Seth Rollins Talks About How He Helped Bring Dean Ambrose to WWE

Feb 8, 2019 - by James Walsh

Seth Rollins appeared on Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeoness this week and talked about his role in bringing Dean Ambrose to WWE.

“I was there and I felt kind of alone and after the first year they actually hired Joey Mercury on as a producer and Joey was like, ‘We gotta switch this man, we gotta change. This culture down here sucks. We gotta find guys who are passionate about the business. That’s how we get better, you know?’ So one of the first people he reached out to me about to ask if I had any opinion on was Dean Ambrose.”

“[Mercury] had seen his promos on YouTube and Ambrose — if you go back and watch some of Ambrose’s promos as Jon Moxley on YouTube they’re just captivating. He had kind of a Joker-esk type thing to him like a Heath Ledger-type thing to him. They were so raw and guttural and his voice — he was one of those where you couldn’t not listen to him.”

“I’m like, ‘Yeah dude, I’ve met him once or twice and he’s great you know full-sized human being he’s not 5’2″ or whatever […] I was like, ‘Yeah give him a shot and let’s do it’ and when they brought [Dean Ambrose] in and he got hired we started working together and you’d think we were in the womb wrestling together like it was so unique and so perfect. It was one of my wrestling soul mates.”

Ambrose is, of course, planning to leave WWE after his contract expires following WrestleMania 35.

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