Bruce Prichard Says Undertaker Hated Returning to the Dead Man Persona

Feb 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

During the latest edition of Something to Wrestling With, Bruce Prichard discussed The Undertaker in WWE from the period of 2004 to 2006. During this time, Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, transitioned back to his “Dead Man” character from his previous “American Badass” gimmick. You can listen to the latest episode in the player below.

According to Prichard during the latest episode, The Undertaker was not into the idea of returning to his “Dead Man” character at WrestleMania 20 in 2004 for his match with Kane. At the time, he preferred his American Badass gimmick because he felt it was a multi-dimensional character than let him work a different style in the ring. Prichard said it was a battle to get Mark Calaway to go back to working with his old gimmick again.

“Mark Calaway hated the idea [of going back to the Undertaker],” Prichard said. “Absolutely hated the idea of coming back as the Dead Man because he thought with the American Badass character, it was multi-dimensional and he wasn’t, uh, doing the head snaps and everything. He could work and go out and have a different style of match. And he felt that if he came back as the Dead Man, that he would have to go back into the Dead Man persona in the ring.”

The compromise is that WWE told him that after they give the fans the Dead Man at WrestleMania, that he could evolve in the ring and work more like he was with the American Badass character. However, Calaway felt like he was taking a step back by returning to his old character and was convinced that fans didn’t want the Undertaker character back.

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