PAC Forced to Withdraw From WrestleCon

Mar 24, 2019 - by James Walsh

WrestleCon issued an official statement today that PAC (formerly known as WWE’s Neville) has been forced to withdrew from this year’s event due to visa issues. You can check out the full statement below:

We regret to inform you that PAC will not be at WrestleCon. We worked diligently over the past several months with our attorneys to ensure that he successfully received a visa to travel into the United States. Our visa application was filed in a timely manner, all fees were paid to attorneys, and all required information was disclosed to government officials. Our attorneys were confident there would be no issue and based on their experience and expectation, we advertised PAC on the assumption there would be no problem obtaining a visa. However, after exhausting all efforts, we were unable to provide PAC the appropriate visa to travel and work in the United States. We understand and share your disappoint of this unanticipated outcome, as does PAC.

Further, we would like to clarify that in no way will this unfortunate incident have any impact on his future with AEW. This issue is isolated to WrestleCon only. Over the next few days, we will issue refunds on all photo ops and autograph that were purchased related to PACT’s appearance at the convention. We will also replace graphics that featured him, so we appreciate our patience during these updates.

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