MLW Interested in Dean Ambrose

Mar 31, 2019 - by James Walsh

Court Bauer spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview discussing MLW, interest in WWE’s recent releases and more. Highlights are below: 

On Bruce Prichard leaving MLW: “Just scheduling-wise, it was tough for us and for him to make it work beyond War Games in Fauderdale [in September]. His relationship with WWE started several months later. There was no weirdness at all and I was one of the first to congratulate him. Bruce and WWE go together like PB&J. It’s the place for Bruce to be. If you hear the podcast, you get it.”t. L 

On if he has any interest in Dean Ambrose or other released WWE talent: “Some of them are on 90-day windows where you have to wait for them to become free agents. So, I’m always looking at different talent…I’m curious to see if [Ambrose] ends up going into free agency and what happens there. You hear different stories and I’m curious to see what happens.” 

On the possibility of Ambrose staing in WWE: “I think anything’s possible in wrestling. It’s wrestling! Overnight things are changing and it happens so quick. You don’t know who’s going where or what’s happening or what they’re doing. Are they aligned with this promotion? Is that promotion working with that promotion…You don’t know, you have to keep up with it.” 

On the near-riot at MLW Intimidation Games: “It was probably the first time in wrestling during a squash match that a riot broke out. That’s how much heat we got….That match, by the end of it, even though it was a squash we almost had a riot. Someone jumped the barricade and they’re throwing beer and water…Not that I want that to be something we see on every MLW show. Not that I anticipated that level of response. But I really did want heat on that and it worked perfectly.”

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