Charlotte Flair: “I’m arguably the most hated superstar at the moment”

Mar 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

The Austin Chronicle recently interviewed WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair this week. Below are some highlights.

Charlotte Flair on being the most hated Superstar on the roster: “I’m arguably the most hated superstar at the moment. I want to say it’s hit me, but it hasn’t yet,” she said. With another pay-per-view, March’s Fastlane, plus weekly TV shows and live house shows to go, WrestleMania seems a long way away; yet she still appreciates how the industry has changed. “Just the fact that the women are the hottest topic right now – and I’m arguably the most hated superstar at the moment – is exciting. I sometimes sit there thinking, man, how hectic it was getting used to the schedule and being on Raw and SmackDown, and just thinking, ‘Wow, I made it. I’m on the main roster.’ And now to think where I am, it’s been an incredible journey.”

Charlotte Flair on how her group of women elevated everyone’s game: “Being with a group of women who were so hungry, and worked so well together, and then watching the women [on the main roster] not have the same opportunities. And then the women on the main roster seeing the women on NXT getting these opportunities like main-eventing [the NXT-branded PPV] TakeOver, main-eventing live events, and getting the buzz around, not having two-minute matches, but having 20-minute matches. It elevated everyone’s game.”

Charlotte Flair on what she wants the new girls to say: “I want the new girls to come up and say, ‘Hey, I want your spot.’ I’ll say, ‘Try me.’”

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