Dana Warrior responds to the naysayers

Mar 6, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Dana Warrior has responded in a roundabout way to the negative reactions towards her recent addition to the WWE writing team.

In a blog post titled “Warriors Never Let Fear Persuade Them From A Dream,” Dana claims that she’s been writing for as long as she can remember.

“I would sit in my apple green play room, folding paper, creating makeshift books in which to pour my thoughts,” Dana writes. “Word upon word, layered with illustrations, created unending volumes all my OWN.”

As we previously reported, Dana’s addition to the writing team is on a trial basis at this point.

Dana goes on to meticulously describe her long-time love affair with the written word.

“I have identified myself as a writer since that book faire blue ribbon I boasted about recently,” she continued. “Since Third Grade, when asked what I aspired to be, I’d say, ‘a writer and a mom.’”

Towards the end of the blog, Dana seemingly talks about naysayers who are skeptical of her new job.

Warrior writes: “Some exciting opportunities are before me now. They make me laugh and cry with excitement… stand to full height with purpose. Will there be those who try to shake my confidence, sure? Will there be unexpected naysayers questioning my chops, damn straight there will be! I’ll not permit another’s lack of support fill me with weakness or doubt. My track record of taking things on and slaying them to pretty pink ribbon is pretty gold glitter standard.”

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