Jim Ross Says Charlotte Flair Is A Modern Day Hulk Hogan

Mar 1, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In the latest episode of his Jim Ross Report podcast (via SE Scoops), Jim Ross praised the in-ring presence of Charlotte Flair calling her the modern day equivalent of Hulk Hogan. Here are highlights:

On Charlotte as the modern Hogan: “She’s the female version of what Hulk Hogan was to the WWE in the 80s. She’s that strong. She’s that over, that big, that impressive.”

On building the women’s division around her: “You can build around her. You can build a brand around her. I’ve said this before, and people got pissed off. They said I screwed her dad.”

On her promo on Smackdown: “Charlotte had a great promo, in the sense that she looked regal. She looked majestic. From her attire, to her shoes, all the way to her hair. She looked like I am the woman in this company. She’s a hell of a talent. She’s statuesque. She did really well. She looked strong. She looked like a top star, as she is.”

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