Lucha Underground Executive Producer Believes The Show Is “Dead”

Feb 22, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Earlier this week, Co-Executive Producer, Chris DeJoseph, gave his thoughts on the status of Lucha Underground Season 5 in a conversation on Twitter. DeJoseph was asked about the future of the show and he responded, “Personally I think it’s dead. But I hope not.”

A fan commented on how amazing the shows were to attend and DeJoseph responded, “Well, at this point it’s on the producers. If you want it, demand it!”

Season four of the show wrapped up last November and news on the next season has been non-existent. While the official decision remains to be made, some wrestlers are still being held to their contract with the promotion.

Earlier this month, King Cuerno filed documents in Los Angeles against the El Rey Network and Lucha Underground’s production Baba-G Productions, claiming the contract “illegally restricts” wrestlers from finding work in wrestling and is in violation of California law.

Meanwhile, in a now deleted tweet, Ivelisse said last month she was being “held hostage” by her contract with Lucha Underground.

“For a bit over 1 1/2 [years] now I’ve been battling LU to grant me my release,” Ivelisse wrote. “They convinced me to do S4 under the promise that I’d be released after the season concluded and was still unhappy. They currently are still refusing to do so despite having been told numerous times that they would.”

Ivelisse’s Lucha Underground Contract
Shortly after her comments, Joey Ryan supported Ivelisse’s claims.

“I back Ivelisse 100% on this,” Ryan wrote. “Prior to S4, we were told anybody who requested a release would be granted one. Some did and left after the tapings. Others showed faith in the product and now seems are being punished for it. With no S5 in sight, it’s petty to keep anyone locked up.”

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