Total Bellas To Cover Liv Morgan Concussion Fallout

Feb 15, 2019 - by James Walsh

The February 24 episode of Total Bellas will cover the backlash that Brie Bella received for accidentally kicking Liv Morgan in the face and giving her a concussion on the September 24, 2018 episode of RAW.

Here’s a synopsis: Brie becomes overwhelmed by the backlash she receives on social media since accidentally injuring Liv Morgan in the ring; Nicole agrees to go on a date with Peter Kraus.

This past week’s episode began leading into that story, covering several accidents she had while performing dives from the ring. Brie didn’t practice the dives in advance and she said her body had changed after giving birth and she needed to work on what “used to come so easily” to her.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s episode has the following description: The Bellas overload their schedule the week of their first Birdiebee fashion show, and an overwhelmed Brie cancels on an appearance the day before, leaving Nicole frustrated.

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