Hulk Hogan Talks About Being Bullied as a Kid

Mar 16, 2019 - by James Walsh

Hulk Hogan appeared at the “Be A Star” anti-bullying rally at the Grace Salesian Boys & Girls Club in Tampa, Florida following the WrestleMania 36 press conference last week. At the event, he spoke to Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald. Below are some highlights:

On Being Bullied As A Kid: “When I talk to boys clubs it’s mainly about accountability, and stepping up and owning it, good or bad, but today is a little bit different subject. It’s about bullying. And so many of us, such as me having the largest head in elementary school, and I was so fat when I was a kid, I’d go to the beach and I was the only one that didn’t take my shirt off. I got bullied a lot, and some of these kids don’t realize this, is a lot of the other WWE Superstars got bullied. So, we got a lot in common. So, to share our stories and let these kids know they’re not in it alone, is a major deal, brother.”

Being Back In WWE: “It’s really cool to be back. I’m in and out all the time. I started in 1977, 1978 for Vince’s father, and I’ve quit, I’ve been fired, I quit, I’ve been fired. But it’s great to be back, you know? It’s just really fun being home with these guys. It’s really, really cool.”

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