Bruce Prichard sets the record straight regarding Stephanie McMahon

Mar 9, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Jerry Lawler made a comment on the Mancow radio show years ago where he insinuated that Bruce Prichard and Stephanie McMahon slept together. He said: “Hey, Stephanie McMahon is hot. Do you think she’s wild in the sack? […] Well, that’s what Bruce Prichard told me.”

Bruce Prichard set the record straight on Something To Wrestle With. This is not a true rumor and Jerry Lawler was just speaking way out of turn with those remarks.

“No, it didn’t; not at all. And again, it was Jerry Lawler in a desperate place, and I think he was saying things to hurt people and stir sh*t. And he accomplished that. But when that affects me personally at home, and obviously, not true. The innuendo was that I had an affair with Stephanie. Not true. Never in any way, shape, or form. She was my boss, and it’s just unnecessary, mean-spirited, and bad judgement on his part.”

This wasn’t a cool thing for Jerry Lawler to say especially because Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were already married at the time and so was Prichard. Therefore, it was not a very smart thing to put out there especially since it is totally false.


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