Kevin Nash: “I’m a WWE guy”

Mar 2, 2019 - by James Walsh

A lot of people may be looking at All Elite Wrestling with thoughts of a job heavy on their mind, but not Kevin Nash. Nash spoke with Catch au Quotidien at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show last weekend and spoke on a host of topics, including his jump to WCW, his acting work and more. When asked about whether he’d be interested in doing work with AEW, he explained why the answer is no. A couple of highlights from the interview (as well as the video itself) are below:

On if he’d be interested in working with AEW in an on-air or backstage role: “You know, my closest friend in the business is Paul Levesque [Triple H]. If I was going to work in the office with somebody, it’d be WWE. I wish them well. I wish Tony and the guys well. I think it’s great that someone’s putting some money out there and guys are getting paid again, and there’s a chance for them to get the most for their time in the ring. But I left [WWE] once, and it was for the right reasons, and I think it was the right payoff but I’m happy [and] I’m a WWE guy.”

On if he’d have jumped to WCW if he was a single guy without a family at the time: “Probably not. I worked 323 days a year before that. And I worked 200 days for Turner. So that took 100-plus days off that I was allowed to be with my son.”

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