Torrie Wilson: ‘I Was Learning In Front of the Fans’

Mar 25, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Torrie Wilson appeared on The Ross Report and discussed her WWE Hall of Fame induction, plus more. A couple of highlights are below:

On her Hall of Fame induction: “You know, I never realized how much of a big deal it was until I felt it. I’ve had fans say ‘Oh, some day you’ll be in the Hall of Fame’ and I’ve just never really thought it would happen. And I just really — I’ve had so many emotional moments just thinking back. Because for me, especially because I never really won a championship, I never felt like — I don’t know if love’s the right word, but I just feel appreciated. And there’s no feeling like that. I feel like everybody in every area of life whether you’re a wrestler or a painter, we should all get this moment and be appreciated. It just really feels good.”

On the current women’s division vs. her era: “You know it’s funny, I was actually talking with somebody about this the other day who only knew wrestling kind of from the outside. And it was really interesting. During my time, there really wasn’t a ton of women before us kind of showing us the way. So we were kind of like learning as we go. Just like you were saying, Vince is asking for a ’10’ but he wants them to be able to wrestle and all of that. So we kind of started to create our own thing. And a lot of the girls who are there now were young obviously — not to age ourselves — but they were watching us, and watching us just getting in the ring enough and wanting to be that. Whereas before, we pretty much — I know for myself, I learned in front of all the fans. I was thrown out there, of course I showed up early and practiced, but basically I was learning in front of the fans. And these girls today have really paid their dues in wrestling schools for a long time, NXT. They’re coming out of that. Their first day in WWE, they’re on fire already. They know what they’re doing, they’re already trained and really good at what they’re doing. So there’s no stopping them.”

On her plans for her Hall of Fame speech: “I really want to be able to share something people can walk away with and feel like they know me a little better and it’s not just wrestling stories and thank you’s but like, something that I’ve been able to walk away from the wrestling business with…in under ten minutes.”

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