SmackDown LIVE Results, March 12, 2019

Mar 12, 2019 - by staff

Welcome to SmackDown Live, folks! “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse here. With Shane McMahon speaking out and Vince said to be in the arena, let’s see what happens when it’s 26 days until WrestleMania 35!


SmackDown Live intro kicks in and we are welcomed to the show by the commentators.


the show starts with Shane McMahon ‘s music to a somewhat mixed reaction. Shane is in street clothes. The commentators recap Fastlane as Shane gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. The WWE World Cup trophy is also in the ring.


Massive you suck chant from the crowd directed at Shane. Shane gets Mike Rome in the ring to introduce him as a male fan yells “I still love you, Shane!” Shane has Rome reintroduce him twice. Rome is ushered out of the ring and Shane says he’s sick of everyone who’s ever been in his life taking advantage of him. “We want Kofi” chants from the crowd as Shane continues to berate the crowd about people asking Shane what he can do for them. Shane isn’t the best in the world for any other reason than he was born that way. The sweet thing, Shane said, was the Miz’s last sight as he was choked out was his dad. Shane said he isn’t asking, he’s demanding a match with Miz at WrestleMania. Promo ends with Shane mocking the Miz’s catchphrase. Shane’s music hits and he exits.


Aleister Black’s music hits as we get ready for the first match tonight, an 8-man tag team match.


Black Magic (Aleister Black & Ricochet) & The Hardyz VS The Bar, Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura w/Lana

Here we go. Ricochet started off hot, followed by a tag to Ricochet, second rope leg drop and a tag to Jeff. Opposition takes over, tag to Cesaro leads to Cesaro mocking Matt’s legdrop. Cheap shot from the apron leads to Rusev being tagged in for a grounded headlock to Jeff Hardy. Rusev snapmares Jeff and stomps him. Tag to Sheamus sets up a Unicorn Stampede with Nakamura, Sheamus & Rusev. Hot tag to Ricochet, but Rusev knocks Ricochet off the top rope to the floor. Cesaro tags in, Ricochet rolled in for another grounded headlock. Sheamus is in control, but Ricochet counters and tags Matt Hardy. Matt rams Cesaro into the turnbuckle and tags Jeff, leading to to Poetry in Motion and a total Donnybrook. Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb only to see everyone brawl in ring. New Fay hit the ring for the no contest.

New Day attacking everyone, no one being safe from their wrath. Kofi finally hits Trouble in Paradise on Rusev to end the brawl. New Day’s music hits, and a promo by The Uso’s plays. Jimmy & Jey run down every tag team on SD. Back in the arena, Randy Orton comes to the ring. Coming up next, Orton will speak.


Back from the break, Orton starts talking about AJ Styles being on the independent scene while Orton while Orton was in WWE. He takes shots at ROH & TNA, along with Dixie Carter. Orton calls SD the House that Randy Orton Built as Styles’ music hits and AJ makes his way to the ring.


AJ gets a microphone and starts talking. AJ says he’s damn proud to come from the indies. He says guys like Orton wouldn’t have made it on the indies with a knockoff Diamond Cutter. Styles says Orton is surrounded by AJ’s “indie pals.” Styles says Orton accomplishments are because of his dad and others.

Orton says no, but Styles brings up Evolution, Legacy and Rated RKO, not to mention the Wyatts. Styles says he won’t be Randy’s next victim. Randy says he’s the landlord, and the rent is due. Styles can make the check out to RKO. Styles challenges Orton for WrestleMania.


Commentators talk about Harlem Heat being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.


Lights go out and Asuka’s music hits. Time for more in ring action.


Asuka VS Sonya Deville is next


WrestleMania rundown, & Deville’s music hits. Surprisingly, Mandy Rose is alongside Sonya. Fastlane recap leads to the match


Asuka VS Sonya Deville

Asuka stuffs the takedown immediately and goes for an ankle lock. Asuka dominating early with kicks and a two count. Asuka misses a dropkick , yet Deville doesn’t leading to a pair of two counts. Asuka retakes control and ends up hitting a baseball slide to Rose. Sonya slips and has to tap out to the Asuka Lock.


Winner via submission: Asuka

the crowd wants to see Sonya take out Mandy.


Iiconics promo on the Women’s Tag Champs, leading to a challenge for the belts.


Becky Lynch comes out somewhat limping to a somewhat mixed reaction. The commentators say we’ll hear from Becky next.


Fastlane and Raw recap leads to Becky’s promo.


Becky says everyone else got brave when Lynch got hurt. But “The Man” is back. Lynch says she put this match in motion. Lynch says she played Ronda Rousey, a woman who has no brain, like a fiddle. Lynch says she’s reclaiming everything they’ve tried to take, leading to Charlotte Flair coming out. Flair congratulated Lynch on getting into HER main event. Charlotte says Lynch has been hot for several months, while Flair has been hot for four years. Flair says Lynch got a handout. Charlotte has never seen someone do so little and take credit for so much. Charlotte states she will make Lynch & Rousey relevant again.


Kayla Braxton interviews Daniel Bryan outside Vince’s office and said he gave Vince his honest opinion of Kingston, leading to the announcement of a tag match between Bryan/Rowan and Ali/Owens


SmackDown recap of Samoa Joe winning the US Title last week.


Rey Mysterio & R-Truth w/Carmella VS Andrade & Samoa Joe w/ Zelina Vega

Joe is messing with Truth mentally before the bell. Here we go. Andrade starts out strong against R-Truth, but Truth gets the momentum and tags Rey in. Double team leads to Joe tagging in. Joe is beating Rey down and dumps him outside, going to commercial.


Back from the break and Joe has Rey in a cross face. Andrade tags in and suplexes Rey. Andrade mocks Eddie Guerrero leading to a Code Red and Truth tagging in. R-Truth doing his John Cena imitation while Graves mocks Rey’s gear. Rey tags in and a cheap shot from Andrade leads to a double 619. Rey hits a frog splash and pins Samoa Joe.


Winners via pinfall: Rey Mysterio & R-Truth


postmatch, Andrade & Truth both get uranages.


Raw Recap: Alexa Bliss to host WrestleMania 35


Kevin Owens’ music hits as tag team action is up next!


Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali VS Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan

The bell rings and it’s Owens & Bryan to start the match. Owens knocks Bryan down & hits the senton on Bryan. Tag in to Rowan and Owens is in trouble. Rowan is in control until Owens hits an enziguiri and tags Ali in. Rowan pretty much dominates and tags in Bryan. Shove down leads to a hair assisted camel clutch and a pair of dangerous snap suplexes. Bryan locks in a submission as the commercial break starts.


Back from the break and it’s Rowan with Ali in a backbreaker throwing him into the turnbuckle. Bryan rags in and locks in the LeBell Lock. Ali gets to the ropes. European uppercut, Irish whip and Ali dropkicks Bryan. Ali goes for the tag and ends up with a two before Rowan breaks it up. Superkick Party leads to Owens & Rowan outside. Rowan tags in and the Iron Claw leads to the pinfall.


Winners via pinfall: Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan


The Winners leave the ring as Vince’s music hits. The Chairman powerwalks down to the ring as the announcers hype the WrestleMania opportunity VKM is gonna present New Day.


WrestleMania Countdown video:26 days away


Back from the break and Vince has a microphone. It’s time to find out Kofi Kingston’s WM35 opportunity.

Vince is here tonight to give Kofi an opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Fastlane recap leads to Vince saying Kofi heard what he wanted to hear. Kofi had an opportunity and failed. Vince gives people teachable moments.

New Day’s music hits and they march to the ring. All 3 have microphones and Big E says they aren’t in the mood for VKM to teach them a damn thing.  Xavier takes potshots at former stars and Vince says Kofi doesn’t deserve a damn thing. No one does.

New Day says this is bigger than Vince’s damn ego. Vince disagrees. Woods says Kofi deserves a title match because he’s beaten reigning WWE Champions. Big E gets the crowd chanting for Kofi. Vince says he’s known Kofi a long time, but he isn’t worthy of a title match, or it would’ve already happened. One day, Vince says, New Day will be in the HOF. Kofi has yet to speak as Vince says Kofi just isn’t championship material and says Daniel Bryan called Kofi a great B+ player.

Kofi finally speaks and says he is living his dream entertaining the WWE Universe. He said Vince doesn’t see it. He says he busts his ass and doesn’t complain about anything in WWE. Kofi has missed a lot because he was performing in WWE. Kofi has never complained and won’t complain now. Kofi just wants to know what he has to do to be considered worthy.


Orton’s music hits as Vince makes a gauntlet match for the title shot. Kofi Kingston, The Bar, Samoa Joe, Rowan & Randy Orton are the participants. New Day clears the ring of the others as the show ends.


My Thoughts: Great show. A lot of it was compelling, The in ring action was good. Only thing I’d change on any of the main shows is the lack of titles defended on them. Make the belts mean something more, not just PPV buys.

On a different note, a few people didn’t like my opinions last night. You may not. But I can tell you that I am no mark. As a former wrestler myself, I understand more than you might realize. You may not like me, you might not respect me. But just commenting about it makes me smile, because I’m doing what’s asked of me. Steve Gerweck, thank you for the opportunity to write for your site.

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