Kenny Omega and Young Bucks Reveal Their AEW Dream WWE Signings

Mar 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

Appearing at C2E2 in Chicago over the weekend, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks discussed their dream AEW signings from the current WWE talent roster and more. Video is below, plus some highlights:

Matt Jackson on which WWE stars he would like to sign given no restrictions: “Female-wise, obviously, I want Candice LeRae. [For male], this is a safe answer because he just re-signed, AJ Styles.”

Nick Jackson on who he would sign: “Candice for sure would be the goal. And I’ll go with Kevin Owens.”

Omega on who his choices would be: “There are a ton of fantasy matches that sometimes you just won’t be able to see because worlds can’t, or won’t, collide. I still do believe in a future where they will [collide]. I’m crazy that way. For a female superstar, this is going to be a little biased on this one. This is something that came off the top of my head because I think she’s very talented but also a very kind soul, and that’s Kairi Sane…For the male, I don’t want any repeats. Everyone knows that I wanted AJ, I want him bad. But man, I’ve wanted to work more in-depth, and I guess it’s not one guy, but I really want to work more with New Day.”

Omega on who he’d love to face from WWE: “If we’re talking about fantasy opponents and all that, I don’t know, I really want to wrestle guys like John Cena or Seth Rollins. These guys that have got a little bit of chip on their shoulder. And I don’t mean that I want to show that I’m better or anything, I just want to work with these alpha-male-type dudes, ya know? I want to work with guys that really think that they’re the best: guys that have shown that they maybe are in the conversation for being the best. I think that makes magic.”

Nick on whether appearing at C2E2 in Chicago was a sign they were signing CM Punk: “I wish [we were signing CM Punk].”

Matt on Punk: “I love CM Punk. I think [whether or not he’s signing] may be better to ask him.”

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