RVD on Ambrose: “I’ve always been one to just leave when I’m not happy”

Feb 21, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

RVD on Dean Ambrose reportedly leaving WWE: “I can’t speak for Dean, but I’ve always been one to just leave when I’m not happy. That’s a great mindset. When I left WWE in 2007, Chris Benoit said, ‘A lot of us boys respect you because you know when it’s time to go. A lot of us don’t.’”

RVD on being able to walk away and what Chris Benoit said to him on that: “I think it’s great for someone to walk away. I left WCW in ’93 and Benoit said back then, ‘I think you’re stupid for leaving! You know how many people would want your job? You’re on tv. Where are you going to go? To the indies?’ It worked for me and I went from being unhappy to being happy and making money. Anyone who wants to do that now, I’m not surprised.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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