WWE stocks end the day on a five-month high and over $90

Mar 14, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE stocks saw a 3.65% bump today, ending the day at $90.63 and a market cap of $6.83 billion. The 3.65% increase resulted in $3.19 more per share. At time of this writing, it continued to climb to $91.18 in after-hours trading.

The increase – which is a five-month high – came after Wolfe Research set a new bar for analysts’ price targets, increasing WWE’s target price to a whopping $157 from $105. Most analysts who cover the stock have their target price listed at $100.

With their new India and UK deals expected to be announced this year, the stock could sky rocket even more as the company is expected to make more money than ever this year thanks to strong television contracts with their broadcast partners.

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