2/12/19 WWE Smackdown Live Results

Feb 12, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results
February 12, 2019
Live from: Toledo, Ohio

SmackDown starts with highlights of Mr McMahon suspending Becky Lynch for 60 days.

SmackDown kicks of with Charlotte Flair, Charlotte speaks about Ronda getting suspended, now the Queen can go to battle and am the franchise of the division and a winner, you think Mr McMahon thinks I am favorite, he made a smart business decision, he chose a future Hall of Famer over someone who has just had a few good months, I point at the sign and maybe she comes out, (point at sign) she hasn’t come out, the main event is the biggest match, at WrestleMania, every match I participate you chant this is awesome, (crowd boo) Thank you, I am dedicating this match and the win to my best friend Becky Lynch. Charlotte goes to leave, I am going to Main Event WrestleMania, I have a front seat at your WWE Womens Championship at Elimination Chamber and maybe Ruby Riott wins and I have a new opponent at WrestleMania.

Commentators inform us about Gauntlet Match with Elimination Chamber implications and a member of New Day is replacing Mustafa Ali in that match.

Commercial break

Womens Division Triple Threat Tag Team Match – Winning team enters Elimination Tag Team Chamber Match first. Naomi & Carmella Vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose Vs The Iiconics – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Match starts with Royce and Carmella, Royce tags Deville in, Naomi tagged in, Naomi with a corner drop kick to Sonya Deville, Split Leg for a two count, Naomi tags in Carmella. Deville tagged in, Carmella escapes from suplex, spinning head scissor, Mandy and Naomi tagged in, Mandy escapes and then back in and tags Peyton Royce, Mandy escapes stopped by Carmella and Naomi dives of the top rope.

Commercial break

When we return Deville in control of Carmella with a Body Scissor, Carmella escapes, cross body blocked, both down, Mandy in and knocks Naomi of the mat, Naomi in and with a crossbody on Mandy Rose, jawbreaker on Rose, kick from middle rope to Rose, Superkick from Carmella to Sonya Deville, Split leg moonsault by Naomi for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Carmella and Naomi.

After the match The Iiconics double team Carmella and Naomi sending both into the corner post and clearing the ring.

We see a VT hearing from other 4 teams in Womens Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

The Miz and Shane McMahon come out to host McMiz TV with Special Guests The Usos

Commercial break

We see a video when Mustafa Ali informs him he is not medically cleared to participate in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

McMizTV – Hosts SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz and Shane McMahon.

Miz does intro but Shane edits it saying McMiz. The Miz says last week The Usos sent a message and it was heard, Miz last week was recording episodes of his reality show, whilst Shane McMahon was recording a episode of NCIS with LL Cool J. Shane McMahon introduces The Usos.

The Usos say we are going to stand and not sit, match about best team is to be determined, Shane says we are Tag Team Champions, The Usos say do you do it all together, then they answer questions for each other then Miz asks Questions of Shane and Miz gives him the answer, Big pop with Toledo being mentioned, then The Miz mentions Naomi and Mandy Rose, Miz says it happens at Elimination Chamber, then The Usos says when our hands go up your mouth goes shut and welcome to the Uso Pennitentiary, then Shane and Miz raise the belts and say after Elimination Chamber we will still be champions and then Jimmy and Jey Uso double super kick Shane McMahon and The Miz.

Commentators talk about WWE celebrating Black History Month in February

Commercial break

Daniel Bryan comes out with Rowan and says lots of people want me to lose the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, Daniel says you are lying and are fickle, need Daniel Bryan to show you how to led your lives and you need me as WWE Champion, I do not want to participate in the Elimination Chamber match because it is horrible, painful and possibly shorten my career but I have to sacrifice myself and win the Elimination Chamber and rid it of… interruption by The New Day – Big E is carrying a tube of meat and Kofi Kingston enters ring then others enter as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

Gauntlet Match to determine which participant enters Elimination Chamber WWE Championship Match last:
Match 1: WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan Vs Kofi Kingston.

Kingston in control, Bryan regains control and a hammerlock take down, Bow and Arrow by Bryan countered into a pinfall, arm bar by Daniel Bryan reversed by Kofi, uppercut to Kofi, Kofi in control of arm of Daniel Bryan, knee to gut of Kofi three time in a row. Bow and Arrow broken into pinfall 2 count by Kofi, Bounce of Shoulder by Kofi for a two count. Daniel sent to the outside and Kofi flies over top rope onto Daniel Bryan as we go to commercial.

Commercial break

When we return Daniel Bryan in control and hangs Kofi on the ropes, Kofi back in the ring and punches to Bryan by Kofi, Bryan hangs Kofi on top rope and kicks to Kingston, knee to back of neck of Kofi Kingston by Daniel Bryan for a two count. back elbows by Kofi to Daniel Bryan, Boom Drop on Daniel Bryan followed by senton for a two count, kick to mid section of Daniel, Toe hold into middle turn buckle of Kofi Kingston. Kofi setup in Tree of Woe, full head of steam drop kick for a two, top rope super back plex but Kofi lands on Daniel Bryan face as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Kofi with uppercut countered with punches and kicks to Kofi for a two count, switching two counts between the two, arm bar by Daniel Bryan then the Labelle lock hooked, Kofi gets to the bottom rope to break the move, Bryan drop kicks Kofi to the outside, mat run knee drop to Kofi. Back in the ring, Daniel Bryan climbs to the top rope but caught with a drop kick,

Behind the referees back Rowan trips Kofi, Big E goes after Rowan but referee sees it and sends New Day to the back, then Kingston in control and Rowan sends Kingston into time keeper area, referee can’t see Kofi so ejects Rowan. Daniel Bryan brings in Kofi Kingston but a Trouble in Paradise for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan eliminated. Jeff Hardy is the next entrant.

Commercial break

Match 2: Kofi Kingston Vs Jeff Hardy

When we return Jeff Hardy in control of Kingston, Kofi goes to outside and misses dive of step and lands in security wall but Hardy connects, Jeff Hardy goes for Swanton Bomb but Kingston moves out the way, atomic drop by Hardy, low dropkick by Hardy countered into a pin but a two count, Kingston fighting back sending Hardy of the middle rope, cross body of top rope but countered, then SOS by Kofi Kingston for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy Eliminated. Samoa Joe is next

Commercial break

Match 3: Kofi Kingston Vs Samoa Joe

When we return Samoa Joe in control of Kingston, punch to Kingston, Kofi sent into corner, corner ensuguri kick by Samoa Joe for a two count, Abdominal stretch on Kingston, short clothesline by Joe for a two count, Joe with a headlock, elbow to gut to break hold, Kofi over the top rope with a cross body on Samoa Joe, Both men back in at 8, clothesline to Kingston, Samoa Joe in the corner drops Kingston with an inverted DDT, knee to back of Kingston, Kofi climbs to the top ring rope and Samoa Joe pushes him of the top rope to the mat. Kofi broke the count and back in at 7. Joe twisting the head of Kofi, Kofi escapes and drop kick, elbow in the face for a two count, Cocquida Clutch reversed from corner and pinfall for Kofi Kingston
Winner via Pinfall Kofi Kingston, Samoa Joe is eliminated, next in AJ Styles.

After Joe suplexes Kofi Kingston and sends him to the outside then hooks the Cocquida Clutch on Kofi Kingston till AJ Styles makes the save, referees appear to break the hold, AJ with kick to Samoa Joe to break hold, Samoa Joe breaks hold and then leaves as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

Match 4: Kofi Kingston Vs AJ Styles

When we return we see referee Jason Ayers check on Kofi Kingston, Kofi doesn’t want to give up, AJ comes over and says you just can stop, Kofi says fight me, Kofi shoves AJ then AJ knocks him down and then sends him into the corner, back breaker on Kingston by Styles, Kofi sent into corner post, Switch leg takedown by Styles, AJ working on knee and leg of Kingston and Kingston gets to the bottom rope, Kofi held up by AJ Styles holding his leg, Kingston knee buckles, snap suplex by Styles for a two count. 3 close two counts by Kingston on Styles, Backbreaker onto knee by Styles on Kingston, Styles sends Kofi into corner post, Kofi takes leg out of Styles. Kofi runs knees first into the post and falls to the floor, referee starts count, Kofi back in the ring at 9, Huricanrana of top rope missed by Styles, knee to the back for a two, Calf Crusher hooked on by AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston taps.
Winner via Submission AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston eliminated

Match 5 AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton.

AJ Styles is waiting for Randy Orton and he appears from nowhere and drops AJ Styles with a RKO for the win and to win the Gauntlet Match.

Winner of Gauntlet Match Randy Orton

SmackDown Ends.

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