. Ronda kicks the passenger side window out. Rousey commandeered the car and hit the squad car. Total chaos as we go to break.


Back from the break and the chaos is recapped. Michael Cole says he hasn’t seen anything like that in 22 years behind the desk.


Roode & Gable are in the ring. Out comes my boys, Heavy Machinery. Time for tag team action!


Roode & Gable VS Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery are in control of the match. Roode tags in and Lacey Evans’ music hits. Roode has control. Tucker elbows Roode & tags Otis, who seems to be the new Festus. Otis hits the Caterpillar for a two. Double team thwarted, the Compactor is hit and Heavy Machinery scores the win!


SMACKDOWN RECAP: Kofi Kingston’s last two weeks.


Braun’s roar leads us to break as the handicap match is next.


Rousey, Flair & Lynch have been booked.


Braun just decimates the enhancement guys and throws them outside. Strowman readies the “Global Bulldozer” and levels the guys twice with the run around the ring. Braun gets back in the ring, more decimation. Two powerslams and a double powerslam for the pin and the squash win.

Winner via pinfall: Braun Strowman


Recap of Lesnar/Heyman/Rollins segment


Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush head to the ring as we go to break.


Rush & Lashley are being interviewed in the ring by Charly Caruso. Last week’s match is shown. Charly tried to talk to Lashley, but Lio takes over, calling Jinder Mahal dead weight. Rush says their only concern is where the after party is. Lashley isn’t concerned about the Demon. Finn interrupts and says at WrestleMania, Finn’s Demon will be Lashley’s Nightmare. Lashley & Rush both look worried.


Back from the break and it’s time for the television main event, Rey Mysterio VS Baron Corbin!


WrestleMania Rundown


Corbin is preceded by the lame, long-winded intro from Greg Hamilton.

The Bell rings, and we’re live. Mysterio is using his speed to frustrate Corbin as he dropkicks the knee of Corbin and knocks Baron out to ringside. Corbin goes for a powerbomb and is countered, but Corbin hits a hard punch.


Back from the break and Corbin is in total control. Corbin goes to unmask Mysterio and fails. Mysterio looks like he tweaked his knee. Rey is limping outside and collapses. Corbin drives Mysterio into the barricade and throws him back in. Referee is checking on Rey and keeps it going. Two kicks to the face and can’t capitalize. Corbin throws Rey outside. Baron clothesline’s Rey outside and let’s the count continue. Rey gets to the apron, but Corbin sends him face first into the ringpost. Corbin taunts the crowd. Corbin goes for a Slam, but Rey counters into a sleeper attempt. Rey hits a tilt a whirl DDT for the two count. Both are on the mat and Rey is up first. Puma kick and 619. Top Rope legdrop misses.  Rey punching Corbin, but the Deep Six gets the pinfall.

Winner via pinfall: Baron Corbin

postmatch Kurt Angle locks the ankle lock on Corbin on the entrance stage. Recap of the Rousey/Flair/Lynch chaos.

Raw goes off the air with Angle’s music playing.


My Thoughts

A great final Raw before WrestleMania. The Women’s Championship match couldn’t have been built up better. SmackDown Live is gonna have a hard time beating this. 

On a different topic, people don’t seem to like the name Black Magic for Aleister Black & Ricochet. Here’s the facts, people. I actually proposed the name to Ricochet himself, and he approved of it and loves it. If Ricochet likes it, I don’t see how it’s anyone not liking it that is going to stop me saying it.


For Steve and the rest of, I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. When life hands you crap, make lemonade and leave people wondering how you did it.

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