Jeff Jarrett Suing Impact Wrestling Over Deleted Master Tapes of GFW Amped

Feb 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

PWInsider reports that Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment have once again filed an amended lawsuit against Impact Wrestling and its parent company, Anthem Sports. In a bizarre turn of events, the amended lawsuit claims that Impact deleted the master copies of all 16 hours of the Global Force Wrestling show, Amped!, which Jarrett had produced prior to agreeing to return to Impact.

The amended lawsuit claims that Anthem prevented Jarrett from filing copyrights for the footage from Amped because in order to file the copyrights, he had to provide the footage, and Impact/Anthem deleted all of the master recordings. Anthem/Impact admits that they had the footage in their possession and deleted all of it.

Anthem/Impact claim that the footage was deleted in the “normal course of business” so that they could “free up storage space.”

Jarrett values the footage at $300,000 per episode for a total value of $4.8 million.

The lawsuit also features Jarrett attempting to have the trademarks of his name and likeness returned to him from Anthem. Jarrett, of course, recently returned to WWE as a producer, and Pro Wrestling Sheet notes that two of the possible reasons Jarrett wants this trademark back now is to make it easier for WWE to manufacture Jarrett action figures and to include him in video games and other media.

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