WWE Elimination Chamber PreShow

Feb 17, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

WWE Elimination Chamber Pre Show

Elimination Chamber kick of show kicks of with Jonathan Coachman hosting with guests Sam Roberts, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix who will be calling the Womens Tag Team Championship Chamber match.

Jonathan Coachman says history will be made tonight as first Womens Tag Team Champions will be crowned, they then talk through the PPV card. Panel inform us that Randy Orton enters the WWE Championship Chamber match last. We see a video package from Mustafa Ali about not being able to compete in the Chamber match, Ali says he will be back and won’t be easy, nothing easy about being in that ring for those who dream. Panel talk about Kofi Kingston taking his place and has the whole WWE Universe talking about him and about the WWE Championship match. Panel discuss the rules of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. (We see Daniel Bryan pacing back and forth in his locker room with Rowan).

Panel discuss the No DQ Match between Baron Corbin & Braun Strowman, we see a video interview of Braun Strowman talking about Baron Corbin being a coward, he fuelled the monsters rage, knew he couldn’t win on his own, recruited others and tried to take me out, cowards like him, I came back and didn’t forget and will make them all pay. rule book goes out the window, Monster will continue his rampage of destruction and the coward will get these hands.

We see a video package about the WWE Tag Team Championship feud between The Usos and Shane McMahon, The Bar join the panel and they say The Usos will win, Miz and Shane don’t work as a team, Bar says they won with a fluke, then the Heavy Machinery come along and say McMiz will win the match, Heavy Machinery says they can’t choose between joining Raw or SmackDown.

We see video package about Mr McMahon making a shock announcement on Raw saying he is suspending Becky Lynch for 60 days and replaces her with Charlotte Flair.

We see a WWE Live Event Road to WrestleMania where Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte Flair during this event and Charlotte attacks the injured leg of Becky Lynch re-aggravating the injury.

The panel lead us to backstage where Riott Squad discuss about being winners where Ruby Riott wins Womens Championship and Liv Morgan/Sarah Logan to win WWE Womens Tag Team Champions, Charlotte appears and says I remember your debut as I was at the wrong end of it, Ruby has the opportunity of being champion and face me at WrestleMania, Charlotte says she will be at ringside for the match, the panel discuss the match and Booker T and Sam Roberts say Ruby Riott have no chance.

Panel go back to Raw 3 weeks ago with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush attacking Finn Balor leading to the 2-vs-1 Handicap Match at Elimination Chamber for WWE Intercontinental Championship, panel discuss this match, Sam says unless Demon King comes out he doesn’t win big matches, he hasn’t done anything extraordinary, he needs to bring the Demon out, Booker T thinks Bobby Lashley will retain in the match.

We see a video of Mojo Rawley talking to himself looking into a mirror saying why do the people matter and who are they.

Alexa Bliss says tonight we make history and since I debuted Womens Division has been on fire, maybe if Becky Lynch took my advice maybe she wouldn’t have got suspended. Alexa picks Tamina and Nia Jax as first winners. Panel discuss Womens Evolution/Revolution.

Panel discuss Womens Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match and the strategy being a tag team match, Beth says it is hard to prepare for, they discuss that Sasha Banks has only be cleared and enter the chamber first.

We go to ringside for pre-show match.

Commentators: Vic Joeseph, Aiden English and Nigel McGuiness
WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Challenger: Akira Tozawa Vs Champion: Buddy Murphy.
Referee: Dan Engler

Match kicks of with Murphy hooking on a armbar, Tozawa reverses it, Murphy reverses it, chops to Murphy by Tozawa, Murphy sends Tozawa to the outside and Murphy follows and goes to chop Tozawa but hits ring post, back in the ring Tozawa taken down by Murphy, Murphy outside, Tozawa over the rope but caught and suplexed on the outside, Akira back in at 7, chops by Tozawa

(We cut to Kayla Braxton interviewing Kofi Kingston but Big E and Xavier Woods say he is in mode for the match, they say he hasn’t had a endurance problem, people have been sleeping on his entire career, he lasted an hour in the gauntlet match, and Kofi Kingston will win and become new WWE Champion because Kofi rocks)

Back to the match and Tozawa sends Murphy to the outside, superkick to Murphy. Missile dropkick to Murphy, back suplex attempt but Tozawa lands on feet, back drop driver by Murphy but Tozawa lands on his feet, Tozawa climbs to the top rope, but stops then Murphy climbs rope and then Tozawa with a kick in the corner, huricanrana of the top rope by Tozawa on Murphy for a two count, (This is awesome chant) Tozawa sent out climbs to the top rope and does a cross body countered by Murphy  but countered by Tozawa, Murphy’s Law attempt but a two count, then a face plant for a 2 count by Murphy.

Murphy talking trash to Tozawa, chops to Murphy, kick to gut of Tozawa, Tozawa goes for German Suplex countered then countered back into German Suplex with a bridge for a two count, Tozawa brings Murphy to the corner and Murphy stops him climbing to the top rope, superkick of the top rope, inverted huricanrana by Tozawa, flying dive by Tozawa twice through the rope onto Murphy, Tozawa bring Murphy back in the ring, Tozawa climbs to the top and does double stomp across the back of the top for a two count, Tozawa with his chant, slaps to Murphy, round house kick, jumping knee to Tozawa, Murphy’s Law countered into roll up for a two, Octopus submission locked in by Tozawa countered into Murphy’s Law for the win and retains.

Winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy

We see a video for Kevin Owens and says I am having to watch Elimination Chamber rather than competing, my physios say I am about a month from coming back. 8 minutes to go.

Back to Pre-Show Panel who discuss the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match leading to a VT.

Kayla Braxton is on the entrance way and introduces Texas Own and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. Kayla asks about being in an Elimination Chamber match, Mark bigs up the Cruiserweight Title match. Mark says when you enter come out totally different, Mark Henry picks the Iiconics to win Womens Tag Team Championship and after last week with Gauntlet Match hard for me to pick anyone other than Kofi Kingston, but if I was in the Chamber men would be introduced to the WWE Hall of Pain.

Panel talk about Womens Division Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber, Booker T says glad women’s get tag titles, Sam says match will steal the show, they then discuss WWE Championship, Beth picks Jeff Hardy, Booker T picks Kofi Kingston. We see the Elimination Chamber lowering down.

End of Kick of Show.

For PPV Results visit this link for a live report

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