*SPOILERS* Impact Wrestling Taping Results

Feb 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

From Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas. Report by Joey G. (@rammjammm) & WrestlingInc.

Venue is said to be about 90 percent full for tonight’s taping.

* Trey defeated Daga (Dark Match). Chain wrestling to start. Daga lands the first strike with a dropkick. Trey fires back with a frankensteiner that sends Daga to the outside. Suicide dive from Trey, he turns it into a frankensteiner on the arena floor. Back in the ring Daga catches Trey with a GTS. Big chop from Daga, followed by a snapmare and drive-by kick. Trey responds by showing off his athleticism and hitting a basement dropkick. Trey uses his speed to get to the apron. Enziguri from Trey. Slingshot neckbreaker nearly wins it for him. Daga with a full nelson, he transitions it into a german suplex. Close two count. Trey with a superkick, top rope meteora. Fun opener that the crowd really liked.

These should begin airing March 8:

* Rich Swann defeated Ethan Page by pinfall. Swann evades Page with his usual repertoire of flips. Page opens things up with a series of right hands but Swann catches him with a frankensteiner. Page takes control with a reverse bloody Sunday. Crowd entirely behind Swann. Swann attempts a comeback but gets decapitated with an elbow from Page. Action spills to the outside, tope con hilo from Swann. He tosses Page back in, frog splash, Page just kicks out! Swann climbs again but Page shoves the ref into the ropes knocking Swann off. Inverted DDT from Page. Swann just escapes. Big Combo from Swann, handspring cutter and Phoenix splash. Post-match, OVE comes out. Sami Callihan gets on the mic and says that tonight is the night that Swann finally joins OVE. He says that when Swann was in the hospital, Callihan was the only one who was there for him. “Family is everything,” growls Callihan throwing a shirt at Swann. Swann joins. He puts on the shirt. With all of OVE’s back turned to him, Swann attacks them! Superkick to Callihan, double cutter to Jake and Dave. Swann escapes and rips the shirt off to end the segment.

* Ace Austin defeated Jake Atlas via pinfall. Very 50-50 bout. Ace lands a series of combos, but Atlas lands an inverted angle slam. Ace mounts together a comeback and ends it early with a running neckbreaker.

*Alisha Edwards it out for a promo. She thanks Impact for giving her the opportunity to speak, and show the fans that anything is possible. “What’s next?” she asks. She says that her contract is expiring at the end of the month, and she now has the perfect opportunity to figure out what’s next. Alisha contemplates if it’s time to stay home and start a family. Desi Hit Squad comes out. Gama Singh says he’s happy she’s leaving because he’s sick of this women’s empowerment movement. Raj Singh says that there is no better place for a woman…than to be at home. Alisha has had enough. She slaps Gama. Eddie Edwards comes out and destroys the Hit Squad with a kendo stick. The numbers game proves too much and they triple team him. Eli Drake comes out. He plays like he’s gonna assist the Hit Squad, but fights them off. Him and Edwards stare at each other to end the segment.

* Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, and Rosemary defeated Allie, Su Yung, and an Undead Bride. Big pop for Rosemary. Grace shows of her strength with huge german suplexes. Heels take control after a triple-team attack on Hogan that includes an open palm strike from Su Yung and a cutter from Allie. Rosemary eventually gets the hot tag and rums through everybody. Bride slows down her momentum with a deep-six slam. All six knockouts in the ring. Rosemary hits the bride with a spear for the win. Rosemary leashes Allie and takes Allie backstage with her.

* Scarlett Bordeaux is introduced by Josh Matthews. Disco Inferno is on commentary. Josh questions Scarlett about her worldwide talent search and asks her why she chose herself. Scarlett says out of everyone she saw…Disco Inferno was the worst. Inferno gets in the ring and says that for the last six months all she’s done is walk out, show her body, and became the biggest star. “Now you want to wrestle? If you wrestle you’re gonna suck,” Disco claims. He then says that women’s wrestling hasn’t been good since bra and panties matches. Scarlett slaps him, she says she’s sick of misogynistic men like Disco. She says she could kick his ass. Disco tells her to go home and do the dishes and get in the kitchen, if she still wants to wrestle afterwards…she can find him. Scarlett ended by saying the next time she sees him, “I’m gonna make you my b—-.”

* Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) via pinfall. MOTN so far. Crowd was hot for both teams, but especially Pentagon and Fenix. Action was fast paced from the beginning. Wild double-teams from both teams. Lucha Bros win after a superkick/Pentagon Driver combo.

* Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey via pinfall. Luchasaurus shows off his power throughout the bout, but Bey has an amazing onslaught of high-risk maneuvers including a pop-up double-stomp. Luchasaurus nearly wins it with a devastating chokeslam, but Bey kicks out! Bey refuses to stay down, Luchasaurus with a roundhouse that sounds like a gunshot! Tombstone set-up, he drops Bey down with a reverse powerbomb.

* oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist) defeated Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer. Brawl from all men to start. Eventually the ref separates them and the traditional tag match starts. Dreamer with a great spot where he starts on the top rope…then climbs to the second…then climbs to the first for a double-axe smash on Jake Crist. oVe gets the heat on Dreamer and wears him down. Mack gets the hot tag, huge lariats to Callihan, followed by a spinning wheel kick. Crowd goes wild when Dreamer attempts a kip-up, then fakes a suicide dive just to slide out and punch all of oVe in the face. Loud “This is awesome!” chants for Dreamer. oVe gets control back, this time they work over Swann. Callihan taunts the crowd while locking in a chinlock. Dreamer comes in million dollar dream elbows. Callihan spits in his face, he licks it, and delivers a cutter. All men back in the ring for a fantastic sequence of signature moves. Frog splash from Swann, frog splash from Mack, Dreamer with a superfly splash! Dave and Jake Crist pull out Mack and Swann. Callihan with a thumb to Dreamers eye, spike piledriver for the win.

* Glenn Gilbertti comes out for a match. He gets on the mic and calls Impact a clown show, and to send him out a clown. Gilbertti defeated Kikutaro in a nothing match. Back and forth with some near falls. Kikutaro misses a moonsault. Gilbertti takes advantage and wins with a stunner.

* Fallah Bahh and KM defeated Reno Scum via pinfall. Scum jumps Ballah and KM at the start. They double team KM, working the big man down with quick tags and duel clubs to the back. Signature armpit spot from the Scum. KM lands an enziguri, but Bahh is still hurt from the attack at the start of the match and misses the tag opportunity. Finally, he gets to the apron to receive the tag. Bahh comes in on fire. Running lariat and a flying crossbody, but his pinfall attempt is interrupted. KM gets nailed with a superman punch, but Bahh catches Luster with a huge belly-to-belly for the win.

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