Smackdown Live Results 3/5/19

Mar 5, 2019 - by Alicia Fleming

Smackdown starts with a Memorial Picture for the passing of King Kong Bundy! RIP

We go to the arena and out comes WWE Champion Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan. We go to a video package to recap last week’s big announcement of Kevin Owens instead of Kofi Kingston to face Daniel Bryan at FastLane. We go back to the ring and Daniel Bryan talks about how the match was changed. He said this is the fans turn to be silent and Rowan tells the fans to “Shut Up” and the fans Chant for Kofi Kingston. Daniel says he isn’t out here to talk about Kofi and why would he? Kofi is only a supporting player, Kofi is exactly where he should be. He says that Mr. McMahon was right to replace Kofi. However, Kevin Owens does not deserve the shot either, He is says Owens is dangerous because he has nothing to loose but he has everything to loose. If he loose’s the planet looses. Kevin Owens comes to the ring and says that months ago he left and became a fan again, spent time with family and as much as he loved doing that, he knew he had to come back when Daniel Bryan became Champion. He said he watched Bryan throw the WWE Championship in the trash (Daniel says that is exactly where it belongs) and Owen’s said that is why he came back. He says Bryan deserves to get his stupid condescending mouth shut and that is exactly what he is going to do. Bryan says he doesn’t have backup because he doesn’t have any friends left, and Owens says that he is right but that is okay because he already pinned him in the ring last week. This Sunday he will take the WWE Championship from him at Fastlane. Rowan steps up in Owens face and KO punches him. Bryan goes to attack Owens but KO goes for a stunner but Rowan comes back and slams him to the ground. Bryan holds up the Championship while Rowan lays in front of him. Bryan’s music hits as they leave the ring.

Later tonight, R-Truth: United States Open Challenge

Shane McMahon and Miz is backstage and Miz will face Jey Uso next.

Commerical Break

Match 1: Miz w/Shane McMahon vs Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso

The Uso’s come out and talk about Fastlane, they then go on to mock Miz and Shane. They told them they are facing the best tag team the WWE has to offer, and Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary.

Shane & Miz come out and say that they can mock them all they want, but come Sunday they will get the Championships back. Tonight, if Jey takes his mind off of things even once, he will take advantage.

Commerical Break

We come back from the commercial with Jey having the upper hand. Miz turns the tables quickly though as he gets a double knee to the chest on Jey in the corner, when Miz goes for a second one though, Jey catches him and turns him into a quick pin but only gets a quick 2 count. Miz tries to go for a quick Skull crushing finale but Jey reverses it into a samoan drop. He goes to the top rope but misses a splash but jey lands on his feet. Jey tries to get a quick pin but Jimmy tries to interfere, Shane attacks him. Jey is distracted by the outside and Miz lands a Skull Crushing Finale with a 1-2-3!

Winner: The Miz

Later Tonight: Kevin Owens vs Erick Rowan

We go backstage, Charlotte talks about how Smackdown is missing the presence of her best friend, Becky Lynch. She says she is inviting her to Smackdown. Just remember, that Stephanie says that this Sunday, If Becky Looses, she is done! If she beats Charlotte, then the main event will be a Triple Threat match.

R-Truth comes to the ring with Carmella.

Commercial Break

R-Truth talks about how he didn’t realize Cena issued a Open Challenge every single week. Carmella says she knows he is tired but Cena always said you can never give up. R-Truth says yes, he did say that. He also said You cant see me..and i can see him. I see him on my John Cena poster in my bed room, I also see him on my bed sheets. Carmella said that he will feel better after their 7 second dance. After they dance, R-Truth said the Open Challenge starts now!

Lacey Evans walks down towards the ring and then leaves again.

R-Truth says Come back Ms. Sexy Clause – Yeah, She didn’t want none. He says that was fun, lets go. Carmella says no, that doesn’t count, R-Truth yells, “Damn You John Cena!” Samoa Joe’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring, Andrade comes to the ring as well. The Announcer says this is a Fatal 4 Way for the United States Championship.

Match 2: R-Truth w/Carmella vs Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe vs Andrade w/Zelina Vega

The United States Championship Match will be next!

Commerical Break

We see Samoa Joe taking everyone out as we come back from the break. Joe slams Rey down to the mat and gets a quick 2 count. He decides to just throw Rey out of the ring and goes and gets Truth. He slams him head first into the barricade, then walks over to Rey and chops him hard. Joe walks over to Andrade and chops him just as hard. Joe follows Andrade into the ring and starts punching him in the face in the corner. Joe drags Rey back inside from the corner and knees him in the stomach. Andrade tries to make a comeback but Andrade flies over the top rope. Joe then runs and dives into Andrade to the outside. Joe walks over to Rey Mysterio who is now outside the ring again and chops his back. He slams Rey into the ring post. He kicks Andrade hard in the face, he picks up Rey and tries to slam him into the barricade but we go to a commercial break.

Commerical Break

We come back from the break with Andrade and Rey Mysterio in the middle of the ring. Andrade lands the three amigos on to Rey and he goes to the top rope. Rey runs and punches Andrade. R-Truth takes Andrade off the top rope and Rey jumps and lands on Joe. Rey Hits a quick hurricarana and R-Truth slaps Rey in the face. All three challengers are against a turn buckle and Truth is taking them all on one at a time but joe catches him and slams him to the ground. Andrade hits a big drop kick on Joe and goes for a moonsault which he lands on his feet and flips on the ground onto Rey. Joe breaks up the pin fall. Truth takes on Joe and Rey, they are laying in the ring and Truth hits a 5 knuckle shuffle on both of them. Truth goes for a sissor kick but Joe moves, Joe locks in the cluth, but Rey hits a 619 out of no where but Truth rolls up Rey for a quick 2 count. Andrade kicks Truth out of the ring, Rey slides out of the ring and lands on him, He goes to get back in the ring but Andrade picks rey up and powerbombs him on the outside. Vega hits a hurricarana on Truth but Carmella comes in and kicks Vega. Rey has Andrade set up for a 619 and hits it. He goes to the top rope and hits a frosh splash but Joe breaks up the pin. Joe slams Andrade to the canvas and 1-2-3!

New United States Champion, Samoa Joe!

We see Becky Lynch walks backstage.

We see a video sent in by New Day from India and they say they might not be at Smackdown but they will be at Fastlane.

Aleister Black makes his way to the ring. Up Next: Black & Ricochet vs The Bar

Commerical Break

Match 3: Aleister Black & Ricochet vs Sheamus & Cesaro

We come back with Joe backstage and he says that he doesn’t pander to the masses, he doesn’t do a dance break. The boys in the back will fear facing him in the ring.

We start the match with Ricochet and Sheamus in the ring. Some quick back and forth action until Cesaro distracts Ricochet and Sheamus hits a brogue kick and Ricochet flies to the outside.

Commerical Break

Back from break and Ricochet hits Cesaro with a huge DDT and gets a tag to Black. Cesaro also tags out and Black hits a elbow on Sheamus. Black does a huge moonsault from the second rope and covers Sheamus, Cesaro breaks it up. Cesaro tags himself in and hits a big knee on Black. Black hits Black Mass on Cesaro and Black tags in Ricochet and dives out on Sheamus to the outside. Ricochet hits a 630 on Cesaro and covers him. 1-2-3!

Winners: Aleister Black & Ricochet

After the match, Nakamura and Rusev attack, but then the Hardy Boys comes ou and attacks Nakamura and Rusev. Jeff Hits a Twist of Fate on Rusev, and Matt also hits one on Rusev. Jeff hits a poetry in motion on the Bar, Ricochet dives on them as well. We see Ricochett, Black & The Hardy’s in the ring.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan is backstage talking about Rowan’s main event against Owens.

Mandy Rose comes out and she will be in action next.

Commerical Break

Match 4: Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville vs Naomi Naomi starts off quick and hits a jaw breaker on Mandy. Sonya distracts Naomi and Mandy takes advantage and hits a big knee on Naomi and hits a reverse front body Suplex and gets a quick 1-2-3!

Winner: Mandy Rose

As Mandy leaves, Asuka shows up behind her. Asuka throws Sonya into the Stage set. She kicks Mandy in the face as she leaves.

AJ Styles is backstage and talks about Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan, he says that Kofi was robbed but KO has to take advantage as Randy Orton walks up. He says are you seriously talking about someone else other than you getting a Championship opportunity, no wonder it took you 15 years to get here.

Kevin Owens walks down to the ring, His faces Rowan next.

Commerical Break

Daniel Bryan is on commentary.

Match 5: Kevin Owens vs Rowan w/Daniel Bryan

Rowan starts off strong against KO and hits a huge drop kick on Owens. KO rolls out of the ring and KO attacks Bryan, but Rowan just runs right into Owens. Bryan goes over to KO and starts punching him. The bell rings and KO wins by DQ, Rowan and Bryan start double teaming KO on the outside. Bryan tells Rowan to undo the announce table but Mustafa Ali’s music hits and he takes off against Bryan. Ali dives on to Rowan on the outside but Rowan catches him but Ali hits a big superkick and a huge hurricarana. Bryan hits a huge flying knee on Ali and throws Ali in the ring but KO comes up behind Bryan and hits a Stunner. KO & Ali stand tall in the ring as Bryan and Rowan take off up the ramp.

Commerical Break

Charlotte makes her way to the ring to confront Becky Lynch.

We see a video package from last nights Raw, Becky Lynch then makes her entrance to confront Charlotte.

Becky says she is in Charlotte’s head and she is also in Ronda’s head too. One minute she wants to face her at Wrestlemania and now she will do everything to make it not happen. She hit her with her best and she is still standing. She says her knee is damaged and yes she almost broke her arm last night. She may be damaged but damaged people are the most dangerous because they have nothing left to loose. Charlotte kicks her crutch and attacks her. She is trying to damage Becky’s leg even more but Becky turns it around and locks on the Arm bar!. Refs have to run to the ring and take her off of Charlotte, Becky tells her she will see her at Fastlane. Charlotte takes off holding her arm as Smackdown goes off the air.

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