TJP (TJ Perkins) on paying his wrestling dues in New Japan’s famous dojo

Feb 18, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

“They also shipped me off to Tokyo whereas the other guys, they may have spent another night or two in the dojo in Tokyo just if they arrived the day before a tour and they didn’t go to a hotel or something like that, but I actually had to go and be in the dorm rooms in Tokyo. I slept in Chris Benoit’s bed. I was in those dorm rooms and I would sweep the floors and help cook the meals. Thankfully, one of the young boys in my class, Inzowa was his name. He wanted to be chef. He didn’t really want to be a wrestler, he was just wrestling. So thankfully he cooked most of the meals because he loved cooking so I didn’t have to do that. But I’d sweep floors and wash Nakanishi’s back, Liger’s back, carry their bags. I did all that stuff. The other guys really didn’t have to do that sort of thing. If I had to go on tour, they would ship me out a month early, two weeks early and I would live in the dojo. Sometimes I would stay there between tours. I’d be there for three months at a time or something like that.”


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