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Feb 17, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

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WWE Elimination Chamber Pre Show

Elimination Chamber kick of show kicks of with Jonathan Coachman hosting with guests Sam Roberts, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix who will be calling the Womens Tag Team Championship Chamber match.

Jonathan Coachman says history will be made tonight as first Womens Tag Team Champions will be crowned, they then talk through the PPV card. Panel inform us that Randy Orton enters the WWE Championship Chamber match last. We see a video package from Mustafa Ali about not being able to compete in the Chamber match, Ali says he will be back and won’t be easy, nothing easy about being in that ring for those who dream. Panel talk about Kofi Kingston taking his place and has the whole WWE Universe talking about him and about the WWE Championship match. Panel discuss the rules of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. (We see Daniel Bryan pacing back and forth in his locker room with Rowan).

Panel discuss the No DQ Match between Baron Corbin & Braun Strowman, we see a video interview of Braun Strowman talking about Baron Corbin being a coward, he fueled the monsters rage, knew he couldn’t win on his own, recruited others and tried to take me out, cowards like him, I came back and didn’t forget and will make them all pay. rule book goes out the window, Monster will continue his rampage of destruction and the coward will get these hands.

We see a video package about the WWE Tag Team Championship feud between The Usos and Shane McMahon, The Bar join the panel and they say The Usos will win, Miz and Shane don’t work as a team, Bar says they won with a fluke, then the Heavy Machinery come along and say McMiz will win the match, Heavy Machinery says they can’t choose between joining Raw or SmackDown.

We see video package about Mr McMahon making a shock announcement on Raw saying he is suspending Becky Lynch for 60 days and replaces her with Charlotte Flair.

We see a WWE Live Event Road to WrestleMania where Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte Flair during this event and Charlotte attacks the injured leg of Becky Lynch re-aggravating the injury.

The panel lead us to backstage where Riott Squad discuss about being winners where Ruby Riott wins Womens Championship and Liv Morgan/Sarah Logan to win WWE Womens Tag Team Champions, Charlotte appears and says I remember your debut as I was at the wrong end of it, Ruby has the opportunity of being champion and face me at WrestleMania, Charlotte says she will be at ringside for the match, the panel discuss the match and Booker T and Sam Roberts say Ruby Riott have no chance.

Panel go back to Raw 3 weeks ago with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush attacking Finn Balor leading to the 2-vs-1 Handicap Match at Elimination Chamber for WWE Intercontinental Championship, panel discuss this match, Sam says unless Demon King comes out he doesn’t win big matches, he hasn’t done anything extraordinary, he needs to bring the Demon out, Booker T thinks Bobby Lashley will retain in the match.

We see a video of Mojo Rawley talking to himself looking into a mirror saying why do the people matter and who are they.

Alexa Bliss says tonight we make history and since I debuted Womens Division has been on fire, maybe if Becky Lynch took my advice maybe she wouldn’t have got suspended. Alexa picks Tamina and Nia Jax as first winners. Panel discuss Womens Evolution/Revolution.

Panel discuss Womens Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match and the strategy being a tag team match, Beth says it is hard to prepare for, they discuss that Sasha Banks has only be cleared and enter the chamber first.

We go to ringside for pre-show match.

Commentators: Vic Joeseph, Aiden English and Nigel McGuiness
WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Challenger: Akira Tozawa Vs Champion: Buddy Murphy.
Referee: Dan Engler

Match kicks of with Murphy hooking on a armbar, Tozawa reverses it, Murphy reverses it, chops to Murphy by Tozawa, Murphy sends Tozawa to the outside and Murphy follows and goes to chop Tozawa but hits ring post, back in the ring Tozawa taken down by Murphy, Murphy outside, Tozawa over the rope but caught and suplexed on the outside, Akira back in at 7, chops by Tozawa

(We cut to Kayla Braxton interviewing Kofi Kingston but Big E and Xavier Woods say he is in mode for the match, they say he hasn’t had a endurance problem, people have been sleeping on his entire career, he lasted an hour in the gauntlet match, and Kofi Kingston will win and become new WWE Champion because Kofi rocks)

Back to the match and Tozawa sends Murphy to the outside, superkick to Murphy. Missile dropkick to Murphy, back suplex attempt but Tozawa lands on feet, back drop driver by Murphy but Tozawa lands on his feet, Tozawa climbs to the top rope, but stops then Murphy climbs rope and then Tozawa with a kick in the corner, huricanrana of the top rope by Tozawa on Murphy for a two count, (This is awesome chant) Tozawa sent out climbs to the top rope and does a cross body countered by Murphy but countered by Tozawa, Murphy’s Law attempt but a two count, then a face plant for a 2 count by Murphy.

Murphy talking trash to Tozawa, chops to Murphy, kick to gut of Tozawa, Tozawa goes for German Suplex countered then countered back into German Suplex with a bridge for a two count, Tozawa brings Murphy to the corner and Murphy stops him climbing to the top rope, superkick of the top rope, inverted huricanrana by Tozawa, flying dive by Tozawa twice through the rope onto Murphy, Tozawa bring Murphy back in the ring, Tozawa climbs to the top and does double stomp across the back of the top for a two count, Tozawa with his chant, slaps to Murphy, round house kick, jumping knee to Tozawa, Murphy’s Law countered into roll up for a two, Octopus submission locked in by Tozawa countered into Murphy’s Law for the win and retains.

Winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy

We see a video for Kevin Owens and says I am having to watch Elimination Chamber rather than competing, my physios say I am about a month from coming back. 8 minutes to go.

Back to Pre-Show Panel who discuss the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match leading to a VT.

Kayla Braxton is on the entrance way and introduces Texas Own and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. Kayla asks about being in an Elimination Chamber match, Mark bigs up the Cruiserweight Title match. Mark says when you enter come out totally different, Mark Henry picks the Iiconics to win Womens Tag Team Championship and after last week with Gauntlet Match hard for me to pick anyone other than Kofi Kingston, but if I was in the Chamber men would be introduced to the WWE Hall of Pain.

Panel talk about Womens Division Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber, Booker T says glad women’s get tag titles, Sam says match will steal the show, they then discuss WWE Championship, Beth picks Jeff Hardy, Booker T picks Kofi Kingston. We see the Elimination Chamber lowering down.

End of Kick of Show.

WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Results

We see a video about the matches happening tonight at the Elimination Chamber. Fighting with My Family The Movie sponsors WWE Elimination Chamber 2019.

Womens Division Tag Team Elimination Chamber to determine Inaugural WWE Womens Tag Team Champions
Nia Jax and Tamina vs. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi and Carmella
Main Referee: Jason Ayers /
Pod Referees: Mike Chioda, Darrick Moore, Jason Ayers, Jessika Karr, Ryan Tran, Danilo Anfibio

Carmella/Naomi out first, next out The Iiconics, The Riott Squad, Nia Jax and Tamina. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and Sasha Banks and Bayley start the match. Rose/Deville double team Bayley after sending Sasha into the corner, drop kicks to Rose and Deville, double hanging rope drop, old school double team cross body onto Deville/Rose, 2 count by Bayley on Deville, Deville punching both Banks and Bayley rollup by Deville broken by Sasha, side suplex on Bayley by Mandy Rose, close two count by Rose, on the outside Deville/Rose send Banks and Bayley into chamber, Rose with a close two count on Bayley, Deville goes to knee kick Sasha but hits mesh, hanging neck breaker on Mandy Rose by Bayley.

Next to enter the Chamber Match: Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. As the pod opens Sasha Banks and Bayley attack them both, Logan/Morgan double team Sasha Banks sending her into the pod, headbutt to Bayley by Logan, Face off between Riott Squad and Rose/Deville, punches and kicks exchanged, Liv with a kick to Mandy, running knee by Deville to Sarah Logan. punches and slaps exchanged between Morgan and Deville, running kick reversed head kick to Deville, Bayley back in and 2 count on Logan, Bayley clearing house, back suplex to Logan, Bayley climbs top rope but Rose and Deville go for suplex and then Riott Squad stop it and nail a power bomb,

Next pod opening and The Iiconics enter and pin everyone but two counts only. Iiconics sends Deville, Bayley into corner post, double suplex face first slam on Deville, pull of rope to Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. They try and pin Bayley broken up by Sasha Banks, Iiconics double team Sasha Banks, spinning kick to Sasha Banks but only a two count, Iiconics drag Bayley to outside the chamber and push faces of Sasha and Bayley into the steel mesh. over rope spin drop on Bayley, double pin but only two count by the Iiconics. Iiconics with kicks to Rose and Deville and then they send Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan into the mesh.

Next pod open and Fabulous Glow – Naomi and Carmella in – they attack Deville and Rose first and double corner buster, then bronco buster in corner to Iiconics and Rose/Deville. Iiconics try to climb chamber but stopped and huricanrana to Peyton Royce, super kick to Sarah Logan by Carmella, split leg moonsault by Naomi on Deville, Sasha with high knee, Gory special on Liv Morgan by Sasha Banks, overhead throw by Sarah Logan on Mandy Rose, Superkick to Sonya Deville, all women are down. Code of Silence on Sonya Deville by Carmella broken by Mandy Rose, Rose and Naomi brawl till Iiconics double pin Naomi eliminating Naomi and Sonya Deville.

Elimination: Naomi and Carmella.

Iiconics celebrate, then surrounded by other superstars and then final pod opens, Tamina and Nia Jax are in. Nia tosses Mandy out of nowhere, Iiconics hide in a pod and then Nia and Tamina go after them and easily open the door and grab them both and swing them multiple times into the mesh and then Nia and Tamina tosses them back in the ring, double Samoan Drop on The Iiconics to eliminate them,

Elimination: The Iiconics – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Riott Squad go after Jax and Tamina, Nia taken of her feet, both try and pin Nia but a two count, Bayley and Sasha go after Nia and Tamina, double bomb on Sarah Logan and then on Liv Morgan, Banks pins Logan for a two count, Deville sent into post by Bayley, Deville hung across second rope double knee to Deville onto Rose, Nia runs into Bayley sending her to the floor. Riott Squad climb to top of the pod, Nia sends Rose into mess, Logan and Morgan jump of the pod, bring Deville back in the ring but a two count, Morgan on top and Samoan Drop of Liv Morgan of the top rope by Nia Jax, Frog splash to both members of Riott Squad by Tamina to eliminate them.

Elimination: The Riott Squad – Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

Nia tosses Bayley to the outside, Sasha tossed out onto Rose and Deville by Tamina, Nia is waiting to stalk Bayley but Bayley side steps and Nia runs into the side of the pod. Bayley/Banks/Deville/Rose work on Tamina, Elbow by Bayley on Tamina then all 4 pin Tamina to eliminate Nia Jax and Tamina

Elimination: Nia Jax and Tamina

Mandy with knee to Bayley, Bayley sent into rope reversed and Banks kicks Rose,  Bayley to Belly to Mandy Rose and Deville two count broken by Mandy Rose, Mandy climbs to top of pod, Bayley and Sasha follow her and then they send her into the corner, planning what to do to Mandy but Sonya climbing but stopped by Sasha , Bayley driven into support beam, Sasha checks on her, Mandy sends Sasha into pod, Back in ring, Mandy drops Sasha with plant bomb for a two count, miscommunication means Sonya Deville spears Mandy Rose, Sasha goes to lock in Banks Statement on Sonya Deville but struggling and then uses her leg as a guillotine to lock in the move and Sonya Deville.

Winners and Inaugural Womens Division Tag Team Champions Hug & Boss Connection – Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match Bayley and Sasha hug. Kayla Braxton enters the chamber and congratulates Sasha Banks and Bayley, Bayley says we don’t know what to say.  (You deserve it chant begins), Sasha says I am so lost for words, we have fought hard to get these, if you guys only knew we only do it for us, but you and all the women in the back, this is only beginning of more changes to come and that is why we are the new Womens Tag Team Champions the Hug and Boss Connection.

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves on commentary for next match. We see a VT leading up to the match.

Tag Team Match for SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Challengers: The Usos – Jimmy and Jey Vs Champions: McMiz – The Miz and Shane McMahon~
Referee: Danilo Anfibio

The Miz comes out and congratulates Sasha Banks and Bayley on their win, Miz says I want to dedicate this match to my wife and my daughter Maryse. Maryse comes out. Miz says me and Maryse have a big announcement and we do it here. Maryse announces they are having another baby.

Jimmy and Miz start the match, reverse backbreaker/neckbreaker combo blocked, Miz goes for Figure 4, but escapes, Jey tagged in, corner kick to Jey, Shane tagged in, Shane takes out Jimmy and goes for Coast to Coast but stopped, punches to Jey, back elbow to Jey, Miz tagged in and clear the ring, punches to Jey Uso, IT kicks to Jey Uso, Miz hung on top rope by The Usos. Jimmy tagged in, hanging Miz on the rope, referee distracted, punch to Miz, double team on The Miz, trip and leg split on The Miz, headlock on The Miz by Jimmy, clothesline by Jimmy, Jey tagged in and stomps on The Miz.

Chinlock by Jey on The Miz, Miz sent into opposite corner, Jimmy rips shirt of Miz and throws it at Shane McMahon, Miz nailed with his own corner move by Jey Uso. Miz out of corner with a trip on Jimmy Uso. Shane McMahon tagged in. Shane with a back body drop to Jey, punch to Jey then a twist around DDT on Jimmy, DDT on Jey for a two count, Usos in separate corners and Shane nails Coast-to-Coast on Jimmy Uso and then climbs to the top rope on opposite side for second one to Jey Uso but blocked and Super kick to Shane McMahon two count broken by The Miz, both Jey and Shane down, Miz willing on Shane McMahon, Miz tagged in and kick to Jey, Samoan drop to The Miz by Jey Uso, Miz in the corner, short DDT on Jey Uso for a two count, Miz with drop kick and slides outside and clears announce table, flying Uso hits Jey Uso after a miscue, Miz tells Shane to climb up to the top rope, Miz pummels Jey Uso onto the announce table, Shane with a flying elbow onto Jey Uso through the announce table. Back in the Ring Jimmy and The Miz exchange moves, Superkick blocked into Skull Crushing Finale blocked and then super kick again nailed, and then Jimmy Uso goes for splash and knees up of The Miz and then Skull Crushing Finale nailed but reversal roll up by Jimmy Uso for the win to become New Tag Team Champion.

Winners and New SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

After the match we see Miz sitting in the ring can’t believe what happened, Miz goes outside and helps Shane McMahon up and they both leave disappointed.

We see a VT about Paige talking about her family featured in the Upcoming Movie Fighting with My Family

Backstage Dasha Fuentes interviews Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush about match, Dasha asks is Lio Rush the weak link and may cost you Lashley for the title if Balor can get the pin.

Commentators go through mentioning the international commentary team

1 Vs 2 Handicap Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship – If Balor can pin either Lashley or Rush he becomes champion – Team of two must tag in.
Challenger: Finn Balor Vs Champion: Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush
Referee: Darrick Moore

Lio and Balor start but Lio tags in Lashley, Lashley stomps on ribs and mid area of Balor, swing clothesline by Balor, Lashley exits the ring, Lashley sends Balor into the corner, Lashley sends Balor into opposite corner, wheel kick to Lashley, head to gut of Lashley, blocked by Balor, Lashley hangs Balor in the rope, Lashley launched over top rope to the outside, Balor goes to dive on Lashley but stopped by Rush, Rush chased around the ring into arms of Lashley who sends Balor into security wall, spine first into ring apron goes Balor, near fall by Lashley for a two count. Lio tagged in.

Kick to Balor by Rush, kicks to Balor in the corner, Lashley tagged in and as comes in short clothesline to Balor, chin lock to Balor by Lashley, Lio Rush back in and has abdominal stretch hooked on Balor, Balor escapes and sends Rush into the corner, roll through tag to Lashley, Lashley sends Balor into corner, head to gut by Lashley.

Runner into corner into gut by Bobby Lashley, Lashley goes for a spear but Rush tags himself in and then misses a frog splash, Lio tries to tag Lashley, but blocked, Balor knocks Lashley of the top rope, stomps on Rush, Balor sends Lashley out, then Rush and then does dive and then brings back in Lio Rush and nails Coup-De-Gras for the win to become new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Winner via Pinfall and New WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

After the match Lashley isn’t happy with Lio Rush and then goes to attack him and thinks about it and then picks him up and drops him with a spike drop.

We are informed The Mark Henry documentary will be shown after WWE Elimination Chamber on WWE Network

Raw commentators speak about Becky Lynch being suspended for 60 days, Charlotte Flair being added to Raw Womens Championship at WrestleMania. We see highlights of Becky Lynch being attacked and then attacked by Charlotte Flair.

Charley Caruso is in the ring and Charley asks whose idea was it for it happen, Charlotte says it is good when you are Charlotte Flair, last night I got to humiliate and decimate the man, think Becky would have learnt, she got herself suspended, Becky needs your attention and cheers, needs your approval, when I look in the mirror the mirror give me the approval that I need, I know in my heart I am the best on Raw, SmackDown and in WWE. (Chant for Becky) I will sit ringside and see who will main event WrestleMania against the Queen.

Womens Division Singles match for the Raw Women’s Championship – Winner is determined via Pinfall or Submission
Ringside: Charlotte Flair
Challenger: Ruby Riott Vs Champion: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey
Referee: Chad Patton

Tony Rome does the official introductions.

Ruby out of the box quick and punches, taken down by Ronda, Ruby escapes the ring, Ruby goes back in the ring and exits again, Ruby with a punch to Ronda, Ronda takes down Ruby, goes for the arm bar to make Ruby Riott tap out.

Winner via Submission and still Raw Womens Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

After the match Charlotte enters the ring and mouthing words it’s mine at WrestleMania, We see Becky Lynch walking to ring on crutches, Becky walks around and enters the ring, and has difficulty standing, Becky stands on the crutches, Becky throws a crutch at Charlotte then attacks her with the crutch, Charlotte being beaten down with the crutch multiple times by Becky Lynch. Ronda drops her belt, grabs the other crutch and goes to attack Charlotte but Becky attacks Ronda with the crutch, multiple shots to Ronda with the crutch, referees and security appear, Becky exits the ring and then security take her out of the arena.

No Disqualification Singles Match
Baron Corbin Vs Braun Strowman
Referee: John Cone

Corbin throws his jacket at Strowman, then Strowman tosses Corbin to outside, Corbin grabs a Kendo stick and then starts beating down on Strowman, Corbin with stick to gut, Corbin sets stick in corner then tries to send Strowman into it, but Corbin out and back in tries clothesline but missed, Strowman grabs stick and snaps it in half saying I don’t need one to beat your ass, Corbin tossed to the outside, run around the ring and sends Corbin into security wall. Strowman runs round the ring  and Corbin launched a chair but Strowman blocks it, then Strowman runs but tripped and goes into stairs, Corbin grabs steps and hits Strowman then mocks Strowman and chases him and sends steps into face of Strowman. Strowman sent back in the ring, right hand to Strowman by Corbin.

Corbin in control but missed a punch in the corner, Strowman takes down Corbin, Strowman brings a table from under the ring into the match, table set up in the corner, Corbin about to go through table, but thumb to the eye, then a spear to Corbin through the table, then the music of Drew McIntyre hits and he comes out with a steel chair and then Lashley appears with a chair and they triple double team Strowman with the chair, uppercut to Lashley, then punch to McIntyre, spear to Strowman by Lashley, McIntyre brings in a steel step as does Lashley, McIntyre grabs Strowman by his beard then Strowman grabs both Lashley and McIntyre by the throat but Corbin stops it with a chair, two more tables introduced, Claymore kick to Strowman by McIntyre, trio double stack a table, McIntyre and Corbin pick up Strowman and they triple powerbomb him through the table for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Baron Corbin

Commentators talk about 2019 Special Olympics taking part in Abu Dhabi

We see Shane McMahon in the medical room, The Miz says he is sorry, he let you down, Shane says I will see you Tuesday and you need to go home.

Lacey Evans music hits and she comes out walks a few steps turns around and leaves.

Elimination Chamber Match for WWE Championship: Challenger: Kofi Kingston Vs Challenger: Randy Orton Vs Challenger: Samoa Joe Vs Challenger: Jeff Hardy Vs Challenger: AJ Styles Vs Champion: Daniel Bryan
Main Referee: Mike Chioda

Before Daniel Bryan enters the chamber he asks the music to cut, Daniel says we get punished and made you The Authority and what happens now and come out first in chamber, fickle, first in gauntlet, fickle, referees eject Rowan, Bryan bends to one knee. Daniel says I am suffering for the greater good, repeat one stupid phrase again and again, there is still hope and you still need me, the planet needs me, and I will still be WWE Champion.

Match starts with Samoa Joe and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan escapes ring and waits and tries to bye time, Bryan in and kick to Samoa Joe, kick to hamstring of Bryan, knee bar by Joe, Bryan chops Joe, Bryan tries to escape but Joe chasing him, Joe stops him and pushes against mesh, then chops to chest of Bryan, power bomb to Bryan, STF by Joe on Bryan into a cross face, arm bar, kick to knee of Samoa Joe, Joe sent out of ring onto side part and sends Joe into pod, chops to Joe, chop back to Bryan, headbutt to Bryan, kicks to Bryan mid section. chop to Bryan, drop toe hold into corner sending Joe into mid turn-buckle.

Next entrant into match is Kofi Kingston, Kofi in and jumps over Joe onto Bryan, kick to face of Joe, top rope splash by Kingston on Joe for a two count, Kofi hung on top rope, hanging neck drop by Bryan on Kofi for a two count, Joe with chops to Daniel Bryan, Daniel climbs on top of one of the pods and sits down on it, Joe with chops to Kofi, Kofi jumps up to the pod that Daniel Bryan is on, Bryan climbing and  walking round the chamber, kicks to Kofi and Joe climbs up and pulls Daniel Bryan down, dive of side by Kofi onto Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan. Kofi with a two count on Daniel Bryan, then a two count on Samoa Joe, shoulder takedown on Bryan by Kofi, 2 count, running senton on Daniel Bryan by Samoa Joe, suplex to Kofi Kingston, chops to Bryan.

Next entrant into match is AJ Styles. He kicks Daniel Bryan, then goes after Joe, then after Kofi, then again after Joe, Bryan with chops to AJ, punches exchanged. Double DDT by AJ Styles on Kofi and Daniel Bryan, both two counts. Styles sends Kofi into corner, forearm smash to Joe by Styles, Bryan climbing the cage to escape, phenomenal forearm to back of neck sending Bryan into the mesh dropping Daniel Bryan, sunset flip on Kofi, into Styles Clash blocked, Yoshi Garoushi knee by Styles to Kofi Kingston for a two. Joe sends Styles into mesh and tosses him back in the ring, kicks and punches to Joe by Kingston, Coquina Clutch hooked and escaped and into pinfall and back into clutch by Samoa Joe into a jaw breaker. Phenomenal Forearm by AJ Styles on Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe eliminated.

Next entrant is Jeff Hardy, split leg mid section drop by Hardy on Styles, reverse kick to Bryan by Hardy, face drop on Kingston, over top launch onto Daniel Bryan by Hardy, Twist of Fate blocked by AJ Styles into Palee kick. Bryan sends Kofi into mesh, AJ sends Hardy into pod, Hardy and Styles on top rope and Hardy drops AJ Styles, Bryan traps arm of Kofi in mesh and twists arm, Swanton Bomb of top of pod on AJ Styles, Running knee to Jeff Hardy by Daniel Bryan.

Jeff Hardy eliminated

Bryan with kicks to Styles, Styles in Tree of Woe, kick to Styles by Bryan, Bryan sends Kofi into corner and AJ nails German Suplex sending Kofi and Daniel Bryan to the mat.

Final entrant is Randy Orton, clothesline to Bryan, then to Kingston, kicks to Styles whose hung up in the corner, Orton sends Kofi into AJ Styles mid section, Orton hung Daniel Bryan on the top rope, running kick by Kofi to Orton, back breaker to Kingston by Styles, Styles sends Kofi into the corner, forearm to Kofi, phenomenal forearm caught into a RKO by Randy Orton.

AJ Styles eliminated

Kingston tries to roll up Orton but only 2, Kofi wheel around in corner, then Kofi climbs top rope but dropped by Orton, then hanging DDT from the corner, powerslam to Bryan, Trouble in Paradise to Randy Orton by Kofi Kingston.

Randy Orton eliminated.

Punches exchanged between Kingston and Bryan, Kingston wants more and says bring it, Trouble in Paradise blocked by Bryan, kicks to chest of Kingston, roundhouse kick missed, SOS by Kingston for a two count. Kofi sent face first into corner post, punch to Kofi by Daniel Bryan, knee to gut of Kofi by Bryan, running baseball drop kick five times by Daniel Bryan, 6th one blocked and double knee drop for a two count, Bryan escapes to area between mesh and pods, Kofi sends Bryan into mesh multiple times, Daniel Bryan in headlock bulldog attempt blocked and Bryan sends Kofi into the pod. Back in the ring Bryan stalking Kofi, running knee to Kingston but a two count, (Daniel Bryan looks shocked) Daniel grabs Kofi by arms and stomps on the face multiple times, pin but Kofi kicks out, SOS kick two reversed two count reversed and then Labelle Lock hooked on by Daniel Bryan and Kofi makes it to the bottom rope, Daniel climbs to the top rope, high kick to Bryan, Kofi climbs and Bryan climbs onto the top of a pod, punch to Bryan, Kofi sends Bryan of the plastic chamber panel, Kofi goes for suplex of the top of the pod, Bryan reverses and sends Kofi bouncing in the panel, Bryan goes for suplex, blocked by Kofi, punch to Bryan, Bryan kicked of the top of the pod, Kofi goes for a frog splash of the top but Daniel Bryan moves out the way, running knee by Daniel Bryan for the win and to retain the title.

Winner and still WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

After the match Rowan runs and helps Daniel Bryan out, then Big E and Xavier Woods run down and check on Kofi and says he did a good job, they then sit on the stairs and then they walk to the back together. Crowd cheer and New Day admire it at the top of the stage.

End of Elimination Chamber

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