WWE phasing out Kurt Angle?

Mar 11, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

According to backstage sources, it looks like WWE is taking immediate steps to phase WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle out as an active in-ring competitor. It is believed that Kurt Angle’s retirement is not only a foregone conclusion at the point but it is probably imminent. It was previously reported that Kurt Angle was supposed to be working some sort of “retirement match” at WrestleMania 35 but it seems that those plans have been nixed.

For those who are wondering about Angle’s future with the company once he is no longer an active competitor, according to backstage sources, the plan since day one was for the company to extend Kurt Angle’s contract where he would be placed in a backstage agent type of role. The source also adds that a lot of people feel that Angle’s return wasn’t done properly as the timeline of his storyline was done in the wrong order as he should have wrestled first, retired second and been used in a GM type role third.

Angle’s retirement is reportedly imminent and this is just speculation at this point but it is possible that something may go down related to Angle’s future soon.


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