Sean Waltman Remembers Story Involving King Kong Bundy and Bret Hart

Mar 9, 2019 - by James Walsh

In the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, former WWE Superstar Sean Waltman discussed a story involving the late WWE Superstar King Kong Bundy and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. You can check out some highlights below (transcript via Fightful).

Waltman on remembering King Kong Bundy: “That’s what I woke up to this morning. We weren’t like buddies or anything as matter of fact anything but.. Like I was critical of Bundy like in his last run when he came through WWE… but King Kong Bundy when I was a kid was just like ‘Holy S***.’ My first memory of King Kong Bundy was on TBS. And he was a member of Legion of Doom….I remember when he turned, Bundy turned babyface, he was over like a motherf***er as a babyface…He was this big wide dude…it wasn’t like he has this huge humongous gut. He was just a massive human being.”

Waltman on Bundy coming back to WWE in the mid-1990s: “And funny story Bundy comes back in the mid 90s, when I am there. I am 1-2-3 Kid, Bret’s champ and their bringing him and they’re pushing him as a heel and trying to get him over… we’re over in Germany, it was an obscure spot show and it was Bret vs. Bundy and Bundy didn’t want to tap out to the sharpshooter, he told Bret, ‘I’ve never given up in my whole career. I don’t want to start now.’ Like he’s our fn champ. {laughs} Rest in peace, King Kong Bundy.”

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