Buggsy McGraw’s Autobiography ‘Brute Power’ Released

Mar 25, 2019 - by staff

Via Press Release:

Brute Power: The Autobiography of Buggsy McGraw was released this week through a partnership between WOHW Publishing and Darkstream Press.

Michael “Buggsy McGraw” Davis collaborates with coauthor Ian Douglass to tell a variety of stories about long-forgotten wrestling territories from Australia and Indonesia to Vancouver and New Brunswick, culminating in Davis’ decision to walk away from wrestling in his prime to begin a lengthy career as a registered nurse.

Despite having many of the most memorable tales of his career lost to a long-gone territorial system, Michael “Buggsy McGraw” Davis of Indianapolis is still remembered as one of the most entertaining wrestlers of his era. After breaking into the wrestling industry working for the Sheik’s Detroit-based promotion, Davis worked for wrestling companies all across the globe, including the World Wide Wrestling Federation, Jim Crockett Promotions and World Class Championship Wrestling. Along the way, he main evented for nearly every territory he appeared in between 1968 and 1988.

“The progression of my professional wrestling career was not at all typical, nor was my transition to another lengthy career outside of wrestling,” Davis said. “Hopefully, my book will entertain fans and fellow wrestlers who read it, and it will underscore the necessity of formulating a backup plan, knowing when the best part of your wrestling career is over with, and having the wherewithal to forge a new path for your life before it’s too late.”

Ian Douglass, the coauthor for Davis’ new autobiography, the coauthor to Dan Severn’s autobiography The Realest Guy In The Room, and a contributor to Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl’s upcoming autobiography Life Is Short – And So Am I, explained how rewarding it was to assist Buggsy with the telling of his story.

“Buggsy’s tale reveals the struggle many legendary professional wrestlers face when it comes to preserving the best parts of their legacies,” Douglass explained. “Buggsy was a main-event wrestler for nearly the entire decade of the 1970s, but he spent many of those years wrestling as The Brute, The Skull or The Mighty Brutus in places like Australia, Vancouver and New Brunswick, where the histories of those territories have been far less publicized than others. For example, to this day, if you talk to fans or former wrestlers of Championship Wrestling from Florida, they have a hard time thinking of Buggsy as anything other than a main-event-caliber performer.”

Brute Power is now available for sale on multiple websites. To purchase the book, fans can visit Amazon.com, or can visit the publisher’s website at WOHW.com.

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