Monday Night Raw Results 2/25/19

Feb 25, 2019 - by Alicia Fleming

We open tonight’s raw with Roman Reigns. The crowd gives Roman a standing ovation and chants “Welcome Back”, Roman starts off with a Thank You to the live crowd. Roman says he used to say “this is my yard” but now it’s “This is our yard!” He talks about how scared he was about revealing his Cancer to the world, but the overwhelming support gave him strength and a new purpose. He says he is going to use WWE and it’s platform and global network to bring awareness to Leukemia and to help those who are in need just like he was.  His update for all his fans around the world is that he didn’t just swing for the fences, that we hit a home run. He is so honored to announce that he is in Remission. The live crowd erupts with cheers as Roman told them that the Big Dog is BACK! He gets a huge “Welcome Back” chant! Roman says before he goes, he is saying this one more time. “Thank You so much Ya’ll, I Love Ya’ll!”

As Roman makes his way out of the arena, we hear “Burn it down!” as Seth Rollins comes out to embrace his brother Roman Reigns.

They announce that there is a Ric Flair Birthday Celebration tonight.

They also announce that Ronda Rousey & Natalya will face off against the Riott Squad.

Commerical Break

We come back from the Commerical break with the entrance of NXT Superstar Aleister Black

Match 1. Aleister Black & Ricochet vs The Revival

The revival attacks Black & Ricochet before the bell rings. Black and Ricochet get the upper hand again as we go to the 2nd Commerical Break.

We come back to see the Revival in control but the tides turned quickly. Dash goes against Black and Black starts cleaning house. He does a beautiful moonsault off the ropes onto Dash for a 2 count. Backstage we see Roode & Gable looking on. Dash tags out to Dawson and Dawson hits a big DDT and gets a quick 2 count. Ricochet flies to the outside onto Dash as Black hits Black Mass on to Dawson for a 1-2-3!

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black

Backstage we see Baron Corbin talks about Roman and the night he announced he was leaving due to Leukemia. He tells Roman, he better hope that their paths do not cross.

We see Shawn Michaels & Johnny Gargano backstage.

We Walk with Elias NEXT!

Commerical Break

We go to a video of Snoop Dog wishing a Happy Birthday to Ric Flair.

Elias is in the ring, but quickly gets interrupted by Lacey Evans. Dean Ambrose then comes to the ring. He wants a rematch from last week but this time he wants a No DQ Match. Ambrose says he actually came out to request a song and asked if he knew how to play Dirty Deeds. Elias goes to hit Ambrose with the guitar but Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds.

While Elias is in the ring, The Riott Squad comes to the ring.

Commerical Break

Match 2: Riott Squad vs Rousey & Natalya

Natalya starts out with Sarah Logan as Logan gets the upper hand quick. Some quick punches to the face that is followed up with a knee to the face. Logan goes to taunt Rousey as she tags in Ruby. Natalya quickly picks up Ruby and rams her into the corner to tag in Ronda. Ruby quickly slams Ronda with a STO and tags Logan back in. Ronda takes down Ruby to tag Natalya back in quickly. Natalya gets tripped up by Liv Morgan and gets trapped between Natalya and Ronda on the outside. Flying Elbow connects from Ronda and when Natalya least expects it, she gets a double leg drop kick to the face by Logan on the outside.

Commerical Break

We come back to see Ruby securing a headlock on Natalya in the middle of the ring. Natalya tries to escape but Logan who was recently tagged in, hits Natalya in the back. She puts Nattie in a modified Submission that puts pressure on Nattie’s lower back. Natalya gets out and gets to Rousey as she comes out punching. Rousey hits a huge forearm to Liv Morgan to knock her down. Ronda gets Logan up on her shoulders, She hits Piper’s Pit. We see Becky Lynch on a crutch and she hits Natalya in the face which gets a bell as they called a DQ. She attacks Ronda Rousey as all the agents in the back breaks her and becky apart. Ronda starts punching everyone in her sights to get free but police swarm the ring to arrest Becky Lynch.

Commerical Break

We are back with Rousey still in the ring. She demands Vince McMahon to get out there to the ring, instead she gets Stephanie McMahon. Rousey tells Stephanie to reinstate Becky to the main event of Wrestlemania and Stephanie tells her she can’t help her with that. Her opponent is Charlotte Flair, Becky did this to herself. Stephanie says that Becky Lynch is on the Road to Jail. Ronda tells her that she wants a Triple Threat Match and that it is the best thing for Women Wrestling. Stephanie McMahon tells her that she is sorry, but it is a No. Rousey says that is not good enough, she demands it! Ronda tells her that she needs to make the right decision. She drops the belt in the ring and walks away. Stephanie is left in the ring looking down at the Women’s Championship.

Commerical Break

We see a Video of Stone Cold Steve Austin wishing Ric Flair a Happy Birthday.

Backstage we see Stephanie with the Championship talking to Triple H.

Jinder Mahal is in the ring with the Singh Brothers, he says that you just can not have a birthday celebration without him. He is mad that he was not invited to Flair’s Party so he puts out a Challenge to anyone who had a invite.

Match 3: Jinder Mahal vs Kurt Angle

Kurt gets in the ring but Mahal attacks him. He gets the quick upper hand with a chinlock on Angle. Angle gets out of the lock and starts hitting some German Suplexes on Mahal. Angle gets a drop toe hold on Mahal and locks the Ankle lock on as Mahal taps out.

Winner by Submission, Kurt Angle.

After the match, he gives te Singh brothers a German Suplex for their troubles.

Alexa Bliss comes out as we get a A Moment of Bliss with Finn Balor.

Commerical Break

Alexa Bliss starts off with saying bye Ronda, She said she would have never disrespected the Women’s Championship like that. Alexa tells Finn that the belt he is wearing covers up his abs. As she starts to ask a If you show me yours type of question, Lio Rush interrupts. He tells Finn that he doesn’t deserve to be IC Champion, that Bobby Lashley does. Finn tells him that Bobby can come find him if he wants a rematch. Lio Rush tells him that he is preparing for Braun, Finn tells Lio that he thinks he is trying to show Bobby that Lio is the better man. Finn tells him he accepts and will give Lio a rematch. Alexa tells him that Lio doesn’t have time to go prepare for match because it’s happening right now.

Match 4: Lio Rush vs Finn Balor for the IC Championship

Commerical Break

We get a Video from Maria Menounos to wish a Happy Birthday to Flair. We then go backstage wtih Titus O’Neil on the red Carpet and then we see Sting!

We come back to the ring, Lio vs Finn.

Lio starts out with a couple drop kicks to Finn, they lock back up with a quick side headlock by Finn on Lio. Just when you think Lio was getting some steam, Balor clotheslines him in the middle of the ring. Finn drop kicks Lio in the face. Lio gets a quick moonsault to the outside on to Finn. Lio goes to the top rope and goes for a Frog Splash but balor gets his knees up to reverse it.

Finn gets a few chops in the corner but Rush hits his knee that is bothering him. Rush starts putting pressure on Finn’s knee. Rush is just focused on the leg and knee of Balor but Finn tries to separate himself to get a breather. Lio gets a beautiful kick right in the face on Balor and gets a 2 count. Lio goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but lands on his feet, balor clotheslines him and goes to the top rope. Lio stops him and goes for a hurricanrana but balor rolls through and gets a near fall. Balor gets some space and is able to hit Coup de Grace on Lio to retain his IC Championship.

Winner, Finn Balor.

Later tonight, Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman

We see Ascension backstage with Tucker Knight and Otis – Heavy Machinery from NXT, Otis attacks them after they make fun of Otis.

Commerical Break

We come back with a quick recap of the opening segment with Roman Reigns. Bobby lashley is backstage with Lio and Bobby is upset and saying that he can not do anything right. He keeps asking if he can trust him, as they go out to the ring to face Braun Strowman.

Match 5 – Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush vs Braun Strowman

During Braun’s entrance, Bobby attacks Strowman. Lashley goes to work with some hard punches before the bell rings. Strowman reverses and hits a big suplex and as lashley gets up, Strowman hits him with a big splash. Lashley rolls out of the ring as Strowman follows. Braun runs and tackles Lashley and then Rush as he sends them both flying. Strowman’s music hits Strowman leaves since the bell never rang.

Later Tonight, Bayley vs Nia Jax

Up Next: Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre in a No DQ Match

Backstage we have Seth Rollins backstage and he talks about how he has thought about Lesnar every second of every day but with Roman’s announcement tonight makes all of that secondary. He is ready to party with his brother tonight.

We see a Limo roll up and out comes Ric Flair.

Commerical Break

Dean Ambrose is in the ring as we return from the break.

Match 6 – Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre – No DQ

Dean goes straight to Drew but the match does not start until they get in the ring. Dean begins with some punches in the corner. He kicks Drew a few times in the chest, he takes his belt off but drops it after a big kick from McIntyre. Drew picks up the belt and slaps Dean’s back with it. Drew keeps hitting Ambrose with the belt multiple times and then hits a huge spine buster with a quick 2 count. Ambrose gets a little space and goes for a Suicide dive to the outside but Drew catches him and slams him into the barricade.

Commerical Break

We come back with Ambrose diving off the top rope onto McIntyre on the outside. Ambrose gets McIntyre in the ring and gets a quick 2 count, he then gets the belt and starts striking McIntyre all over his body with the belt. McIntyre gets the Glasgow kiss, you could hear the headbutt on Ambrose which made Dean roll out of the ring. McIntyre picks up the steel steps but Ambrose trips him and Drew lands head first. Ambrose then grabs Drew’s head and slams it into the stairs multiple times. Ambrose goes to hit dirty deeds on the steps but Elias comes in and attacks Ambrose with the guitar. McIntyre gets in the ring and hits the kick to the face and gets a 1-2-3!

Winner, Drew McIntyre.

Here comes Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley to the ring after that win. They all begin to attack Ambrose in the middle of the ring. Seth Rollin’s music hits and here comes Rollins with a steel Chair. Roman Reigns music hits and they start to come to the ring. THey take out Lashley and Corbin. Rollins lays out Elias with a super man punch to Lashley. Curb-Stomp by Rollins to Elias, Roman Reigns hits a huge spear on Drew McIntyre!

Up Next: Bayley vs Nia Jax

Still to Come – Ric Flair’s Birthday Celebration

Commerical Break

Match 7 – Bayley w/ Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax w/ Tamina

Bayley and Nia start the match off with some back and forth action until Nia just catches her and shoved her out of the ring. Sasha goes to check on Bayley.

Commerical Break

Nia has Bayley in a Bear hug as we come back from commercial, Nia drops her and drops to land on her but Bayley rolls out of the way. Bayley goes for a knee to the face but Nia moves as well. Bayley takes Nia’s knee out and then hits a boot to the head. She shoulder blocks her in the corner but as she backs up Nia just runs her over. Nia picks up Bayley and throws her on the other side of the ring. Bayley tries to create separation but Nia just keeps coming back. Bayley finally kicks her out of the ring but she is right back on the apron. Bayley traps her between the ropes and  kicks her to the floor. Bayley goes with a knee to the head in the corner but then tries to jump off the second rope but Nia catches her and hangs her up on the second corner. Nia runs and crushes bayley while she hangs upside down. Sasha distracts Nia Jax and Bayley kicks Nia in the head. Bayley hits a diving elbow on Nia in the middle of the ring for the 1-2-3!

Winner, Bayley.

Backstage we see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon , Braun Strowman, Titus Oneil & Seth Rollins.

Ric Flair’s Birthday Celebration is Up Next! Commerical Break

We see the stage filled with superstars to celebrate Ric Flair tonight. Triple H’s music hits and out comes the Game himself with Stephanie McMahon. Triple H tells Roman Reigns, Welcome Back. He says we are here to Celebrate the 70th Birthday of the Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Greatest Sports Entertainer of all time! Next comes out the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Kurt Angle, The Man they call…Sting!

They played a beautiful dedication video for Ric Flair as they welcome the man himself to the ring.

We see Batista backstage dragging Ric Flair. He asks Hunter if he has his attention now? Triple H leaves the ring and runs backstage. Triple H finds Flair as Raw goes off the air.

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