Smackdown Live Results 2/26/19

Feb 26, 2019 - by Alicia Fleming

We open the show up with Shane and Stephanie McMahon having the Contract signing for Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston. Shane says that we will no longer look over this individual, Stephanie talks about his 1 hour match in which he won against Daniel Bryan 2 weeks ago. Shane said that Kofi pinning Bryan last week is the reason he got named Daniel Bryan’s competitor. Kofi comes to the ring and says it’s been 11 years. The fans begin to Chant “You Deserve it!” Kofi says at Fastlane, he will beat Daniel Bryan and become the WWE Champion. Shane asks Daniel to make it official and sign first, then asks Kofi to sign next. However, before Kofi can sign the contract, Vince McMahon’s music hits. Vince McMahon states that he is replacing Kofi Kingston. He is replacing someone because they are more deserving and more qualifying. He presents Kevin Owens as Kofi Kingston’s replacement for FastLane. Kevin Owens goes straight to the ring and sits down at the table. New Day is yelling at Shane to do something. Kevin and Daniel stare at each other in the ring as New Day leaves.

Commerical Break

Backstage Kevin Owens is talking to Shane and Stephanie. Owens says that it doesn’t matter how long he has known about this. He would like to team up with Kofi Kingston because he know he is just as deserving to take on Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan. Stephanie says they will consider it.

Match 1: The Bar vs The Hardy Boyz

Cesaro and Jeff start off the match. Jeff quickly tags in Matt was the fans chant “Delete” – Cesaro is able to tag in Sheamus quickly. Matt & Jeff get some classic double team action to change the tables quickly. Jeff does a Swanton on both Sheamus and Cesaro as we go to another Commerical Break.

Sheamus has control with some double teaming with The Bar. They keep tagging in as Jeff tries to battle back. Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind to get a chance to tag Matt back in. Matt takes on Cesaro, he lands a Side Effect and a elbow off the second rope for a 2 count. He tries to hit a Twist of Fate but Sheamus kicks Matt in the face after Cesaro reverses. Sheamus tags himself back in. Matt rolls him up for a 2 count after Jeff comes in and gives Cesaro a Twist of Fate. Matt hits a Twist of Fate and tags Jeff in quickly. Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb for a 1-2-3!

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Later tonight: Nakamura & Rusev vs Ricochet and Aleister Black

We see Black and Ricochet backstage talking about the Hardys. Lana interrupts and says she doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about. Black tells her that Rusev and Nakamura just needs to read what is written on his flesh and they will both fade to black.

We see R-Truth come to the ring.

Commerical Break

Latest Hall of Fame Class of 2019 inductee – The Honky Tonk Man.

R-Truth is having a United States Championship Open Challenge because his hero John Cena had one, and this challenge will begin after this 7 second dance break. Andrade accepts the Challenge but instead Rey Mysterio attacks and runs in the ring. He asks what his hero John Cena would do and even though he says Cena would have been a brave man to do a Triple Threat match. So instead of a 1-on-1 match, R-Truth says he will face both men.

Match 2: R-Truth w/ Carmella vs Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs Rey Mysterio

Andrade powerbombs R-Truth on the outside, Rey goes to dive on the outside on to Andrade but he is caught and thrown to the ground.

Commerical Break

We come back as R-Truth gets Andrade on his shoulders and Rey Hurricarana’s Andrade off of R-Truth’s shoulders. He goes for a quick pin but only gets a 2 count. Trush splashes Andrade in the corner and then goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle and hits it, he goes for a quick pin but only gets a 2 count. R-Truth gets Andrade up for a Attitude Adjustment but Vega distracts Truth. Andrade shoved Truth out of the ring and Rey goes for a quick 619 but Andrade moves out of the way. Andrade elbows Rey in the face but only gets a 2 count out of it. Rey goes for a moonsault from the top rope but Andrade catches him. Rey reverses and sets him up and hits a 619, immediately after, R-Truth rolls up Mysterio and gets a quick 1-2-3!

Winner and Still US Champion – R-Truth.

After the match, Andrade attacks Rey Mysterio and goes for a hammerlock DDT, Rey reverses and sets up for another 619, but Andrade moves and takes off up the ramp.

Tom Phillips announces that the main event tonight will be Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan

Backstage we see Charlotte Flair walking backstage, She will address the Becky Lynch situation next.

Commerical Break

Charlotte walks to the ring and starts off saying that Vince McMahon made the WWE Championship match better with Kevin Owens. She said that was almost as important as when Vince McMahon saved the Main Event of Wrestlemania with anointing herself against Ronda Rousey. The fans begin to chant for Becky Lynch, and Charlotte asked if they are finished yet. Charlotte says she is the Gold Standard, she says Monday Becky was arrested and Ronda laid down the title. She said she would have never done that, Charlotte says they fear her. A Champion doesn’t fear no one. She says the difference between her and Ronda is that she will never quit, she will never lay down the title. She is a true Champion, and that is why next Monday, she will show up and Vince can crown the NEW Women’s Champion, to someone who deserves it.

Aleister Black and Ricochet makes their entrance as we go to Commerical.

Match 3: Aleister Black & Ricochet vs Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana

Black starts off with Nakamura as the fans begin to chant NXT. Black and Nakamura go back and forth with a couple missed kicks and Black tags in Ricochet. Nakamura kicks Ricochet in the head while having him grounded. He tags in Rusev as they keep Ricochet grounded. Rusev hits a suplex and goes for a quick pin but only gets a 2 count. Ricochet escapes from Rusev by jumping over him and tagging Black back in. Nakamura distracts Black and Rusev runs him over. He gets a quick 2 count, Rusev hits black in the back of the head with a elbow. He takes Black and tags Nakamura back in. Nakamura slows the match down by grounding Black but it doesn’t last long as Black punches his way back up. Before he can get any momentum though Nakamura kicks him and tags Rusev back in. He keeps calling black a rookie and toying with him. Rusev picks up Black and puts him in a bear hug. Black eventually gets out with a couple elbows to the head but before we can do anything Rusev stops him. Rusev goes for a suplex but Black reserves it and lands on Rusev. Black is able to get to Ricochet and he takes on Rusev and Nakamura. He gets a beautiful diving spinning elbow and then a standing moonsault on Rusev but only is able to get a 2 count. Ricochet goes for a cross body but Rusev catches him and slams him to the canvas. Rusev is only able to get a 2 count. Rusev goes for the Acolade but Ricochet escapes before he can lock it on. Nakamura tags himself in but Ricochet tags in Black and Ricochet dives to the outside on to Rusev. Black goes for the kick but Nakamura moves and slams Black to the mat. Nakamura runs and Black hits Black Mass, 1-2-3!

Winners: Aleister Black & Ricochet

Backstage we see Kayla is with AJ Styles, he starts off by saying Welcome Back to Roman Reigns. AJ says that he is the reason we have the rise of Daniel Bryan and he is sorry but he will not stop trying to stop him. It took him 15 years to get to the WWE and he is going to stop listening to the critics. He is going to dust himself off and step up against the next Challenger, We see Randy Orton next him. Randy says The house that AJ Styles built? What? and just walks off.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring.


We see a video package about Roman Reigns, and Kofi Kingston comes to the ring. We will see Kofi in action next.

Commerical Break

Match 4: Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan vs Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens

Kofi starts off with Rowan but Rowan gets the upper hand quick. Kofi quickly tags out to Owens and Rowan quickly shoved Owens down. Owens runs right into a dropkick by Rowan for a 1 count. Owens and Rowan tag out and Daniel Bryan goes to kick Kofi but he misses. Kofi ducks down and Bryan flies over the top rope. Kofi tags Owens back in and Owens dives over the top rope onto Daniel Bryan. Owens gets back in the ring.

Commerical Break

We come back with Rowan pinning Kofi for only a 2 count. He gets a side headlock and then twists Kofi’s head. Kofi gets up and tries to fight back but Rowan lands a elbow to the head. Rowan hits a backbreaker but gets a quick 2 count out of that as well. Daniel Bryan gets tagged in and snaps him over and stands on Kofi’s head. Kofi begins to fight back but Bryan chops him hard. Rowan tags back in and sets him up for a backbreaker but slams him into the top turnbuckle. Bryan tags back in and Suplexes Kofi off the top rope. Bryan goes for a pin but Kofi kicks out. Bryan gets a couple big high kicks in the corner but Kofi battles out and hits a double stomp on Bryan, He crawls to Owens and Owens tags himself in and goes right at Bryan. Owens clotheslines Bryan hard in the corner and dropkicks him. Owens hits a cannonball to Bryan but Rowan comes in and puts the claw on Owens but Owens superkicks Rowan. Bryan runs at Owens but Owens hits a pop up powerbomb to get a 2 count. Kevin Owens goes to the top rope, but Rowan rips him down and slams Owens into the announce table. Kofi Kingston runs in the ring and dives on to Rowan. Rowan catches him but Kofi escapes and rams Rowan head first into the ring post. Kofi runs up to the top rope and dives onto  Rowan. Owen’s rolls back into the ring and Bryan goes for a Knee but Owens hits a Stunner, 1-2-3!

Winner: Kevin Owens & Kofi Kingston

Smackdown goes off the air as we see Owen’s and Kofi Celebrating in the ring.

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