Monday Night Raw Live Results 3/11/2019 from Pittsburgh, PA

Mar 11, 2019 - by staff

Hey folks, “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse here. After an interesting PPV last night, what in the world is gonna happen just 27 days before WrestleMania 35.

Both Batista & Triple H are in the house, so expect fireworks.


Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW, and the show kicks off with The Hounds of Justice the Shield.

Personally, I’m bummed to see the Shield end. So much more potential for storylines.

The crowd is electric. Rollins has the mic first, but hands it to Reigns. He says life is short, tomorrow is not guaranteed, and he has no regrets. He’s been in the ring doing what he loves with people he loves. Turns to WrestleMania focus. Reigns wants a match tonight. Roman talks about why they love Dean. Reigns asks Rollins how long he’s been chasing the dream. Typical line about Rollins winning at Mania and the fans chanting “Burn It Down.” Shield fist bump ends the segment and the commentary team starts. Rollins is left in the ring alone.


Rollins begins to talk only to get interrupted by Paul Heyman.  This is gonna get interesting. Heyman calls Lesnar “Mr Rollins’ Conqueror at WrestleMania. Rollins imitates Heyman, only to take a verbal swipe by mentioning Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles & Finn Bálor giving him close matches. Rollins goes into why he’s different than all of them. Rollins says he’s the only one who can beat Brock and take the Universal Championship at WM. Crowd chants “Slay the Beast!” Followed by Heyman making excuses for Lesnar not being ready for those matches. Heyman says Brock wasn’t reared enough and introduces a video package on his client. Real original, Paul. Even your protégé Gabe Sapolsky could do better booking on this segment.

Back from the package, Heyman talks about how Brock has prepared since Royal Rumble. Rollins is looking for Lesnar, but Shelton Benjamin comes from the crowd to deliver three German duplexes to Rollins before leaving and walking towards Heyman.


The bell rings and it’s Seth Rollins VS Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin takes down Rollins to start the match and has Seth in trouble for a minute. Back on the feet, tie up, Irish whip and Rollins has Benjamin in trouble. They go outside and right hand to Shelton then back inside for chops and knocking Benjamin down. Rollins goes for the Stomp early. Benjamin ducks and kicks Rollins.


Back from the break and Benjamin is running Rollins into everything at ringside it seems. Shelton rolled Seth in the ring and got him going until Rollins got in a top rope diving kick. Superkick misses and Benjamin is tossing Seth around at will. Rollins hits the Stomp out of nowhere and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Seth Rollins by pinfall.


Finn Bálor’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Bobby Lashley’s face is shown on the monitor. The Intercontinental Championship match is on deck!

The announcers are hyping up that WWE has 1 billion followers across all social media networks (myself included).

Notably, Lio Rush is absent from Lashley’s side.

Summerslam tickets go on sale this Friday in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ring introductions and we’re in business.

Michael Cole keeps repeating that Lio Rush lost the IC Title to Bálor. Early storm has Bálor in trouble.

Lio Rush hasn’t been seen on Raw since being beaten up by Braun Strowman.

Dropkick by  Bálor leads to an elbow by Lashley and an apron dropkick to put Lashley on the floor.

back from the break and Lashley has Finnin a sleeperhold until Finn gets the elbows in the ribs, but gets cut off and floored again. Bálor fights out of the powerbomb attempt and sends Lashley outside. Lashley continues to dominate. Armbar variation leads to Finn attempting a comeback with a sunset flip and basement dropkick. Lashley misses the clothesline and Bálor gets a couple of good moves. Lashley tried to continue until Finn gets a double stomp in. Bálor nearly stole one with a Slingblade. Finn Bálor has Lashley in the fro zone only to have Lio Rush distract Bálor. Rush gets knocked down for his troubles, but Lashley turns a springboard into a vicious spear to get the three and the strap.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion, Bobby Lashley


Still to come, a Moment of Bliss.


Charly Caruso is backstage interviewing Baron Corbin about his match tonight with Roman Reigns. Corbin says he wanted Reigns gone. He claims he carried Raw and is gonna house train the Big Dog.


Coming up next though, the Baddest Woman on the Planet, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey addresses her actions last night in costing Charlotte Flair her match against Becky Lynch. Personally, I saw that coming. Ronda wanted Becky, this was her opportunity.


Back from the break, and Rousey’s music hits. Interesting to hear her still get cheered some. Rousey marches to the ring and takes the microphone. Fastlane match is recapped leading to Rousey’s promo. Ronda tells the fans to take their applause and shove it, calling them bandwagon bitches and cowards. Ronda vows to embarrass both Flair and Lynch as “carny con artists” and states WWE can make it a handicap match.


Dana Brooke’s music hits and she cuts a promo on Rousey. Brooke says she has nothing else to lose, and will not let Ronda disrespect the business or the women in it. Dana says she fights for a chance and gets nothing. Dana issues a challenge to Rousey and gets beat to hell for her trouble, ending with Piper’s Pit and striking a ref. Rousey refuses to put Brooke in the armbar for the fans’ enjoyment.


IMHO, this heel Rousey is an awesome character because it seems real.


Recap of Ric Flair’s birthday celebration two weeks ago and the aftermath. I’m a big Flair fan, but they need to let him retire gracefully. For such a huge fan of Ric’s, Hunter has no problem disgracing the legacy of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair for his own gain.


Aleister Black’s music hits and it’s time for a tag team match with Ricochet against Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

I call this team (Black & Ricochet) “Black Magic.”

side note: my younger brother’s favorite wrestler from NXT is Aleister Back.


After Fastlane, Mr McMahon will address Kofi Kingston and Shane McMahon willaddress his actions post match involving The Miz.


Back from the break and we’re on with the match.

Black & Roode are fighting. Black got some kicks in followed by a spine buste by Roode. Tag and Gable is in top stretch Black. Tag and a double team stompfest leads to Roode attempting a pinfall for two. Waistlock and Black back body drops Roode to get the tag to Ricochet. Neckbreaker to Gable. Blockbuster into a German duplex for two.

German turned into a lariat. Glorious DDT countered into a in attempt, tag to Black and the Fade to Black spin kick leads to the victory.

Winners: Black Magic by pinfall

Postmatch the Revival blast Black Magic from behind.


Up next,a Moment of Bliss with Alexa Bliss revealing the host for WrestleMania 35


Back from the break, a great story of a young kid who has a past with WWE and has cancer.


Alexa’s music hits, and the host of WrestleMania 35 is: Alexa Bliss

Before the reveal, Alexa talks trash on The Rock, New Day & Kim Kardashian.


Alexa talks about how much of an honor it is for the WWE Universe because the brightest star is hosting on the biggest stage of wrestling.

Recap of the special guest correspondents for WM last week.

Charly Caruso interview  with Braun Strowman regarding last week.


Back from the break, and a car is gifted a brand new car from the SNL cast. Colin Jost seems to be starting an angle with Braun. The dole is ripped off, the windshield smashed and the front end is destroyed. Braun tells the Weekend Update crew they will get these hands in NY.


E minor chord rings out, and Elias is in the ring in his hometown. He plays a song and trashes his hometown on the mic. He mentions Antonio Brown and No Way Jose’s music hits. Elias hits a wrecking ball dropkick on Jose, beats up the cheeseburger and assaults Jose, hitting Drift Away on the entrance ramp with authority. He then demands a microphone and we go to the Hall of Fame package for Harlem Heat.


Incidentally, Booker T is now the third person (after Flair and HBK) to be inducted as a singles wrestler and as a team member.


Lacey Evans’ music hits, and she comes over to the table.


Nia Jax’s music hits, and here comes the Samoan Slaughterhouse for singles action against Natalya.


If Beth Phoenix is able to wrestle, they missed another opportunity. Nia Jax & Tamina VS The Divas of Doom is a money match.


Back from the break and it’s a recap of last night. Let’s get this grudge match on! Nattie has a microphone, and Natalya cuts a promo about who has her back and brings out Beth Phoenix! Readers, I am not on the booking committee or a prophet.


The bell sounds and Natalya pounds on Jax until Tamina and Beth interfered for the no contest. The Samoans are running from the ring.


At gorilla, The Boss & Hug Connection are brawling with Jax & Tamina and have to be separated by everybody.


In the parking lot, a pair of vehicles pull up and Dave Bautista gets out of one.


Writer’s Note: The reason I refer to him by his real name is Hunter’s promo last week. The idea, I’m guessing, is to make this supremely personal to where it’s a worked shoot somewhat.


Back from the break and it’s a WrestleMania video.


Triple H’s music hits, and he’s in street clothes. HHH hits the ring and Bautista’s music hits. I’m reminded of SmackDown 1000 when Batista blatantly referenced that Hunter has never beaten him in a match. Batista brings out personal security like a coward and addresses HHH. So much for him not being a wrestler anymore (he said it.)


Batista checks his watch and gets called a nose ring model by Hunter. Batista claims he’s not stupid, unlike HHH. He learned from Hunter & Flair. Dave asks where the sledgehammer is and says Hunter knows what Dave wants. Hunter says he’s not gonna give him a damn thing and calls Dave entitled and a coward. HHH calls Dave’s security the”Guardians of the Independent Scene.” Dave says he quit because Hunter always held Dave down, talked down and looked down on him. Dave threatens to continue the rampage and is demanded to get in the ring. Dave demands what he wants again and says he’s in control. Dave calls out HHH for Mania and Hunter says you’re on! HHH and Batista is now official for WrestleMania 35 to end his career and Dave says at Mania he’s gonna end Hunter’s career on Dave’s terms.

Hunter promises the match will be on his terms: No Holds Barred. Not sure who’s terms that actually is on. It’s game on at WrestleMania!


Both wrestlers leave the inside of the arena and head backstage. Up next, Kurt Angle heads out to address his WWE future.


Back from the break and it’s Kurt Angle out to the ring. I’ve watched Kurt his whole career, and he’s deserving of the term legend for sure. Standing Ovation from the crowd.


Kurt talks about the Olympics, his journey to WWE, and how he considers Pittsburgh his hometown. Kurt announces his match at Mania will be his farewell match. He thanks everyone and gets a “Thank you Kurt!” chant and challenges anyone to a match. Apollo Crews comes out.


back from the break and it’s Apollo Crews VS Kurt Angle in Angle’s final WWE match in Pittsburgh . I hope he’s not gonna retire from WWE only to go to another company again. We saw that with Flair, Hogan, Kurt needs to completely retire if he’s going to retire.

Back from the break and Crews is taken down and armbarred. Kick to the face out of the corner, the two trade suplexes and a headlock by Crews. Angle gets back in the game with punches and a trio of German suplexes. Two count, Angle Slam countered leading to a standing moonsault and a two. Frog Splash misses and the Angle Slam leads to the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall.


Immediately the announcers talk about Roman Reigns’ return to the ring on Raw against Baron Corbin, as that match is next.


Back from the break and it’s Roman’s music to a big pop. Michael Cole recaps Reigns’ journey back and Roman is introduced. Cole is adamant that last night is the LAST TIME the Shield will be together.


Drew McIntyre ambushes Reigns before the match. Reigns goes into the ring post as Drew continues the beating. Roman gets a Claymore Kick on the floor. McIntyre keeps yelling at Reigns to fight. A ringpost shot/Claymore combo brings the Doctor out to examine Reigns. Roman is staggering as Seth Rollins runs down to the ring to check on Roman. Reigns keeps saying he’s fine, but the doctor won’t let him compete. The match is a no contest and Rollins is helping Reigns to the back. Replay of the second Claymore is shown and they go to commercial with Reigns on the stage.


Back from the break and Rollins & Reigns are with Ambrose backstage. Rollins & Ambrose are begging Roman to get checked out. Dean runs into HHH and demands McIntyre. Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes. HHH agrees.


Recap of the Reigns assault is shown.


Ambrose’s music hits, and he storms to the ring to begin omatch. McIntyre comes out and asks if Dean is gonna fight like a man, or squeal like Roman did.


Ambrose spinebuster on the stage, leading to Drew getting thrown off the stage. They’re in the stands and battling back and forth. Ambrose takes a handrail to the face and getting launched back first into the wall. McIntyre is trying to throw Dean off the press box, but Dean counters and does a running attack to Drew. Fight continues as they go to commercial.


Back from the break and Ambrose is chasing McIntyre down the stairs. Chop from Drew leads to a lockup and rabbit punches from Dean. Drew slings Dean across the ringside area and hits Dean with the steps for a two count. A second steps shot leads to another two. Kick out by Ambrose leads to the superstars going back in the crowd. Low blow on Drew leads to punches from Dean. Drew gets a chair and again changes the tide of the match. Dean goes off the hockey boards and Dean reverses the momentum. Drew on an equipment case and Ambrose elbows Drew for a two count. The match is behind the announce desk. Inside cradle leads to a two count for Dean. Drew unloads and clears the announcers rave off. Dean side suplexes Drew on the table. Low blow to Ambrose on the announcers table and and a pencil to the eyes. Drew drives Dean into the LED board twice. Cole & Renee are asking for a stoppage, Graves keeps saying Dean asked for this. Drew teas Dean in the railing leading off the entrance stage and delivers a vicious Claymore Kick to Ambrose for the victory. The railing detached from the staging. Drew celebrates as Dean stands back up, leading to a Claymore Kick into the LED boards that woes out Ambrose again. Renee is almost hysterical seeing her husband like this. The show ends on the referee running to Ambrose

My Take: It’s one thing to do a finish like that, but a line was crossed when the finish was done that close to a person’s spouse.


Thank you  for joining us. I’ll see you folks again sometime. Remember, when life hands you crap, make chicken salad and leave people wondering how you did it.

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