SmackDown Live Results for 3/26/2019 from Uncasville, CT

Mar 26, 2019 - by staff

On the heels of the gauntlet last week, what is next for Kofi Kingston and what will New Day’s reaction be to last week’s events? I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, and this is SmackDown Live!


New Day’s music kicks off the show tonight. New Day come out with pancakes and positivity. Rumors have been running rampant that New Day would quit WWE. Here they are though. Kofi chants from the crowd. Two mics and Xavier Woods imitates Lance Storm. They say the WWE Universe has been along for the entire 5 year ride as New Day. They thank the crowd and address the possibility of quitting WWE. They won’t make a decision until they get answers from Vince, so they ask for a public face to face with him.


“No Chance in Hell” hits as Vince powerwalks his way to the ring. Vince gets a mic and gets cut off by Daniel Bryan and Rowan. He tells Vince to let New Day quit, because they are a stale novelty act. Daniel talks his trash, cuts Vince off a second time and continues to badmouth the fans & New Day. Daniel Bryan starts kissing the backside of Mr McMahon until Woods says Bryan is scared to face Kofi 1 on 1. Bryan tries to answer, but Vince cuts him off. Vince tells New Day the quitting was a ruse and are Big E & Woods a B+ tag team? Vince makes a tag team gauntlet match for another opportunity for Kofi to be in WrestleMania against Daniel Bryan.


Announcers hype the night and WrestleMania.


Becky Lynch interview backstage about last night’s match and WrestleMania.  Lynch asks what Charlotte Flair will bring to the match as Flair’s music hits. Charlotte cuts a promo as she heads to the ring for in ring action.


Back from the break and Charlotte is in the ring awaiting her opponent. The arena darkens and it’s Asuka out to oppose Charlotte.

SmackDown Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair VS Asuka

announcers are in shock as the bell rings for this WrestleMania rematch from last year. Flair is using her strength to her advantage. Wrist lock is reversed and Asuka gets floored. Headlock by Asuka slows the pace down as Charlotte gets a two count. Asuka shoulderblocks Charlotte to the outside as we go to break.


Charlotte back in the ring as the match is going on during the commercials. Charlotte wears down Asuka’s leg and talks Mania, but a countered hip attack has Asuka locking a kneebar in. Charlotte escapes and is in control for now. Flair strut allows Asuka time and Flair slides outside. Back inside, and the live feed is back. Asuka looks like her neck is hurt. Abdominal stretch is locked in with an armbar as well. Flair counters for two. Charlotte takes the left knee out and goes for something but an Asuka DDT gets a near fall. Asuka strikes, hip attack, German Suplex and a two count. Charlotte looks dazed as Asuka starts in on kicks. Hip attack escaped, big boot and a two count. Charlotte goes up for the moonsault, but it’s countered into the Asuka Lock. Kick, two count, off to commercial break.


Back live and the Figure Eight is countered. Asuka hits a huge kick for a near fall. Asuka is headed to the top. Forearm leads to a modified top rope C-4. Asuka kicked out. Charlotte is frustrated. Asuka gets Flair in guard and tries for a triangle. Charlotte counters into a power mob and a two. Inside cradle, kick out and a countered Asuka Lock. Figure Eight locked in and Asuka submits! Charlotte Flair wins the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship.


Winner via submission – Charlotte Flair.


Charlotte Flair now has won eight women’s championships in WWE.


Charlotte celebrates as the announcers talk about New Day. Angle’s music hits as he comes out and congratulates Charlotte.


You suck chants as Kurt comes out for his final SmackDown Live match, another WWE match that originally happened in TNA, Kurt VS AJ Styles.


back from the break and AJ Styles is being interviewed. AJ is honored to be Kurt’s last SD match and a part of his career. AJ says this is not to be taken lightly. AJ heads through the curtain and it’s time for more in ring action.


Match starts res with a handshake. Angle gets a German Suplex off immediately followed by an Angle Slam attempt. AJ counters and locks in the Calf Crusher. Angle counters into the ankle lock. Orton comes from nowhere and causes the DQ with an RKO before Angle gets the Angle Slam off. Angle helps Styles up.


Winner via DQ: AJ Styles


Rey Mysterio interview with Kayla Braxton. Rey says Joe is gonna learn a lesson in humility at WM.


Miz’s music hits as he comes out to the ring. Miz will have a WrestleMania proposition for Shane McMahon, next.


Back from the break and Miz has a microphone. Miz is awesome chants. The Miz can’t agree more. The only image Miz sees is him ripping Shane McMahon apart. In 13 years, Miz thought he’d felt it all. Shane made it personal when he attacked Miz’s dad. Miz wants a falls count anywhere match and Shane’s music hits. Shane comes out and has personal security with him, as well as Shelton Benjamin, Sanity and the Colons. Shane demands a proper intro from the ring announcer. The security is for Miz. Shane says Miz is as dumb as his father looks. Shane has been reflecting and the more he watches Fastlane, the better he feels. Shane felt euphoric about putting his hands on Miz’s dad. Shane accepts the challenge. His only regret is that he didn’t truly punish Miz’s dad for spawning Miz. Miz rushes Shane and gets beaten up by security and superstars. Eventually Sanity swarms Miz and Miz is left crawling around the ring. Comeback by the Miz and Sanity is left laying in the crowd. Miz continues the brawl with Sanity and heads back to Shane. The announcers say Miz looks possessed.


recap of the opening segment.


recap of the Women’s Championship match.


Raw Recap: A Moment of Bliss


New Day’s music hits, and it’s time for the tag team gauntlet match. New Day wins, Kofi faces Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35!


Iiconics promo


Tag Team Gauntlet Match, Kofi is barred from ringside

New Day VS The Club (Gallows & Anderson)

The bell rings and we’re underway in a fight for Kofi’s WrestleMania status. New Day strong right away, but Anderson hit an uppercut before a superkick. Up Up Down Down hits for the win.

Team 2 is Rusev & Nakamura

several superstars are watching backstage.

the match starts and Woods is still hot. Stinger Splash misses, and Nakamura hits a knee for a two. Rusev tags in and throws Xavier through the ropes. Rusev heads outside and tags Nakamura for a running knee. Back in the ring again and a double team enziguiri lays out Woods for the two count. Rusev chokes Xavier on the ropes. Two count and Woods is looking to tag out. Rusev blocks the tag, hits a Scorpion Kick and tags Nakamura. Knee to the face leads to a two. Front chancery brings Xavier down to the mat, and Xavier counters. Nakamura tags in and Nakamura is beating Woods into a countered reverse exploder. Big E tags in finally and takes the opponents to Suplex City. Big Ending countered and Rusev tags in, leading to Rusev hitting the post. Nakamura tags in and hits a knee for the victory. Suicide dive to the outside by Woods. Big E ducks the Kinshasa, and Up Up Down Down earns another pin. The Bar is up next.


Back from the break and The Bar is dominating Big E. A bigger crowd is shown backstage watching (looks like a monitor sellout.) Cesaro Swing leads to the sharpshooter. Sharpshooter escaped and Cesaro is kicked outside. Sheamus tags in and Big E cannot get the tag. Big E makes a comeback, but is double teamed. The Bar sent outside and a backdrop to Cesaro. Woods gets the hot tag and is rocking. Assisted tornado DDT, slingshot plancha outside, top rope legdrop and a kick out.


We come back to Cesaro trying to submit Big E, but he counters. Sheamus tags in and a power bomb to Sheamus leads to twin tags and Cesaro unloads an uppercut to Woods. Assisted White Noise is countered into the pin. The Bar attacks New Day after the bell. Cesaro puts a table in the ring and sets it up. Big Egets H-Bombed through the table as The Uso’s head to the ring. Big E is out cold as the Uso’s want a fight. The table is cleared out and The Uso’s get a mic and put over New Day. The New Day has the respect of Jimmy & Jey. Uso’s forfeited the match! Daniel Bryan is going nuts backstage!


Back from the break and Daniel Bryan & Rowan head out for the match. New Day is getting destroyed inside and outside the ring. Bryan is disrespecting Big E, but Big E gets a comeback. Bryan gets the half crab. Big E is trying desperately to get to the corner and Woods is sacrificing himself. Big E STO to Bryan and the Big Ending leads to a two. Rowan tags in and plants E for a two. Rowan & Bryan gets the announcers table ready and Woods DDT’s Bryan. Iron Claw countered and posts Rowan. Big E tipped the the announcers table over Rowan and he’s counted out. NEW DAY WINS! KOFI KINGSTON IS GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA 35 TO FIGHT FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! Kofi hits the ring to celebrate.


Vince is interviewed and says Kofi is going to WM.


The WWE Universe celebrates with Kofi and the locker room is out to celebrate too. Everyone is celebrating but Daniel Bryan and Rowan to end the show.


Final Thoughts: Very good show. Kofi gets his chance, a shocking title win and some great promos. This will be a great PPV. I agree with the comments I’ve seen about Asuka’s loss. I don’t get it either. For Steve Gerweck and his site, this is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. When life hands you crap, make lemonade and leave people wondering how you did it. Goodnight folks!

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