R-Truth Says He and Carmella Will Host WrestleMania – Alexa Bliss Update

Mar 24, 2019 - by James Walsh

Now, R-Truth is getting in on the action. He posted a video earlier today and said Alexa Bliss hosting WrestleMania there is “totally fabricated.” According to R-Truth, he and Carmella are in fact hosting WrestleMania 35 this year. However, he did say that if Alexa Bliss comes with a good attitude and “the right attire,” they will find something for her to do at the show. You can check out R-Truth’s video eloquently put statement on the matter below.

“Hey, there are some things to get cleared out. We need to get some clarification going on here. There seems to be this rumor going on that Alexis Bliss was hosting WrestleMania. Alexis is not hosting WrestleMania. Truth and Carmella will be hosting WrestleMania. Alexis hosting WrestleMania is totally fabricated, I don’t know who started the rumor going but ‘Mella and myself, we will be your host. That’s what I got on my affidavit, it said, ‘R-Truth and Carmella will be hosting WrestleMania, yay for y’all.’ That’s what it said. So, I don’t know how this confusion is going on, but I will say this. Alexis, if you come with a good, genuine, chipper attitude, and you are coordinating your dress with us — like we’re going to be coordinating. We’re going to be dapper hosting, being the host and the hostess. If you come there with a good attitude, chipper, and keeping that smiley face going on, and you dress with the right attire, we’ll find something for you to do with us. But let’s clear all this up. Truth and ‘Mella will be hosting WrestleMania. ‘Mella! We’re hosting WrestleMania, girl! Yeah!”

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