Jack Swagger on Lucha Underground: “I’m tired sitting around waiting on them”

Mar 26, 2019 - by James Walsh

Jack Swagger discussed his status with Lucha Underground and more during his recent appearance on Wrestling Inc’s podcast.

Highlights are below:

On R-Truth performing his entrance for his Bellator debut: “Didn’t he look like a star out there. I was so proud of my dawg and I can’t say enough of how cool it is…He was one of the first people I told I was gonna leave the company. I said back then, ‘Hey, when I go and fight, you’re gonna be performing my entrance song.’ We would get goosebumps riding down the road and it was almost a two year journey to make it happen. To have one of my best friends in the world to be there for my MMA debut…pretty cool and something I will take with me and put up there with being managed by Zeb or winning a World Heavyweight Championship.

On his friendship with Truth: “It was years and years of riding together. We were both on the same shows and got to know each other. We have similar friends and similar experiences over the last 12 years that really solidified each other in each other’s lives and our kids’ lives. He’s Uncle Ronnie to my kids. I can’t put a finger on one thing but I’m a good guy to be around and he recognized that. He’s like, ‘Jake, you’re awesome!’ He started imitating me a lot and I’m like, ‘Alright dawg, you can copy my swag a bit [laughs]!’ I could tell you one of the reasons we hang out, but we can’t talk about that…”

On the status of Lucha Underground: “In 2018 I was very optimistic about it, but I haven’t heard anything since we wrapped in April. It’s very cool when it comes around, but sitting around and waiting for it isn’t very cool especially when it’s just crickets and no one knows. I was very happy to be a part of season four and I’m still the current Lucha Underground Heavyweight Champion so the line starts here. It’s a great place to work but I’m tired sitting around waiting on them.”

On if he’s locked into his contract the way that others like Ivelisse and King Cuerno: “No, my sister is a great lawyer and she handles all of my contracts. We’ve had some of the wrestlers go through her to straighten out anything. It hasn’t been very hard or a back-and-forth type deal. I haven’t had any problems with it. Tessa Hager – if you guys need any contract help, she’s awesome.”

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