Kenny Omega Thinks NJPW Should Establish A Women’s Division

Feb 26, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

During an exclusive interview with Tokyo Sports. Omega, now being a co-Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling said that a mistake New Japan has made is thinking women cannot get into the mix and shared that for his CEOxNJPW show in the summer of 2018, he proposed that a women’s match be inserted onto the card.

“Of course. What I think that New Japan is lacking these days is that girls can’t be part of the game. At the CEOxNJPW event that I participated in last year, I proposed to New Japan to put up a girls match. After all it was refused, because, ‘It’s New Japan’. It is 2019 now. I think that women and men should be on the same stage, and most of the women who I think are good are in Japan.” Omega explained.

Kenny recommended that Aja Kong and Yuka Sakazaki be a part of AEW’s ‘Double Or Nothing’. Omega shared that he is scouting talents and is in conversations with freelancers and specifically mentioned Pro Wrestling WAVE’s Ryo Mizunami.

“For example Ryo Mizunami is a wonderful wrestler.” Omega expressed. “I’m not only talking with DDT and OZ (Academy) but also with WAVE and Gatoh Move. I’m also talking to freelancers. I also want to talk to various organizations.”

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