An Unreleased NES Game from 1989 Featuring WCW Wrestlers Has Been Discovered

Mar 8, 2019 - by James Walsh

The NES hasn’t been on the market in close to thirty years, but it still has a lot of fans, with those fans making discoveries even to this day. Kotaku reports that one such fan, a Youtube user named Stephan “Archon1981” Reese, obtained a copy of a wrestling game called UWC, which features wrestlers like Ric Flair, Road Warriors and Sting. Those names are obviously all wrestlers who would have been working for the NWA/WCW at the time the game was produced. That’s because UWC stands for Universal Wrestling Corporation, and it was the placeholder name used by WCW during its purchase by Ted Turner in 1988.

The game was developed by the defunct Japanese studio SETA and the title screen has it dated as 1989. Reese purchased the game from a former Nintendo employee who was given the game for testing because he was a wrestling fan. He says he’s going to put the ROM online soon so those who want to play it will be able to. Until then, you can find a gameplay video below.

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