Gabe Sapolsky Credits WWE for EVOLVE Still Being Around

Feb 28, 2019 - by James Walsh

Gabe Sapolsky is very appreciative of WWE for helping support EVOLVE, and he made that clear in a recent interview. Sapolsky spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview discussing Velveteen Dream’s return to EVOLVE at EVOLVE 123 and 124. Dream’s appearances are a replacement for Ricochet, who was pulled after he was promoted the the main roster.

“We are thrilled to put Dream in those matches and feel it us a seamless replacement,” said Sapolsky, who gave WWE credit for being willing to allow stars under contract to work EVOLVE shows. “One of the really cool things about NXT talent coming to EVOLVE is that EVOLVE can put on matches you never thought [was] possible. So we’ll make this special for our fans..

He added, “I’ll just say it: We wouldn’t be running EVOLVE shows right now if it wasn’t for the WWE support, I always say if your promotion isn’t adding something to the marketplace—if you are running just to have shows, but offer nothing different to the fans—then I don’t see the purpose in running. There’s no reason for the fans to support you. We needed the competitive advantage that WWE is giving us. They value the pipeline of talent from the independents. It’s a win-win relationship. I am extremely grateful that we are able to deliver these unique cards with an incredible mix of talent to the fans.”

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