Nikki Bella Open to Reunion with John Cena

Feb 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Nikki Bella said that she’s still open to a possible reunion with her former fiance John Cena, saying that “the door is always open.” Here are highlights:

On what she’s looking for: “I’m looking for someone I can just spend every night with, whether that could potentially be John again in the future or someone new. That’s the one thing I want most. Every day when I’m working and I go home again at night, I know that me and my partner or future husband, we’re going to be together and we’re going to grow old together and nest and spend as many days together as possible. Just spending every day with someone. Of course, personality and connection, but I want to nest. I want to nest with someone.”

On how she’d react to seeing Cena with someone else: “I always say that I would be OK [to see John with a new girlfriend], but I think no matter what, it’s always hard to see someone that you loved for so long be with someone else, but I honestly only care about his happiness. I just hope whoever that person is makes him the happiest man on earth because that’s what he deserves. You never know with the future, right? Sometimes people get back together, sometimes they don’t. I guess one day at a time.”

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