Karl Anderson: “there’s nothing like competing in Japan”

Feb 20, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Karl Anderson talks about his time in New Japan:

“I was there for eight years. When I first signed that contract, 2008, it was the coolest thing that ever happened. It was the first time I started getting paid, ’cause I did it from 2002 and – I went from probably $5,000 in 2007 to making, probably, $55,000 in 2008. And that was like I just struck gold. Then each year, the contracts got better, and by the end, we were pulling some bank in. It’s still the same thing with fans. Good guy vs. bad guys still telling the story, but there’s nothing like competing in Japan. Wrestling in Tokyo, or Osaka, or Sapporo, or Fukuoka, or Nagoya, all those towns that we hit, those people believe. And they love the sport of professional wrestling.”

source: CBS Sports’ The Jim Rome Show

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