Jessie Jones of WOW Superheroes is going to Make Rasslin Great Again

Mar 25, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

WOW Superheroes Super Villain Jessie Jones is on a mission to “Make Rasslin Great Again” by beating up anyone that stands in her way. In this exclusive interview hear all about Jessie’s thoughts on LA Lakers and WOW Superheroes owner Jeanie Buss, the importance of getting trained by a reputable wrestling school plus her thoughts on keyboard warriors that talk trash online.
(20:50 Mark):

What Rasslin Means to Jessie (21:55)
What does Rasslin mean to me? Let’s go back to a time when you had the NWO, the Four Horsemen, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair at the top of his game. It wasn’t sports entertainment, it wasn’t flippy doos, it was RASSLIN!

How It Feels to be A Member of the WOW Superheroes Roster (23:07)
I feel absolutely honored to be part of the WOW roster; granted I deserve it. Let me just put that out there! At WOW Superheroes Women’s Rasslin is highlighted, given a platform and a chance to be appreciated for how great it is. In terms of Making Rasslin Great Again; if any of the girls aren’t appreciating the opportunity that has been given to them here at WOW Superheroes, I’m going to hurt them. I’ll make Rasslin Great by getting rid of them!

Thoughts on current WOW Superheroes Champion Tessa Blanchard(24:40)
I have no issue with Tessa as of yet. I reckon as long she stays out of my way, I won’t break her arm!

Being Recruited for WOW Superheroes (25:22)
I was recruited for why by Leilani Kai. The fact that she was the one that recommended I should join WOW, her word is as good as Gospel so I decided to do it. Leilani Kai is one of the greatest women Rasslers of all time!

Thoughts on LA Lakers of the NBA and WOW Superheroes Owner Jeanie Buss (26:52)
Jeanie Buss is my superhero!

Being Trained to Wrestle at OVW(28:17)
Tracy Smothers, Brian Knobs were my in ring trainers. They were both viscous people that you didn’t want to mess with in the ring. I trained at Ohio Valley Wrestling so I got to learn from the likes of Ricky Morton, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Tatanka, Al Snow and Rip Rogers. If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best. Tracy Smothers taught me you can’t trust anyone in this business and every time I trusted someone I ended up getting screwed. If you think I have an attitude in WOW, there’s a good reason for it so I’m going to hurt you before you get a chance to hurt me.

Advice for Aspiring Wrestlers (32:45)
Don’t get trained by Joe Blow in Woop-Ti-Doo Tennessee. If it ain’t somebody who made it to the top in Wrestling, Made a Living off of Wrestling or who has produced Superstars from their School and is notable don’t waste your time or your money. This is not a hobby or something you don on the weekends to impress your friends and family. This is a lifestyle so you need to get your body in shape, train and eat like an athlete. You need to eat, sleep and breathe Rasslin. You may as well kiss your family goodbye because if you’re going to do it you’re going to be on the road. If you’re cool with that and are ready to completely commit then get good training and chase your dreams. If you ain’t willing to make sacrifices and you think “Oh I get to look cute in the ring under big bright lights”; STAY OUT. Stay out because you’re going to run into Girls like me who are going to hurt you!

Thoughts on Keyboard Warriors (34:42)
Samantha Smart has gotten a little bit lippy with me on Twitter and some other stuff. She keeps calling me a dumb drunk and barren. She’s going to be bearing a cross after I broke her arm. Anybody who thinks they want to talk trash to me on social media better be a real warrior and not a Keyboard Warrior because I don’t do the whole talk crap game. When I see you I’m going to get you!

You can catch Jessie Jones on WOW Superheroes Fridays 9PM EST on AXS TV. They’ve been renewed for 24 episodes for Season 2 so be on the lookout. Hear the rest of this interview plus more on the top stories in wrestling on the latest edition of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast on Soundcloud, Itunes, Youtube and other leading Podcast Apps!

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